How about a nice, wholesome cake thread?

How about a nice, wholesome cake thread?

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Nigger cake

Carrot cake man...i literally go nuts for it.

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The cake is a lie

Also red velvet cake...
Fuck op,, now im hungry for cake

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who's carrot cake man

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Obscure superhero.
Able to turn into a carrot cake at will.

thats a nice lookin' piece of cake, user. id eat.

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so cannibalism technically?

What the fuck is a " wholesome kike" ..??

wrong thread boiiiiii

Oh noooo...he changed into an idestructible carrot cake that was indestructible.
Therefore inedible.

They ought to redo him. Too powerful.

Sorry, i can't see without my spectacles.


Just for you, user.

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Delicious Flat Cake.

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stop eating fatty

that is my own cake.. I made it yesterday.. manioc cake.. it's in my tummy as of now!

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Why not both?

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looks good

Looking good user.
Would love to try it.