Wwyd hardcore no rules edition, add izzzy5995 for pics of gf

Wwyd hardcore no rules edition, add izzzy5995 for pics of gf.

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WWYD to her?

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Hope and pray her cunt and throat are better than her backside... though I wont really care how it looks when I'm gaping her from behind and my fingers and wrapped tightly around her bun like a joystick.

Drag her into the shower, wrap the curtain around her neck and strangle her half to death. When she starts begging I'll let her breathe only so I can gag her mouth, and give her tear stained face a brutal fucking she'll remember.


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gg slash qyZkBZ


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I’d bend her over and rape her asshole. Keep fucking it while she screams in pain. I’d fuck her until I exploded inside her asshole. I pull out and take pics of her ass leaking cum. I hand her my phone and say she has to post the pic on Facebook or I cum in her pussy next. She reluctantly agrees and then I grab the phone and rape her mouth. I finally coat her face in a second load of cum and make her post that pic as well.

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WWYD to my girl?

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let’s hear it

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Don't be fags, post replies

Damn add me on kik, also fuck idk if I could look at that face... bodies not bad though... would love to throw her down in the shower and plug the drain slowly drowning her as I fuck her from behind. Just before she passes out I'd open the drain and fuck her with her head under until the waters drained... hopefully she can hold her breath long enough. Then I'd smash her face into the floor of the tub while I nut in her until it's a bloody mess.

Make her fuck that dog for a start...

What would you do to my sweet girl?

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She have any siblings?

Good start

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sister and a brother

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I'd drug her and rape her in the bed of my truck before dumping her used body downtown with some homeless men so they can finally have something to enjoy. When they are done with her I'd drop what Evers left of her on your doorstep covered in sharpie letting you know all about what happened to her

[email protected] wavyness2 for more

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How old is sister?

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26, one year younger

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More. No kik.

I'd take off my belt and use it to lash her across her back, thighs, ass, and stomach until her body was red and bruised. Then I'd drag her from her home, take her to a nice isolated spot and fuck her. Once I'm done I'll bind her with rope, post the location online with a picture of her cum filled cunt and leave her to be used by whoever.

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I'd love to rape your sweet girls lil sister hard while your girl is tied up and has to watch... I'd beat her and throw her around.. pull her hair... and gape her asshole... then before I nut I'd snap her neck... the. I'd tie your girl down ontop of her sister looking right into her dead eyes as I breed with her over and over... nutting deep in her dumb innocent cunt.

Let me know about them

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She needs to be raped in the most violent manner needed just to wipe that smug smirk off of her face. I hate liberal elitists like her.

I want to give her a smooch on her forehead and hug her

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WWYD to my wife?

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OP here gotta go to class. Should get kik and add me for after.

How violent are you talking? Some spanking and slapping?

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This is my sister Becca, she gets off to brutal rape wwyds
Send to my kik: Craz1x and I'll send more pics

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Just another reminder that the modern woman is complete trash with no value beyond a few warm holes.

Make her look in a mirror while I put it in her ass, then probably tie her up and force a bunch of orgasms. She looks innocent

more stripping?

Nice tits. She looks like she'd be a lot of fun strapped to my workbench

Wwyd with this college girl?

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She really is, I don’t think she would be willing to do anal even.

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Anyone recognise or any interest? If so, come on omegle and type Cas435 as your interest for more :D :D

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how tall?

Every girl will eventually user but start with fun stuff

Fuck that silly smile off her mouth with me and the basketball team

Can't find you on Oml

She 5’ 10

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keep trying as im there right now

We’d put her on a doggie leash fuck her together. We’d take turns throatfucking her and telling her what dumb whore she is. Then I’d bind her arms behind her back and fuck her fat little butthole all while pushing her mouth down onto your cock til we both are ready to cum. We’d have In the Air Tonight playing by Phil Collins on the stereo and we’d blast all over her face right when the drums kick in.

Chat or video?

i would fuck her with less dignity than a Hungry-Man salisbury steak frozen dinner

There you go, my bro. And thank me later


Anyone wanna brutalize my cunt sister for her nudes?

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There you go, my bro. And thank me later



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i would pin her down, rip a hot beefy stinky in her face, then cock slap her until she's crying and finally submits her mouth to me. with my cock lodged firmly in her throat i will rub my cockhead through the bulge i'm creating and remind her she is nothing but a tool for masturbatory purposes- a fleshlight that has learned to talk if you will. and not a particularly smart fleshlight at that

Her mouth is too big and her eyes are buggy.

You appear to be in the wrong thread, no one here is looking for a critique

Sure I will. We’d get a cheap hotel room. I’d force that bitch to eat. I’d make her eat tons of cake and ice cream and candy in a kiddie pool. I’d use chocolate syrup for lube and fuck her face and skinny ass til she’s an unrecognizable mess. We’d blindfold her and invite anyone else to come and fuck her. Then we’d cum all over her face and mouth. Make her swallow as much cum as possible. She needs the protein.

Sure add me ok kik izzyy5995

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Needs more pain

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hot more


All of you need serious help.


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How would you show this bimbo wannabe how girls like her should really be treated?

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I want to go to red robin, and feast upon a blue cheese burger with extra cheese and crispy onion straws, 4 servings of bottomless steak fries with a side of campfire sauce and a double tall milkshake. I will refrain from any bowel movements for 3 days before I take my rightful throne upon her face. as I fuck her tits with my magnum dong, she will lick my asshole clean knowing full well the fate that is about to befall her. with a mighty roar I will cum, relaxing my sphincter and allowing a glorious turd to expel from my rectum and lovingly find a home on her face. she will thank me for this opportunity, and relish the moment she smears my red robin turd between her breasts. the mingling of the contents of my ballbag and intestines will be reminiscent of a melted klondike bar, just brown and white in perfect harmony. exactly as she dreams of.

moar of her?

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Hell of a first date idea, can’t wait till you start to feel comfortable around her

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Hey thanks for all the pics and the chat. Cas has got her own folder now.

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on our second date, i'll drive us through carl's jr for some double western bacon cheeseburgers and waffle fries then we can stop my the dollar store. i'll let her pick out her favorite tiara, some markers, and a dog bowl. I am a gentleman however so i will cover the $3.29 needed to take these items home. my chivalry will make her moist. once back at my apartment she will strip down to nothing but her bra and panties and put on her tiara. i will write "Princess" on the dog bowl and use it as a container to catch all the slop her tummy expels during a brutal and shameful facefuck. with mascara tears and bruised tonsils, i'll make her pick out the chunks of undigested burger and fries, and use this warm, frothy mixture as lube to titfuck her.

What a gentleman

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any of her in a bra?

slice off her nipples and feed them to her like grapes

Loving your work

wife... wwyd

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Nice tits for torture


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Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me


Wwyd to my pawg milf coworker

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insert some nedles to tits
then use her tits and punching bags

I would test my old and rusty scissors on her labia

Wwyd to her?

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make her eat her poopy