How many loads have you blown to christina?

How many loads have you blown to christina?
I’m probably almost to 1,000

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Guess what? no one fucking cares about your "loads"

Absolutely none. Pathetic, herpes-riddled nobody pandering to a neanderthal base

ur mum does

So you just make up that people have diseases because they're not your flavor? Mmkay.

I don't recall exactly how many, but quite a few.

back in the day when she was hot and relevant, quite a few. Though gotta say, kinda hot knowing her step dad basically pimped her out for us pervs.

haters be hatin

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Just post more or fuck off. Sup Forums does not need a 200,000th circlejerk.

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Early 2000s were her prime. Deff didnt age well. But the memories.

I've yet to see these pictures of her looking terrible, despite hearing about it a lot. Post.

Just go on pornhub. If you are that lazy you might consider an heroing as a solution.

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So you don't have any pictures? Check.

Like 2.

0. I was an Alison Angel guy

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So...she looks virtually the same?

Bro, she developed chipmunk cheeks and clearly isnt aging well kek

she clearly always had chipmunk cheeks wtf are you on about

She's married now and appears to be doing and looking fine....

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Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me


Anybody have a link to where she starts crying and kinda breaks down as a cam whore? Ive seen it here once, but I cant find it. I believe there were some beer cans and she seemed drunk

>Hit the wall with 9000mph
>"I should get a disgusting tattoo!"



too bad she never got those bare DDDs out in her prime

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so big

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Age has not been kind to her.


i have heard she died. is she still alive with a new site or something?

Ah, hello Mr. Gay Man.

She was hot as fuck
Until she did hit the wall

to this

Well if I pretend it’s 2001, then most loads are blown to her