What should i go as for Halloween?

What should i go as for Halloween?
Pic is last years costume

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A rape victim


Antifa pink haired lesbian.

As your dad (a ghost)

your actual gender


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got discord?

Fuck off faggot

nope that trap is godtier and i wanna talk one on one

Wait - you still don't have any tits?

If my dad was a ghost wouldn't that make me half ghost?
I do but they are a cups

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>a cups
fair enough. Large B's or even C's would look nice on you. Hope you'll get there sometime soon.

more of you


A nigger. Black face


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I probably won't
I dont have the genetics for it

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at first I thought this was a dude, now I am ... uncertain.

kys tranny

Yeah it's a dude. Just another fruity homo that smells of piss. You can find him on /soc/ most days craving attention.

There you go, my bro. And thank me later


Im an alpha male my dude

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