I’m losing guys

I’m losing guys.

My whole life I’ve worked hard, tried to make the best decisions I can but I cant even get caught up, yet alone pull a little ahead. I’m doing better than some but it seems like every year I lose ground and I’m starting to hate myself. I feel like its all my fault. Worse, I got a kid to take care of now, he’s 2 and watching myself slide into full failure while he’s counting on me is tearing me apart.

How do I break the cycle /b? I’m at work for 9 hours a day making shit pay to be constantly yelled at and told I suck. My boss literally told me “we dont pay people more because they took on more responsibilities”. I’ve been looking for a new job for a full year and not getting any call backs. 4 years ago I found a job in a month after my job of eight years died (corporate takeover and gutting) but now I’m just stuck. I’m brilliant with both people and computers and have an impressive tech support resume with lots of management experience but no one seems interested.

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I’m dying a slow death from the weight of my responsibilities and past failures you guys

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It seems like, in america you are either a winner or a loser. Winners get everything and losers should just find a quiet place to die.

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As I sink further and further into depression, gaining weight, becoming a couch potato, its become so much harder to better myself. I feel like I’ve become a lost cause. I cant motivate myself to make me any better.

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What do you mean by worked hard..?

>Did you waste your childhood by playing games and masturbating rather than studying?
>Not give a shit about college and achieve substandard results?
>Then only realise how truly fucked you were and start working your ass off?

Cause that’s what happened to me.

I started strong and ended up there. I flunked out of college after a nasty car wreck. I didnt have health insurance and had to pay for leg surgery and rehab out of pocket with the money I had saved for classes. I refused to go into debt for school so I was working my way through. After the wreck I just couldnt work as many hours on my feet for a whole year and once I had to stop going, I could never get back. I knew a lot about computers and managed to land a tech support job that made a great stepping stone to better and better jobs but at some point I peaked and it started going down hill fast.

There's something about you or your resume that is preventing you from getting a job. Figure out what that is, fix it and then get a better job.

At one point I was going to college full time and working 2 part time jobs. Its part of how I wrecked my car (driving late with no sleep for 2 days)

Oh fuck, if you flunked out of college even due to medical reasons it’s not going to look good on your resume, you need to either go back to even something like a community college and get something you can pass of as a marketable qualification or scrub it from your resume.

>grounded rubber duck
That's not going to do much

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That's because you view life as a zero sum game. Plenty of people are happy not being rich and famous.

I usually leave college off the resume entirely. I only had a year there before the accident. I’ve relied on my work experience to make up for it. Big names like apple and comcast and important sounding titles with the word manager. I cant afford to go back to college, I can just barely keep the lights on.

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I dont even want to be rich, famous sounds like a nightmare. I just wanna have enough to pay my bills, eat out once a week, take the kid to the zoo sometimes.

Suicide or enlist, user.

Get a better job then. You might have to actually do some work rather than hacking at a keyboard all day.

I have a metal rod screwed to one leg. The service wont take me.

I have a son who needs his father or I would have an heroed by now.

Stfu you electrical engineer, OP is depressed and all you can think about is how you can show off your much of a virgin you are by showing off your electrical knowledge...

I’m trying for a manufacturing job right now that pays less then I make but doesnt have literally abusive bosses and has overtime but it really feels like a step back again. I’ll make more money in the end but never be around for my son or be too tired to play when I am.

Well that's what you get for squirting a shitling into some trash cunt's belly.

Gym to break the cycle. Feel good again, even if it's just physically. Mediate 5 min a day for a month and see if it changes your perspective. Sam Harris will give people a year of access to his waking up app if you let him know of your economic hardship.

Once you're feeling a bit better, build on your education. I was on a relatable position and math education really freed me. Find a high-demand job like nursing, engineering, programming, whatever (I studied stats), take some night classes and make it happen, cap'n. You're worth it. Your kid is worth it.

My bosses are the worst part. Around these parts they mostly govern by public shame. Half of our 2 hour friday meeting is just the ceo calling out any employees that made any mistakes at all that week in front of anyone. Things like typos in internal emails get hour long lectures. They fuck up on things like payroll all the time (but are pretty quick to fix it, they have plenty of money) and expect us just move on but god forbid you show up even 5 mins late after working 6 extra hours the day before (unpaid cause salary)

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Who hurt you?

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Nobody, I just realize how stupid it is to have a kid in this day and age, especially outside of a loving family unit.

Hey OP.
Ive given up and now im just waiting for deaths sweet release.
Im so tired.

We have one. Totally a loving family unit. At the time I was less than a year into this new job and I was being so pumped full of hopes and dreams by the new bosses that it seemed like a good time to have a kid. I could have never predicted the change in culture at my job or seen through the lies at that point. It wasnt until after We had the kid (I missed maybe one day of work and my performance improved afterwards if anything) that I started to realize that all this path to promotion stuff was bs

Me too man. I’m just so tired.

I’m sort of hopeful that guillotines will make a comeback. Maybe everyone will wise up to late game capitalism and we can hit reset on society again

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Hahahaha ive been a bum for 8 years and its been fucking amazing
Dont sell out, buy in

Trump says he's going to start a civil war

How does that even work? I’m certain I would go crazy from boredom after a few hours of nothing to do.