where the fucks the drawthread edition

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iris.paheal.net/_images/4ddd02928954c56985268a0aac292462/1993352 - Amy_Anderson Supernoobs.png

Requesting Penny Peterson giving Sherman a blowjob.

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Requesting a comic of this girl, completely nude, getting swalowed whole and alive by a giant toad
>She strips down naked
>Grabbed by it's long sticky tongue
>Pulled into its mouth head-first; her lower body still outside the toad
>Toad gulps once pulling her deeper inside; hooves still outside, the rest of her inside the mouth
>Toad gulps again; lower body is in the mouth, upper body is in the stomach
>View of her entirely in its stomach
>From the outside, you can't even tell she was eaten
>Digested alive
>Remains disposed of
The idea originally popped in my head after playing some Fallout 76 and getting attacked by a radtoad.

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Requesting Ichirin Kumoi getting knotted and impregnated by a werewolf

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Requesting the Image of the Link With Alice (girl of the italian Cartoon Atchoo!)

Image: iris.paheal.net/_images/4ddd02928954c56985268a0aac292462/1993352 - Amy_Anderson Supernoobs.png

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>Tfw you actually dream about your request
>Tfw she wanted to eaten alive in my dreams
>Tfw she was more enthusiastic about it than me

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That character is ugly as hell user-kun.

You need to get better taste

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how to get a body like this, my easy tutorial;
be a gamer

(Hi thread)

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Hey Smily, doing requests today?


Could I request a closeup portrait of her getting forced against some glass so her nose gets pressed up like a pig and her lips look all distorted and she looks super uncomfortable like in the reference

Also, will drop nudes for whoever takes the request

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if it catches my interest, yeah Id be fine doing it

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draw a cat meme.


>sad chirps

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Thicc Rosalina in a one piece swimsuit

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Requesting Mumei Fujitsubo from Hollow Song of Birds wearing nothing but lingerie.

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along with the bandages ?

Coule I request the scp on the right getting fucked like on the left?

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If it's easier to draw without the bandages, then the bandages are not necessary

Ive actually done this request before lol
it looks shitty now tho, and its a good req so
is that so?
proud of you, user

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Could I request this zinorge getting dicked like the reference then?

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/r/ A naked female ogre spreading asschecks and looking at the viewer over her shoulder with an inviting look, she has a stinky pussy

The Myth of cat meme

Requesting these 3 girls from Fairly Odd Parents being fucked on the beach.

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I know this is weirdly specific but could you do Candyevie with a black & white horizontal-striped shirt, plain black skirt, a pokemon-themed event credential around her neck, doing a footjob to a guy, shirt rolled up, and putting lub to a pikachu-themed buttplug with her hands?
Footjob pic is the pose i want :c Please

Images for references:
Candyevie: drawfag.net/draw/src/1567466360306-1.jpg
Footjob: drawfag.net/draw/src/1567466360306-0.jpg
Credential: drawfag.net/draw/src/1567466360306-2.jpg
The shirt rolled up like this: drawfag.net/draw/src/1567466475723-0.jpg
Pikachu buttplug: drawfag.net/draw/src/1567466475723-1.jpg
Clothing reference: drawfag.net/draw/src/1567466360306-3.jpg

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Could I request her getting fucked in the position shes In Now?

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Oh lawd
She chillin

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Haha look at this thread it's so dead and forced

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Requesting small tittied coffee gf.

Needs more PECC


,,,thats a lotta pecc...

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Requesting Jill really needing to pee please.

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Requesting rectangle fucked a trapezoid, prism cast some light on the affair and cylinder became furious.

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OR here. Thank you so much for the amazing (and sexy) delivery Smily!

Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me


since bee girl lewds are the "in" thing to request right now requesting lewds of this bee girl

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their not there is just one autistic user with a bee girl obsession

im not sure what emotion this is trying to depict, but thank you
np my guy
prolly bc most people are at school or working?
It is a monday evening

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draw this cultist girl getting her tits squeezed

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what is she from?

I just wanna draw for god's sake.


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Requesting a draw of my Robot OCs, J-94 and his Robot dad, D-56. J-94 has an square/ rectangular head and top body, red eyes, rectangular mouth, human like arms, hands, and legs, a mid-section with groin (like the one in that Pop Tarts Commercial,vimeo.com/5936429), the top body should have some buttons, and a silver paint job. D-56 has a head with a jaw, a fat belly round body, human-like arms and legs, and a silver paint job like J-94. He's was also build in the 50's and runs on gears and clockwork, where J-94 was build from a computer.

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It's just fanart from Magic the Gathering

ohhh she's super cute

>posts edited photo with his avatar of a cat laying on his crotch with ambiguous commentary implying he's excited by this
>I just wanna draw for god's sake.
you were trying to garner negative attention because even negative attention is something more than being mostly ignored and shunned

Can someone draw me an onion with a syringe coming out of it.

Thanks m8


>video of cat laying down on windshield, honking makes it bounce

Can't find it, but

oh! sweet that's cute. What card?

Requesting Kenshiro doing his Hyakuretsu Ken (Hundred Crack Fist towards the viewer) with Kaguya standing behind him. Using the technique Yasogami Kugeki. (with the fists of hers taking up the left and right side of the image). And both eminating the same blue aura. Thank you

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Not sure why you want to assume sexual connotations. what are you, a freak?

So smiles are you going to do the other requests?

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no but you have built up the persona of being an animal molester of your own volition. so feigning ignorance to your sorted past and pointing the finger at me isn't going to work in this case.

requesting big titty witch

draw your favorite dog meme.

>but you have built up the persona
no i haven't. that's what others are doing to me.
>your own volition
im doing the opposite of that.

i'm not responsible for what other people think of me. I just go by my own terms of what I should be, and I don't want to be the animal molester anymore. so i'm actively trying to steer away from that no matter what you or anyone else does.

i just wanna draw for god's sake.

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nah, I actually gotta go do something

peace, thread. for now, anyway

Requesting this girl getting fucked or gibbed

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>no i haven't. that's what others are doing to me.
while others have focused on it you yourself are the one who admitted to it and talked about it regularly in thread casually as if it was a normal behavior
>im doing the opposite of that.
then why did you post this?
you may not feel responsible for what others think of you. but your own actions have created the outlook they have about who you are and what you do. if you really wanted to steer away from the things you have publicly admitted to then continuing to use the same avatar and behave the same way you have in the past is the wrong way to approach it.

Here ya go friendo

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>i'm not responsible for what other people think of me.


>then why did you post this?
why did you?
>continuing to use the same avatar and behave the same way you have in the past is the wrong way to approach it.
i knew it was going to be hard. but i'm brave. i can take it. i don't need to give up my life for the whims of others, all I needed to do was make up for it.

the rest is on you.

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>my life
>Drawfag community


There you go bro. Don't forget to thank me later


Nice Meme.

I miss tang

Requesting this female Kewlett giving a footjob please.

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>then why did you post this?
why did you?
that was not a real answer because it addressed nothing
>i don't need to give up my life for the whims of others, all I needed to do was make up for it.
who said anything about giving up your life? you spoke of making changes to better yourself but you hold firm to an old persona that can't be cleansed by time and because you yourself the owner of that persona are not any different so you are falling into the same stagnant behavior. you cannot do the same thing you have always done and expect a different result.

Newfag here, what the fucks going on

can anyone draw me kirby riding his warp star

you posted this after the artist posted in thread if they are still here they will see it and if they like it they will do it. there was no reason to back link to their post at all

Requesting a conjoinment of this two OCs like in the reference. Both would be annoyed but horny about the situation; they have both penis and vagina.

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it's best to just keep your head down and not get involved.

Entity is mad that he got cucked by vorefag and lindy

Fair enough

literally here yesterday

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>you posted this after the artist posted in thread if they are still here they will see it and if they like it they will do it. there was no reason to back link to their post at all
Oh okay sorry about that.

Thanks user but could you do like straight on pig nose like this? I’ll drop them nudes during my break

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Yes sir

Maybe this isn't the best place to ask and I should take this to /ic/ but can anyone recommend drawing tablets?
I have an 8 year old Wacom Bamboo which finally died and am on the market for a new one.


Here’s another face reference thanks lad

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Requesting shirtless

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