Post your COOM face. You got a COOM face?

Post your COOM face. You got a COOM face?

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>that instant shame

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Nobody beats Elsa's coom face.

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>You got a COOM face
Fuck off with this stupid, childish forced meemee. You keep trying and you keep failing.

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> be me
> average whytedood.ico
> have wife
> agree to initiate maritalsex.exe
> sign & initial each others copies of terms & conditions as well as legal consent forms
> go to bedroom, turn off lights and pull drapes
> wife lies on bed, planks on her back with arms by her sides
> i undress down to underwear and socks
> approach wife with hands in the air, declaring my intention for agreed concensual coitus
> allow penis to emerge from gap in y-fronts
> clench buttocks, part wife's pubic bush and attempt to enter her
> vagina.dll has not reached optimum moisture levels
> attempt to arouse wife, inform her that I will be visiting the post office later to buy stamps
> operation successful, enter vagina
> gently thrust for 76 seconds whilst not making eye contact
> have orgasm
> mfw

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Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me

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