Liking a girl so much

>Liking a girl so much
>Finally had sex with her this saturday night
>Everything looked so good
>She starts writing me less and less. No conversations at all like before
>I know she wants to get distant because who knows why. She writes back after 2-3 hours showing less interest.

No matter how many times this happens to me, I cant help being depressed. I know it may sound clingy but I just want a regular relationship. Any advices with this? What do you do when this happens? Im not insisting on her neither

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Do you have a small penis OP?

I use XL condoms, last week I fucked a random girl I didnt really like and it was ok. My only "problem" is I cant cum, so I can fuck for hours.

Girls these days can get hundreds of other guys on apps, so its so damn hard to find a "faithful" one

>Do you have a small penis OP?
>I use XL condoms

Answer the question

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No user, are you that interested in my penis? Is 19cm long and 5cm width. Never had any problem with it, girls liked it and for petite ones I had to fuck them slowly because it hurted

They are ignoring you because they like you. The thought of commitment is a whores biggest fear. Just keep trying till you find someone who stays

>5cm width
here is your problem mate. not thick enough.

Lol is he striking a nerve buddy?

Sounds like a shit test and she's seeing how much you care about her attention. If she doesn't want to reply then why should you? Use that time to talk to other girls in case she moves on. Worst case scenario she moves on and you're already talking to someone else. Best case scenario she sees that another girl wants you and she'll start acting right.

Yo guys are masters at gaslighting and projection you know that right?

I thought about this. Last girl told me the usual thing is most of the guys had sex and then dissappear without any words. But I was treating her nicely and enjoying our time together. Sex was ok too, I even ate her up.

I know its the common thing to say but, Im getting so tired of trying new girls every time. Finding the right one is tiring, one I really like is harder. This could last months. Last one I felt it could work was like in february, now this other one makes the same stuff all over again.

I know, I already suffered these "tests" and I always fail them, I want to be just natural, not replying just 3 words every 5 hours. Just a fluent conversation, meet in person and enjoy the time together. Mind games are stupid

If this happens a lot then it's you. I have the same problem, I give the vibe I wanna date them even when sometimes I just wanna fuck. Best way I found to counteract them acting like distant cunts is to ignore them back. If you both never talk again then so be it, saves you time and heartache. 9 times outta 10, if you stop talking for a while, she'll come back around.

I had to reply to this. Fucking brilliant

Last girl, the 22yo one, I fucked her without even liking her. It was 15 days ago, she keeps sending me nudes all the damn time even if I dont reply to them. Wants me to go her home everyday, wants to meet and so on. Im just ignoring her.

But the good girls are always like this, I cant help showing my interest on them or treating them good

post texts so we can see what you're saying. my guess is you are acting way too needy. its a huge turn off.

This happens all the time, so don't take it too personally. It isn't uncommon even in the circle of guys I know.

I'll just get this out of the way... "hurdur maybe you suck at sex and she is letting you down easy" I won't begin to question anyone's experience or ability but I had to get that out there. Her needs and desires play a strong part in whether or not she wants to see you again.

But when this happens to me, I usually assume the most simple thing. "I wasn't what they were looking for." Have you ever thought about it like that? Of all the girls you've dated, how many did you want to see again? For me, it was very close to 0. Statistically speaking, you're most likely to flop hundreds of times before you have a single success.

But that's just my negative perception, with my experiences

Another thing it could be is that they just wanted to fuck, but society makes them uphold a pretense of "getting to know you." Women are just as promiscuous as men, and some of them just want that instant gratification. It's okay to feel used, it's normal now. Very few girls will admit that they just want to hook up with you. There's a stigma and connotations that come attached with that so many of them refuse the standard.

If you want a regular relationship, you should talk with your potential partners and establish what you are looking for and working toward before you head into emotional and physical intimacy. It may help you filter out the people who are only in it for socializing/dates and casual sex.

People today are doing shit backwards

Good luck

Why are dick threads getting all the digits?

Its nothing special, Ive learnt to not tell clingy things to them, so we are just talking about hobbies, films she likes and similar stuff.

I try to avoid sex, talking about our last date, or asking too much when we are going to see us again.

Also, I never write right after she replies and never say things like why she is taking it so long to answer back.

I guess the best thing is to start forgetting about her, too much effort, time and everything wasted, but this is starting to take a lot of time for me and affecting to myself. Not an obsession yet, but almost.

Fuck off. Get a new bitch and move on,.you little faggot

Nice English faggot

In fact she was really horny on saturday night, so Im taking the guess she just wanted to fuck and then move on.
After it who knows, maybe she was ashamed or just didnt want to keep our "relationship", I think the best movement is to ignore her.


couple of questions

How old are you?

How old are the girls you are chasing?

Where are you finding these girls?

These 3 questions can help us diagnose your problem

First thing.. If a guy dick got smaller everytime he slept with a women.. Would most women take him serious?? I think not! So if u fuck some girl who has a busted hole which is suppose to be tight. DO NOT ACCEPT! Ofcourse fuck it and cum over her face but dont date her... If u look at women this way by action not words for some reason ya get a decent girl... Women prefer assholes but more over guys who know what they want! Dont dwell over a girl.. At the most chance she been used and ya prob a better person than most of them

Im 28, girls are around 22-30. The one Im talking about is 25.
Tried to find them on several places, tinder which I know its not the best, partying at night, friends of friends, and similar places

Im old enough to know these things but thats why I said I cant get used to this. Theres people who doesnt give a fuck when this happens, but for me is too depressing, because I know the next time I can meet a girl and engage with her could be from today to months.

ok, sounds like you might be chasing skanks. Y ou are definitely of an age where settling down is reasonable, and the girls you are after should be there too. Maybe try for a girl that wont put out on the first date.

Ik what you mean with the test bs. I had a chick I met saying girls want to be ignored or whatever and don’t want you to respond. I just told her that seems like very immature high school behavior and I wasn’t looking to deal with that. If pure interested, great let’s talk and hang out, if not then fuck off, I’m not playing a stupid cat and mouse game for months dealing with retarded head games.

So yeah stop replying to the chick, wait until she reaches out to you. And when she does, give her a one word answer or something. She wants to be ignored, then ignore the bitch

Also this. This should’ve been another sign for me that this girl wanted stupid head games, if she puts out on the first night or even offers it, then you’re in for a shit show

Again just an assumption based on my own experiences with women who act like this. This is not a blanket statement for them all. As personalities vary, behavior will vary as well.

Someone touched onto it, but perhaps she distanced herself from you because you are what she wants? In my experiences with emotionally immature women I have found that the ones that like you the most are the ones that make it the hardest for you to get close to them. They find themselves emotionally vulnerable and shy away the source, which are emotions and commitment toward you. It's ass-backwards behavior imo. A mature woman who wanted to hook up will either openly communicate that, establish a casual booty-call relationship with you, or GHOST you entirely after she's done with you.

People who "string you along" have ulterior motives. Positive, negative? Not up to me to decide.

But again, blanket statements, men do the same shit sometimes. I've seen't it.

I say if you really like this girl, pursue it. The distance could be a test to see how you handle pressure and separation. You're obviously not handling it well BTW. Your stress is a direct reflection of how you feel about her though, so good on you for having such strong emotions.

Nothing will come out of abandoning your endeavors, but even mistakes can be learning experiences. So be sure to make the right choices for you bro

generally. Not always. My first long term relationship was with a girl i fucked the first time we met. But we just had a connection you know? Hell she was the first woman I ever let actually stay the night. So you can't always determine things that way. Although generally a girl who doesnt put out on the first date is looking for something a bit more long term.

She used you as a one-night stand OP. You were just her fucktoy for a day. Be happy.

I know, in fact its always easy to say and think, but when the moment arrives and you see she is the only one you like in months, when theres too much at risk and everything, its hard to try that.

Last year there was this girl I wasnt really interested on her, met a few times and such, talked with her almost everyday. One day I decided to stop texting first just to see what happened. Guess what.
Yes, I didnt know about her anymore. She just vanished.

I wish I could learn to live without girls.

Yes, sex on the first night is a huge red flag I know. But there are times where this can work, who knows, I wouldnt be the one who says "No thanks, I dont want to have sex with you, I prefer to wait"

"everything looked so good."

but what are HER feelings abt that?
I would pick her brain if I were u . pieces of the puzzle

Im afraid you are right

Fuck that.. Try go for girls who put out on the first date and string them along while u find a decent one

You fuck random chicks and expect to find someone faithful?

There you go, my bro. And thank me later

That being said, my personal opinion is to put this girl on the back burner. There are a lot of women out there that will treat you with more respect than this one.

There are so many red flags with this, some of the older guys touched on it, but everyone has their flags and we all choose what to compromise on. You do you, just don't do something you'll regret.


There you go, my bro. And thank me later

It's even more funny when you read all the flaming posts along with it

bruh they mean just seem interested but not too interested, thats what they mean by ignoring them

if she sends you a message, keep the conversation going for a bit, banter, then end the conversation and stop talking

dont keep it going

then sometime later a couple days maybe send her some funny message

and again end the conversation after the initial haha

interested but not enough is the key

If you want to find someone faithful, you need to meet them organically, not on a fuck app like Tinder. Make friends at work or at your hobbies, befriend girls, and over time you'll build a bond with one of them hopefully and you'll end up with her. You're not going to build a bond with anyone fucking on Tinder. Classic way is the best way to find someone faithful.

There you go, my bro. And thank me later

straight up ask her why she's being distant. if she's not a cunt she won't take it the wrong way.

Only girls with issues do this dumb shit.

Literally what I did. I’d give it a few days, give like one word responses sometimes until we eventually saw each other

like i said in another reply, only girls with issues play these stupid mind games. I don't understand wahmen unless they're Straight up and honest

Thanks FBI. I will definitely sign up with my real name.

You probably don't make enough money or have enough of a social circle. All women want is status and stability, and they'll fuck around until they find it.

>She writes back after 2-3 hours showing less interest.

Are you sure she just isn't busy? Or maybe you are being clingy and needy? I was reading your green text thinking there were days or weeks between conversations. Not hours.

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There you go, my bro. And thank me later

Probably that bitch has boyfriend but she didn t tell you because she only want to fuck, this kind of whores are cruel. Some MGTOW videos explain well that.

For some reason, women hate when you show too much affection towards them. So if you constantly text her, tell her how much you love her, remind her she's pretty, and in general be a clingy annoying fuck... she will find you disgusting.

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Not true. My wife works as a manager while I am still doing my graduate degree not earning anything. She pays for the both of us, rent, food, sex toys, and everything. She's my sugar momma till I graduate and get a job.

"i fucked anyone early on"
"no one takes me seriously in a relationship, they use me like a toy and throw me away!"

Are you sure you're a man?

yada yada these so called "good' girls have some baggage. Now you have to decide if you wanna talk to them and show that you "understand" (if you even fucking can, girls are horrible) or you just wait till you find a girl without any fucking baggage (1/100000000000)

Either you masturbate too much, the women don't turn you on, or you don't fuck hard enough.

Sounds like an investment

not op but good point.

every girl is different but i think only bitches with their heads up their asses think like this

>Hard time cumming

This may have lead a bad impression on herself, she may think it's partly do to her.
I'm not sure what type of relation you have in means of closeness, but if you're looking for something more then make that clear.
Send a message asking for time to meet up
and talk it over.

maybe maybe maybe. I think OP should just be straight up and honest to her about the whole situation. If she's not a cunt she'll talk about it and not be weirded out by it IMO

Yes it is an investment. That's what a relationship is. Both of us working to provide for each other. She gets me through tough times and I get her through tough times. Life is long and eventually we'll both make money, but it's the prospect of being together and raising a family that keeps us together, not the need for money. She got together with me knowing I have no money and knowing I could fail at anytime, but it didn't matter to her because love is stronger than gold.

We can sit here and speculate all day about what's going on through her head but she's the only one that knows. Is she an honest person? OP should ask her what the deal is in this situation. How she feels and what she wants and also let his feelings be known and then work from there. Maybe it will lead up to no contact, but atleast OP will have true closure.

Every person in this world has baggage. Both male and female, and trans and hermaphrodites. Even you have baggage given the emotional instability you've put on display with that post. Girls have to deal with your baggage too, so why shouldn't you have to deal with them? We're all humans. We're in it together in this world.

Alcohol made it worse, I had about 5 longdrinks and 3 beers, so before starting having sex I told her about that, she didnt worried -or at least didnt show that- so it was fine, it wasnt the best sex but it was ok.

For most of the other girls I always say that about cumming, because yes, you are right, there are girls who start thinking they are not good enough, or I dont like them. I think it could be worse if I just came in 5 minutes

Problem is a lotta bitches don't answer that honestly either.

and that's the sad reality

Ok OP again, one thing I know for sure is she she wasnt 100% interested, she wouldnt answered me back. Sadly Ive been ghosted more than once and such girls dont waste any minute in giving you explanations or following your conversation.

For the moment she keeps talking with me. So slowly and dull, but she is still there. Im going to wait and try to make up my mind and forgetting about her. I think its my best option.

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I didn't mean that I wouldn't have to deal with their baggage. What I meant is more along the lines of one must decide if they want to figure the girl and her behaviors out if they truly like her that much or give up. I hope that makes sense.

Japan was hell for this.
I was living there for 2 years. At first I started dating girls, and most of them were like "of course I want to see you again, I really liked you" but then I understood this was just a polite way to say "I dont want to see you ever again".

There was this girl who was saying me all the time she wanted to meet me again, hang around, go for dinner, but she was always giving me excuses. One day I asked her if she wanted to see me that much, why didnt she want to meet? She answered "its your fault, you are always busy, we cant meet because of you"

I replied, "then lets meet tomorrow saturday, Im totally free". She blocked me.

try being straightup, but also expect any negative responses if you are.

I would write at most once a day on irregular times, for at least 1 or 2 weeks. Every few hours is WAY too much. If she turns around, good for you. If she stops replying, you know you're going to have to look for someone else. If she replies but keeps being distant, ask her once, straight up, see if you get something outta her.

I dislike people like this.

The excuses should've been a dead give-away to be honest. You invested too much effort as it is. I totally agree with you though that such behavior is just plain rude.

If at all possible I will try and organically drop something like a complaint about people who behave like that in one of the conversations. They'll almost always slip a few times and give you some type of insight into their feelings or whatever if you talk long enough. Even if they don't do so on purpose, you can simply *act* like they did so on purpose and give a compliment on how you like that they are just as no-nonsense as yourself. Then move on with whatever the original conversation was. If you're rewarded by more no-nonsense honesty after that you know your hint has been received.

Turn off your phone, go workout, go read, go hang out with friends.

After a week turn your phone back on.

Good luck.

So you’re saying that girls consistently stop talking to you after you fuck and you really haven’t put 2 + 2 together... hate to break it to you kiddo, but sounds like you don’t satisfy them one way or another.

Yup. Sounds like OP thinks hes above avg size, and "good" in bed. Seems like only one of those might be true

Aw look at you all riled up. It's ok to be insecure about your own penis. Probably why all your relationships fail anyway.