Be me

>be me
>be obese
>too ashamed to buy clothes in physical stores because people stare
>frankly too ashamed to go out at all
>too ashamed to order clothes online because the people who pack orders will laugh

When does it end Sup Forums?

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stop eating fatass and be yourself

feel u.
My advice: Fuck up your life, do drugs, do things that are fun and then kys.
Seems like a good life to me.

When you put down the fork you fat cunt

lose weight you fat fucking beta zilch

>When does it end Sup Forums?
a heart attack or stroke you fucking obese loser

When you stop eating pizza and cheeseburgers. Go keto man. I have and I've already lost weight and my knee that always hurt has stopped. It reduces inflammation and honestly makes you feel better. When you eat carbs you spike your insulin and that stuff just gets stored as fat. Burn fat for fuel not carbs.

I guess I'm the only helpful one here. You niggers need to stop being assholes.


fuck off nigger

>visits 4ch for advice

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I like to think OP spent half an hour typing this because his sausage fingers kept pressing keys he wasn’t meant to and every time he made a mistake he would swear and his face would go red, and think “gee, I need another soda to cool myself off”


Did you stop sucking your bf off long enough to type that? Queer.


>“gee, I need another soda to cool myself off”


It would probably end if you made some lifestyle changes and got into better shape. When you are on your second Big Mac, just say no to the third, it's pretty easy.

Order some loose fitting clothing and a bike machine or treadmill. 2 hours on it a day (does not have to be all at once) and strict dieting/caloric reduction. Aim for 1500 a day. Drink lots of water and cut out soda. You'll look a lot better in a year. Good luck.

Just do it. You can't have your life held up by shame.

lol at 1500 calories a day. I'm 150 lbs and feel physical pain if I eat less than 2000, this fucker is fat as balls, 1500 calories would be a nightmare.