Where do they draw the line, anons? How is someone born with the anatomy of a human male not a man...

Where do they draw the line, anons? How is someone born with the anatomy of a human male not a man? I’m sick of having to watch everything I say for fear of ‘misgendering’ a degenerate and getting in legal trouble for supposedly having committed a ‘hate crime’. It’s fucking retarded and irrational. Do you know how hard it is to tiptoe around words as simple as ‘man’ or ‘woman’ because I have to compromise my own sense of core beliefs to accommodate some moron’s mental illness? Did I say beliefs? I mean FACTS. Why the fuck is this shit encouraged? The world is actually so retarded and it’s only gonna get worse, fags. Maybe ice-pick lobotomies weren’t such a bad idea after all.

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just dont play into their fantasy user

but dont go out of your way to mess with them or else you'll get hate crime'd

you are in excellent company user. Your anger is founded in reason and logic. Society will boil over soon, just make sure you can deal with the storm when it arrives

that's fucking awful but true. can't say anything now

You seem upset, OP.

I'm sorry those people the world suppressed in favor of hetero white dudes have a voice now and share the world with you.

If it makes you feel any better, your kind of stubbornly stupid folks are dwindling and will continue to.

No one will miss you.

Just mind your own business? I live in a super conservative area, but even when a faggot or obvious transqueer is around, no one gives a shit. No one outside of major cities gives a fuck about this argument.

Shut up faggot, quit defending mental illness as though it’s not a mental illness cunt.

LGBT-QRYJBNRJTGDNFRYGTHBFNBGCDNHDHTERTGFRTUV people are in the minority and you know it. Hetero is normal and will continue until the human race comes to an end, because that's what we're meant to do

the fad will pass soon enough. like everything else, this shit is cyclical, and people will start seeing it for what it is. it's sexual degeneracy gone unchecked under the guise of acceptance, when deep down, everyone knows it's unnatural, and flies in the face of our species clear reproductive function. fetishes are fine, but the way this has permeated modern society is a real problem.

Because conservatives are the sleeping giant. They don't openly fuck with people like lefties do, not until they're provoked. Then they retaliate with reason. But, what happens when they get REALLY pissed?

did the spacing and everything hahaha

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I mean there's a 50/50 that this is a trollpost but i'll bite the apple anyway..

There are 2 sexes, and multiple genders, and before you continue on with how they're the same thing you oughta look at the definition on the word "gender" is. Gender is our way of interpreting the sexes and to assume that there can only be 2 types of interpretations on it is downright retarded

>downright retarded
No need to sign your post.

2 sexes = one way to produce baby
The issue isn't about trannies. The issue
is making sex about having children again, and
not some casual way to spend an evening

>Just mind your own business question mark
>Actively a problem when you have to literally tiptoe around these people like you're holding in shit at a roller coaster

You make it sound easy. I am not changing my own beliefs to accommodate to other people's feelings.

>Im dug in.. and I'll never change REGARDLESS of the facts presented to me

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>Im dug in... and i'll NEVER change regardless of how toxic my behavior is to the majority of normal people

Thank you for being openly retarded about your beliefs. No need to hide your room tempature IQ for the world

just let them be, they can't breed with ruined private parts and eventually they do what they do best. an hero.

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In my experience, just say what you believe respectfully and it will all smoothen out. I have told trannies that I do not agree with them and I refuse to call them by anything but the pronouns that correctly describe how thy were born and they have been chill about it.

I will call them by whatever name they want but I will not give in further than that and I have faced no issues. (I must admit that I live in a conservative area so there are very few SJWs that would come after me for "misgendering" somebody because everybody agrees with my sentiments)

I have met 3 people who said they were gay, and another probably 30 that looked it. Out of ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE I HAVE EVER FUCKING SEEN, IN A RETAIL JOB WHERE I DEAL WITH PEOPLE CONSTANTLY that's not many

le 40%

let's hope they improve to 100%

Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me


its 42% now and the expected death by suicide rate in 2020 is 44%

has nothing to do with family acceptance or social acceptance because they have it - it has everything to do with mental illness and not getting help

you're either a trannie spammer or a pedo. I want none of either

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>Trump get re-elected
nah nigger it's finna be 75%

nobody will miss you either 42%'er

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OP here. First of all, you’re fucking retarded. When a doctor looking at an ultrasound scan yells “it’s a boy!” following observation, I’m more inclined to take their word for it based on their knowledge of the human anatomy and just having the fucking common-sense to know that a human born with a penis is male and a human born with a vagina is female. You are mentally ill, user. No amount of snowflaking will change the fact that you had a 50/50 shot at being born a female and got a bad hand. Get over it, faggot.

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Reminder that the 40% statistic is a myth propagated by retards

Just give them a few years and they're likely to become apart of the 40%. Give them a generation and they'll cease to exist because they don't procreate.

>be me
>getting born
>want femoid
>bad hand
>missed femoid get

It's simple, if it has a Y chromosome, it's male. If it doesn't, it's female. Anyone who says otherwise is delusional.

they don't care about reason. If the normal hetero people had an emotional appeal, they could sway the LGBTQHBGHUOT^[email protected]#^#$%^^&%^%^(( community

Not a myth, just outdated statistic from early 2018. It's pretty shocking that the amount of trans in the USA is less than 2.5million, and 266k are living with STD's and they have a 42% suicide rate which is growing at just about 2% annually. Don't you think?


>be me
>forsaken by God becuz born with pp
>atheist and sewersidal
>why can’t those goddamn conservitards just let me spread my sexual degeneracy & introduce it to the school curriculum so other kids know it’s okay to be a retard like me???

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I think you're exaggerating when you say you have to tiptoe around your words and that you fear legal action from using the wrong pronounds. That only happen in things you see online, with the ungodly she-beasts that weigh >300 pounds and are spouting bullshit about misgendering and misogyny and all that, and aren't representative of transgenders or feminists or any of that.

Someone born with a penis is biologically a male, but they may have felt for a long time that they would rather be a woman, and get a sex change. This is completely normal and has been recognized by various cultures throughout all of history, and is not in the least bit a sign of mental illness.

However, saying that there are 70 genders (such as demi-boy, agender, epicene), or saying that someone who calls you by male pronouns the first time they see you (because you seem like a male) is discriminating against you, is complete and utter bullshit. THAT is what you can get mad at. But not all transgenders or transgender supporters do these things; those are the absolute extremes, and I highly doubt you experience she-beasts like that regularly.

The truth is that you don't have to fear legal action unless you're actually discriminating against someone, and most transgenders are just normal people.

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Blow it out your ass, filthy fucking trannie.

Translation: arm yourself to the teeth. I already have.

stop botting

Oh, I know. That is because, somehow, truth has become a subjective social construct as opposed to an objective reality. Therein lies the difference between leftists and conservatives.

I'm a proud straight white male born a proud straight white male

I am also a proud straight white male born

I'm very compassionate IRL and am supportive of my transgender acquaintances but even I'm beginning to wonder if there's something unusual leading to an increase in the prevalence of the condition.

A Man that believes there are an infinite amount of genders? What kind of Man are you, are you a s0i 13oy with yellow teeth and a beard and a gaping jaw in all of the selfies you post, because I feel like that's the only kind of Man that would.

FYI I'm a real homo Man who only beleieves in 2 genders, faggot.

I too am a proud, straight, normal male (I identify with the sex that I was born with).

I have a cousin (she/he is like 14 born a female but identifies as a male.)
She/he just recently started asking to be called a male name.
Ive gone with it so far but I also wonder why its so common.

Like can they really decide this at such a young age? What the percentage of people who undergo hormonal therapy and end up regretting it later in life?

There’s no line in the sand yet, user. It’s only going to get worse before it gets better. The world is due a catastrophe, and when it inevitably happens people will probably realise just how retarded any pro-trans argument is during WW3. Fuck it, at least we can put some of them on the frontlines, kek.

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social media and the new fad is being a trans or having a trans son/daughter/friend/family member etc.

most of the children identifying are going thru puberty and arent sure of anything but theyre being forced into this extremely dangerous lifestyle for social acceptance points from the progressive retards

all these kids are going to wind up dead by 30. might be good for housing in the future and job prospects.

>A Man that believes there are an infinite amount of genders

Where did I ever say that retard? If you had even basic literacy skills you would know that I just called thinking that there were 70 genders "complete and utter bullshit" in my post.

If you have a penis you're a man. If you have a vagina you're a woman. If you disguise yourself I won't be able to tell unless I find out. I don't care what you are as long as you're Christain. I'd suggest seek help but most of you are to far in the rabbit hole.

>reddit spacing


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What principles do you live by? Do you scream the word FAGGOT as loudly as possible when you see a gay or something? Lol. Otherwise I don't see how you are so personally offended by how someone else feels about themselves. There's thoughts you can keep to yourself in public that don't require you to change your weird values.

If you're one of those "I don't care if you're gay, just don't kiss a man infront of me" types, I can understand your refusal to accept someone elses point of view, I guess, mostly because you're holding onto a dying concept and you'll phase out eventually. Thankfully, you're already becoming a minority of ideologies reduced to anonymously posting your butthurt feelings on the internet.

im going to fucking sue you for using a homophobic slur against me you fucking bigot

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I used to get all mad about these kind of things, and then I realized that they actually dont affect my life in any appreciable way at all.

It's like the people that are up in arms at xmas time that "you cant say Merry Christmas to people anymore." No one homestly cares. TV/radio/websites that make those claims are just doing it for ratings and to stir people up.

Other than Sup Forums and Tumblr, no one is really pushing the pronouns nonsense.

inb4 IKnowAGuyWho...

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how can somebody be as fucking delusional as you are? straights and normies are waking up to this bullshit you fucking trannies started and nobody is safe now. I'm helping the straights when they fucking come to lynch your disgusting ass.

Gen Z is mad af about this tranny pc ridiculousness. So are boomers and gen-x'ers. Millennial's started this shit and it ends with them.

>t. doesnt go to university or work a office job

totally agree with you gender theory and all its derivatives are just mental illness in denial... so many shit such as hardcore feminism pedophilia, etc... the only true objective is to decrease the birth rate and create a society in which stuff objectively refuted by facts can be accepted... just replace all this nonesense with truly meaningful things for us which will happen in the future... the downfall of mankind...

It’s a psychological problem, that’s clear as day. Any such deviation from one’s own physical gender is dysphoric. The fact they’re trying to normalise it on such a scale is ridiculous, especially when you take into account the suicide rate amongst trans individuals. The issue is bigger than simply ‘misgendering’ people when embracing mental illness is a concept being forced upon the adults of tomorrow.

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accepted? you mean impose to us in their delusional leftist dictatorship... fuck this shit... hope we all die by nuclear explosions before having to deal with all this shit...

Simmer down man. I'm enjoying the arugument here, but once you start babbling about what you're going to do to me for being the way I am, you lose your validity and your point moves into the realm of stupidity. That being said, I am a straight white registered Republican "millennial" male (though I vote for whom I like, so I have voted for a democrat or two during local elections). I was serving in the Army during the big debate on transgenders being allowed to serve. Both then and now, I agree that they should not. I'm not this big hippie that you think I am, as if that should matter. I just think they have a right to do what they want as American citizens, and if they are a good person, I am going to respect whatever they choose to do.

What experiences have you had to make you so angry about this situation? How have these people hurt your way of life? Give us some reasons as to why you are the way you are.

Trans people foster children and pollute their minds before they’re old enough to think for themselves.