Is my girlfriend fat?

Is my girlfriend fat?

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No you retard, she's beautiful and a little meat to hold at night is nothing bad, but yeah defs not fat dumbass

Why is the image mirrored?

Yes. And therefore you should send her to me.....
Do you believe everything?
She is pretty. But if you look on fat or not.... Better use a rubber puppet

>My girlfriend
So many fucking retards here

How was Jinya?
Enjoy your ramen?

no, she looks cute

She could lose a bit. I recommend inducing and keeping her hooked up to an industrial milking machine a few hours per day. That's a great way to burn calories.

She's not fat, and she's not your girlfriend.

No but she doesn't seem to be in shape ether.
Tell her to do crunches.

kys, numales

Ideal weight, not skin and bones.


>Is my girlfriend fat?
Well, she isn't exactly skinny?

She's same as when you posted this last week

Why don't you show us a picture that isnt of abysmal posture and we could give you an accurate answer, fucking everyone has rolls when slouched over.

Not if she's on my dick

hows that curse going for ya uhtred?


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No, she's pregnant. Congratulations Cuck


Yes but I would still put my dick in her bellybutton.

There you go, my bro. And thank me later