Wincest thread

wincest thread
packing a few bowls rn so Ill share my greentext
pic unrelated

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im listening

no rush homo

i'll go home now

>16 at the time, sister 15
>Call her G
>G mostly hangs out in her room or out with friends
>I do the same but with vidya in my room
>One day G brings friends over.
>Im on couch playing GTA
>Pack of hyenas enters living room
>"user we wanna watch something"
too bad
>ignore her
>she turns the tv off
>I just use the remote to turn it back on
>this repeats for a bit
>eventually herd moves to her room and after a while I move to mine.
>come back out after an hour or so to see all of them playing GTA together, just dicking around with cheat codes or something.
>sisters friend in nightgown sitting with her heels together, knees out.
>I can see friend 1's panties
>decide I want a picture
>sit on perpendicular couch and get camera app open

sorry for slow typing, I haven't even taken my first hit yet so brb

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faster faggot

...and we shall see pictures taken as well, mmmright?


>trying to get angle right but it friend 1 cooperating.
>eventually settle for what I could get (mostly thighs and like 1 win)
>start watching them play GTA because they're bad
>can see hot panties whenever I currently want
>ofc boner
(I was back then and also now almost always in pajama pants because im home why not)
>didn't even have a blanket to cover
>tuck into wasteband and put shirt over it
>G sees
>"haha did you see that? user just grabbed his balls"
>"No I didn't"
>"What were you doing then?"
>"fixing my boxers"
>"suuuuuure" with a stupid eye roll
>friends laugh

This relates to my wife. Pic related. She recently wound up letting her big-dicked felon dad fuck her when she was staying over his apartment and I was away for work. He just got into her life earlier this year. Kik me at gerry3124 if you want the full details.

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Stop being a selfish fag and share here.... besides Kik is shutting down.

Kys cuck

>get good idea
>literal lightbulb goes off in my brain
>kills me instantly
>knew her friends were embarrassed to be in bikinis in hottub because of earlier convo they had
>get up and go to room
>put swimshorts on
>no shirt
>walk past them headed to hottub thing we had outside
>as I'm heading out hear them whispering to eachother
>sounds complainy
>turn this bright ass porch light we had on because it was late and I liked the color of it
>in hottub
>hear backdoor open after like 20 minutes
>its G
>"Hey how long are you going to be?"
>"idk why"
>explains her friends are embarassed
>tell her too bad because this is twice shes wanted something to themselves that I had that day
>she thinks hard for a few seconds
>shuts door
>10 minutes later door opens
>all 3 of them come out
>"Can we at least turn the light off?"
>G turns light off
>they all get in
>G is closest to me

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OP you still around?

brb 1 more bowl


Last year was 33, cousin with two kids and partner (not married) was 37 paid her £6500 for a night of sex.

> living in Japan
> weeaboo sister hits me up and says she wants to come visit me
> sure why not
> have lots of friends here who are super close with their families, but I've never had a real tight connection with mine for whatever reason
> thought it would be a good way to connect and maybe develop that dynamic that i was jealous of my friends having
> we have a good normal time for a few days, I have to work so she chills and tours around during the week
> weekend comes and I want to take her to a good club I know
> drinking plenty and I hit the dance floor, have some nice interactions with two different japanese chicks (tall white guy, they can't resist) but she is kind of dancing by herself (beta japanese dudes don't know what to do with a white girl)
> I couldn't close with either chick i was with before they ghosted, but end up next to the bar with sis
> she talks shit about how they were all over me and that everyone seemed terrified of her
> fuck it i'm feeling like the king of the world so i'm just like well lets dance.
> she laughs but isn't opposed to the idea
> it starts out silly but once she turns her back to me I kind of forget the whole family dynamic thing I was trying to achieve and we started dancing like the best of them, body to body
> we had both had enough to drink that it just felt good
> the natural gears are grinding in my mind on how to progress, without even fully realizing the consequences, and ive got my hands around her like I would any chick
> dance the night away and eventually the lights start coming on, and we stumble home and pass out
> saturday comes and we basically just chill out all day, wasn't weird at all, and she says she had so much fun last night that she wants to go to the club again that night
> I take her to another club, another good one I know, and this time we don't really bother dancing with other people so much and just start in with each other

> pic not her but similar style

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so did you two fuck or nah

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First porn and erection and jerking off I did were all to my mom. Found a VHS of her in the closet.

She walked into the frame in a t-shirt and shorts, pulled up her shirt and let her big round tits fall out. I had never seen them before as she was very modest around me. She got a bottle of baby oil and started massaging them and my cock just about ripped out shorts off. She looked into the camera and moaned as she tugged and rubbed them.

Then she pulled off her shirt and climbed onto the bed on all fours and pulled off her shorts. I could see my mom's ass and slightly furry pussy from behind, then she rolled over and spread wide. She was pretty wet already (although I had no idea what that was or meant) and she fingers and rubbed her clit. Then she got out a wand style vibrator and went over her nipples and then down to her clit, all the while spread wide open. She had her head propped up so I could see she was really enjoying whatever was going on. Eventually she fished out a dildo from the side table (which I later found) and fucked herself with it. The camcorder could pick up the sound of how wet she was and she kept moaning. Eventually my dad came into the shot and she pulled his white briefs down and his hard cock flopped out. She kept the vibrator on and sucked him, then he laid down and she rode him, her white ass bouncing up and down. Eventually he pulled her off, came back to the side of her and she jerked his load onto her tits then vibrated until her legs shook and she moaned and then the camera shut off.

I watched this a bunch as a kid and spent many afternoons jerking off to my moms tits and her spread, wet pussy and watching her suck cock. I showed this to a friend next door who like a week later snuck me into his mom's room while she was sleeping topless to show me her tits in return.

>just feels kinda awkward
>friend 1 is in a bikini top, kinda small b cup, couldnt tell but im pretty sure the bottoms were the same from earlier too
>thought of that gives me boner
>G doesn't notice this time
>friend 2 is in a bigger 2 piece
>G is in basically the same as friend 1
>barely enough room
>feet are all basically touching
>eventually awkwardness breaks
>We're all talking about GTA
>somehow told G she sucked at GTA
>she goes to kick me
>not trying to actually hurt me
>moves foot at like 1 mph
>she quickly moves foot back
>her friends think she just kicked me
>friends laugh
>G totally knows
>its been a while by this point so G says they should go inside
>I go with them
>Still tucked,
>go to my room and dry
>change back into pajamas
>10:30 or some shit so I lie down to sleep
>G and friends play jokes and shit by banging on door but I eventually fall asleep

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Is that it?!

> We hadn't had that much to drink yet, but she is acting like she has had a lot and didn't really care about anything
> we start grinding harder and harder, and it really hits me that to progress any more like i ususally would with club chicks, I would be kissing them and getting them in the taxi to take them home with me
> hits me that i wouldn't have to play the game of trying to get her back to my apartment, she is oging there anyways
> hits me that she is grinding hard and has her hands on me, and seems to have no inhibitions about it
> hits me that, at the very least, making out with my own sister might actually be a possibility
> but before I could plan out what I actually wanted to happen here, she has turned around to face me and pulled my face down towards hers
> even then, I thought she wanted to yell something in my ear, but her sloppy lips landed near my mouth and there was nothing more natural for me to do than to go with it
> there we were, brother and sister, making out on a dance floor in tokyo
> all the thoughts I had of family bonding were thrown out the window, and she had me totally clicked into the sexual predator male mindset knowing that if I could get a chick to make out with me on the dance floor, the love hotel wasn't far away
> so my brain said fuck it and I treat her like any woman, letting my hands roam free
> we break the kiss as a slow song comes on, and she is looking at me like a dog in heat, and I told her to follow me
> we leave the club not really talking, but we both kind of knew what we were in for as we held hands and I lead her directly back to my apartment
> as soon as I click the lock behind me, she is back on me without even taking off her shoes, and we grinded against each other as we made out despite the lack of any music
> seeing her in the dim light of my apartment, I knew I was highly likely to be fucking my sister that night, and to be honest I was pretty pumped about it

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lol fuck you guys ill pretype the rest and post it later when im off work

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Fuck you and your wasted trips. I hope you get shot and killed at work today by a nigger.


Dude just post here. Kek is a fed honeypot and not even a well disguised one...

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Why would I want to chat with lolis when I could chat with you?

How long must we BUMP this

I don't know if this counts but it's pretty much the only story I have.

>be me in high school
>after school one day
>in my room getting ready to try and stealth watch some porn on the computer
>forget speakers are still turned up from gaming last night
>click on vid, instant loud moaning
>quickly turn speakers off, feel like a moron
>right then I hear my sister coming out of the shower
>my bedroom door flies open
>sister starts pointing and laughing "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOSER PORN WATCHER"
>stops laughing and says "you seriously can't get it up without watching porn, you weirdo?"
>then she flips open the left side of her bath towel
>Can see her whole left boob and part of her bush
>I glance up at her from the computer
>she flips her towel closed and starts laughing hysterically again and says "made ya look!"
>she fucks off, I can hear her still laughing down in her room
>proceeds to call me "porno boy" for the next 6 months when our parents aren't around
I'm sure she thought she embarrassed me or something, but to this day i still fap to that memory.

> be hippy kids in their 20s
> sis passed out on the couch after too much xanax, whoops
> 14yo niece pic related bouncing around in her pajamas, dancing to music, she clearly should've worn a bra
> she smoked her first ever joint earlier that day, we had a ceremony and all
> once I realized my sis was out for good I offered her molly
> talked her into it, had to pinky swear it won't just put her to sleep like mom
> easiest kept promise ever
> 1.5h later she's grinning like mad
> we're both enjoying her first roll, she bounces and giggles, i watch and laugh, she glows
> after a LOT of dancing she finally slows down, walks over to the couch and scoots up to me, resting her head against my chest
> she's sweaty and breathing hard, her mom's snoring at this point
> tells me how good she feels and how everything is awesome and have you noticed how amazing it feels to touch things like omg
> i grab vicks, tell her to put some under her nose, she does and starts grinning like an idiot
> ask her to sit up and turn her back to me, she looks puzzled but complies
> start massaging her shoulders, she sighs and insta-melts into my hands, she's butter
> hot, salty, delicious butter
> fumble around with her shirt, tell her it's in the way, she doesn't hesitate to remove it
> i want to bathe in her pussy so bad
> continue massaging her neck, shoulders, back, lower back
> my thumbs rest in her venus dimples as my lips touch her neck
> she gasps, i nibble, a slight moan escapes her
> my hands move to the front, tracing her body, i reach her breasts, her nipples are like pencil erasers
> she lets her head fall onto my shoulder, our mouths meet

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Yes, user. Continue

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ive seen this exact story back in 2011/2012 are you the same guy or a copy pasta artist?

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A wincest story from Sup Forums 11 years ago:

literally not going to fucking re ad that god damned wall of fucking text

fuck the faggot the formatted that post and fuck you for posting it

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Finish your fucking story please


Will one of you finish your fucking stories


>tucked erection in waistband of swim trunk
>no shirt
How did no one notice? Is your dick not very long?

keep the thread alive in hopes of OP’s return!

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> i kissed her softly
> her tongue rolled around with mine
> suddenly the front door opened
> it was my mom
> my mom looked at me
> my mom looked at my sister
> my mom got scared and said "you're moving with your auntie and uncle in bel air
> i whistled for a cab and when it came near
> the license plate said fresh and it had dice on the mirror
> if anything i could say that this cab was rare
> but thought nah forget it, yo homes, to bel air!
> i pulled up to the house around 7 or 8
> and yelled to the cabbie, yo homes smell ya later
> i looked at my kingdom, i was finally there
> to sit on my throne as the prince of bel air


listen to some music while we ait for His return frens

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Gay kek

Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me

wow thanks a lot! I'll totally go to your FBI honeypot and type in illegal search terms and have my IP recorded!

fuck off FBI

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Let me do something then...

>Be me, 19 yo
>GF at the time is 16, great body, not so good in the sack and a real bitch (found that out later), lets call her A.
>Gf has a sister who is 18, not so good looking, a real party animal and kinda crazy, lets call her D.

>Sleeping over at me GF's place, her parents are away for the weekend.
>We are watching a movie drink some, etc.
>D is out partying, getting drunk as usual.
>After the movie, I want to have sex, so I get A in the mood.
>After some time A gives me a BJ.
>Unusual for her, as she did not like to do that and she is kinda bad at it.
>But hey, who cares, it's a BJ.
>After 10 minutes or so we hear somebody say: "Wow, that's hot, he has a nice dick."
>D got home, wanted to tell us she was home save and entered the room without knocking.
>My GF jumps up, starts screaming at her sis and pushes her out of the room.
>No more BJ for me that night.
>Fuck, I got cock-blocked by my GF's sister.

>Two weeks later.
>D is out partying again.
>GF's parents are at a birthday party of her uncle or something.
>Again home alone and again sleep-over.
>Play a card-game with my GF, one where you have to drink if you loose.
>I'm better than my GF and she is getting pretty drunk.
>Around midnight we decide to go to bed, because she is too drunk to play.
>In bed together, getting my GF in the mood again.
>Going down on her nicely shaven pussy, if only it tasted like it looked...
>Licking that pussy, playing with her ass a bit, getting her on the edge, then stop, have her recover and start again.
>I just let her cool down, starting again.
>After a minute or so, again that voice: "Fuck, you two are hot".
>GF looks to the back, sees her sis and has the biggest orgasm she ever had, she even passed out for a second or two.
>D casualy walks away.
>After GF is recovered she clearly is ashamed that her sis watching, got her off.
>No more sex for me.
>Fuck, again cock-blocked by my GF's sister.

>The morning after I try my luck and bring up her getting off to her sister.
>GF gets really mad and does not want to talk about it anymore.
>A also tells D not to come in the room anymore, unless she has given her permission.
>Fuck that, in my fantasies I was already fucking them both.

>I let it rest for a few weeks, D does not walk in on us anymore.
>We only have vanilla sex.
>One night, my Gf is extra horny (those monthly cycle's can really help you...)
>We have sex, doing the best I can to make her happy.
>She is getting there, I decide to take the gamble.
>Just before she cumms I tel her: "Can you imagine your sis sitting there in the corner, watching you..."
>Bam, jackpot, GF has a great orgasm.
>But now she does not stop, she jumps on me and fucks me like crazy, having two more orgasms as we fuck, I shoot my load deep inside her.
>Pandora's box was opened.

>irl outplay detected

>stay asleep
>door banging continues
>finally wake up
>sick of door banging
>get up
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur

>This continues for a few weeks, I'm doing more talking as we have sex, A starts to like it more and more.
>At some point, A joins the talking and tells me to think about D while she is fucking me.
>I really like the fantasy, but as her sis did not mention anything about busting us and she does no trouble busting us again, I know I can forget about the real deal.

>Few months later, at my GF's house, D and parents are home.
>Playing games with the whole family.
>Around midnight, her parents are going to bed, we decide to watch a movie with the three of us.
>We decide to watch "The girl next door".
>Fuck yeah, I really like Elisha Cuthbert and the movie is kinda hot.
>At the part where the kid tries to fuck his neighbor who he knows is a pornstar.
>D suddenly asks me: "user, would you ever fuck a pornstar"?
>Smartass as I am, I answer: "No never, A is hotter than any pornstar..."
>D: "My sis would not either, the way you make her cum, she does not need a pornstar."
>D: "You know, I would like to see that again..."
>All the while she is looking straight at me, smiling, daring even.
>Seriously, I was completely blank for a few moments.

>I'm like OK, now what...
>Strangest thing is, my GF was silent during this convo, I expected her to get angry again or walk away.
>She did not, so I thought, well, now or never.
>I start kissing A and move my hands to her tits after a few moments.
>A still does not complain and is getting into it.
>Put my hand between her legs, rubbing her through her pants.
>A starts to moan.
>Go on for a few minutes, loosen her pants and let my hand go in and start finger fucking her.
>A really gets into it.
>I watch D for a moment, fuck it, one hand under her shirt, fondling her small tits, one hand in her pants, clearly finger fucking herself.
>I tell A to watch her sis, she does and I hear a clear deep moan.
>Fuck yeah, this is going somewhere.
>I tell A to stand up, she does and I drop her pants.
>She sits back down and I continue fingerfucking her.
>The moaning of both sisters is getting me crazy and if anybody would have touched my dick, I would have exploded right there.
>Go on fingerfucking my GF for a few minutes untill she explodes.
>D explodes right after her.
>D, stands up and walks away again.
>GF almost runs to her own room, I follow her and fuck the shit out of her.

>Next week we are sleeping at my place, so nothing happened with D.
>Two weeks after that, sleeping at my GF again.
>D is out partying again.
>Me and GF are watching a movie in her room.
>After the movie we go to bed and start to have sex.
>We are busy for about 45 minutes when we hear a knock.
>We stop, A says "Come in".
>It's D, home early and clearly not drunk
>A asks why she is home early.
>D says she could not stop thinking about A and me having sex and asks if she can watch again.
>A agrees, my heart stops beating for a few moments.
>D sits in a chair and watches us.
>A turns to me, starts kissing me.
>We are both naked and under the sheets, at one point my GF drops the sheets to the ground and starts giving me a BJ.
>D keeps watching and starts touching herself.
>After a few minutes, D stands up and starts undressing untill she is fully naked, sits down again and goes on fingerfucking herself.
>Seriously, I still don't know how I was able to not cum instantly.
>GF goes on untill I cum, then we trade places and I go down on her.
>When my GF cums, her sis cums with her.
>After this first time, this became kind of a regular thing.
>Almost every time we were at my GF, we had sex and her sis watched us.

>D watched A and me having sex for over a dozen times by now.
>Everytime D came, when my GF came.
>But we were always silent, not a word was spoken about this.
>One night, same story, D comes into the room, GF and I start having sex, D goes naked and finger fucks herself.
>GF is giving me a BJ and doing the bad job she always does.
>D suddenly speaks up: "You know sis, i can teach you a few things so you can give a real BJ..."
>GF stops, looks silently at sis for a few moments and then agrees.
>D: "OK, do you want me to show you?"
>I'm like WTF! Yes, please! (well in my mind, was too afraid to ruin my changes here)
>A agrees (fuck yeah!) and makes some room on the bed.
>Naked D sits in front of me on her knees and gives me the best BJ I ever had (at that moment).
>After a few minutes, she stops, gives some pointers to my GF and goes on again.
>D stops again, hands over my dick to my GF and tells her to try it again.
>Some improvement, but D is still way beter, I'm too big of a pussy to say that though.
>GF goes on for a minute or so, then D takes my dick from her mouth and blows me.
>Then gives A a few pointers and gives my dick back again.
>This goes on for what I thought was an hour (I think it was 10, 15 minutes max.).
>D lets me cum in her mouth and she swallows, GF never let me come in her mouth.
>A and D talk about the taste of sperm etc. and D repeats some of the pointers.
>After that, D gets dressed and walks away again.
>GF and I cuddle for some time and then we finally talked about the whole situation.
>GF tells me she thinks it is really hot that her sis is watching us and even hotter that they were blowing me together.
>I tell her that we can do a lot more together, but she is not so sure about that yet.
>I decide not to push my luck yet.

>Fast forward a few months.
>D watched us having sex a lot of times now, got a double BJ from them multiple times.
>We also became a lot closer the three of us.
>Doing things together, having fun, talking a lot more.
>GF's parents are really happy their daughters are such good friends.
>If they only knew...

>One night, playing games and drinking at my GF's house.
>Playing this drinking game again, that my GF is really bad at.
>A is drunk, D is getting there, so we decide to stop.
>Go to room of D, because parents are home and my GF's room is right next to their room.
>We start the same routine, GF and I have sex, D watches us and joins in for the BJ at some point.
>They are both blowing me and in betweem i'm licking my GF's pussy.
>GF gets really hot, so I decide to take that gamble.
>Me: "You know, dont you think your sis should also have some fun?"
>GF watches me, clearly thinking: "yeah you are right, go suck her pussy."
>D is already lying ready before my GF finishes her sentence.
>I dive in and give her the best I have, licking her pussy, playing with her ass, etc.
>D really likes it and is moaning like crazy.
>Then D orders A to sit next to her and start fingerfucking herself.
>GF does and after some time, they both cum.

>After this the routine usually was:
>My GF and I started, while D was watching.
>D joined us for double BJ, me licking D or me licking GF, while the other was fingerfucking, they cum together and it was done.
>One night, we are up at D her room again.
>Going on with the routine, after my BJ I start licking D, GF is fingerfucking.
>D cums, GF not and GF tells me to fuck her "because she really needs my dick".
>I don't mind, get my GF in position and start pounding her.
>This was the first time D was watching us fuck and she really liked it, fingerfucking herself like crazy.
>Luckily I already had my BJ, otherwise I would have lasted 2 minutes max.
>So that was our new routine from then on:
>Double BJ, me licking D, me fucking GF. Not always that order and we did other things, but you get the point.
>One night I had my double BJ, fucking GF and D is waiting for me to lick her.
>D suddenly says: "I want him to fuck me, is that ok?"
>GF reluctantly agrees and at that same moment I stop fucking my GF.
>GF did not like me wanting to fuck her sis...
>D goes on all fours and I start fucking her.
>After some time, GF starts to like it, because she is fingerfucking herself.
>Did not want to push my luck and cum in D, so I get out before it's too late.
>GF appreciated that and starts blowing me the second I pull out of her sisters pussy, me nutting in my GF's mouth.

>In the months following me fucking D for the first time, we grew even closer.
>We went to the spa with the three of us, and did a lot of other things couples do together.
>We even went on a weekendbreak with the three of us.
>I fantasied about it for weeks.
>A full weekend with sex and nothing else.
>When the weekend was there, we arived at the holidaypark on Friday afternoon, did our shopping and went to our little cottage.
>I got the fire starting in the living room and both sisters went to fresh up.
>They told me to close all curtains, they did not want anybody to see us.
>After about 30 minutes they came in the room and I almost came in my pants.
>They both were wearing the sexiest lingerie I had seen, full stocking included.
>We got some rugs on the floor and I got a massage from the both of them.
>First my back, then the front, which ended in a double blowjob.
>At one point, D said she really needed to be fucked and got on all fours.
>I got behind her and started to fuck her slow and deep, she really liked that.
>GF was fingerfucking herself during this.
>D asked her to sit in front of her, so she could see her better.
>Gf did so and really gave a great show to her sis.
>D asked GF to get closer so she could see better.
>GF did so and what happend next, i will never forget.
>D got forward to A's face and started kissing A.
>A was clearly into it and before I knew it they were full on making out.
>Not really proud of it but I came right then.
>I withdrew from D and D and A just continued making out.
>This went on to touching their tits, licking tits and fingerfucking.
>They were really into it, and I was hard again within minutes.
>After some time, my GF noticed my hard on and got on all fours and I started fucking her.
>D got in front of A and started fingerfucking.
>Then A pulled her in closer and started to lick her pussy.
>And I came for the second time way too early.

>That weekend was crazy, I fucked both of them multiple times, they made each other cum even more and I even fucked my GF in her ass that weekend.
>Best. Weekend. Ever.

>We agreed that we all wanted to do this more often and we did.
>We also agreed that I was never allowed to fuck D, without A being in the room and I agreed to that.
>All in al it was 18 months with the best sex I ever had.
>My GF really got into the girl-on-girl stuff and she even got her one year younger best friend to join us a few times.
>But that was no incest, so not for this thread.

>After a relationship of 2,5 years, my GF decided to cheat on me with some looser.
>No idea why, but hey, that's what whores do, right?
>As I am not a cuck, we broke up, with pain in my heart, because I really loved her.
>So, as she broke a promise to me, I broke a promise to her.
>I went to her house when I knew A was not yet home and D was home.
>I fucked D for one last time for almost two hours.
>I knew A got home by then and I made sure D was loud enough for A to hear.

>The look on her face when I walked down the stairs and A realized she did not just lose her BF, but also her sis, was priceless.


nice story bro. Now gtfo

god damn I saw that coming and still jerked off to this shit

Well, thanks, it is my story though...

> finally, familial dynamic kicked in
> we're talking full fucking westermarke
> decide to just chill and watch naruto
> the end

Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me later

in that case, great, already fapped to this multiple time

AMA if you want.

not that other user but any pics?
also how big are you?

No pics, I'm not stupid.

18cm, and thick (yes talking about my dick)


not so disappoint

Stop posting this fucking story. No one believes you

I don't give a shit if you believe me or not.
Thanks for replying and keeping the thread alive though.

post dick


whut now?

post pictures of your erect penis
clear now?