Top 3 reasons a white woman would choose black guys over white guys

Top 3 reasons a white woman would choose black guys over white guys.


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1. Fuck you daddy I can date whoever I want
2. No one else likes me at 300lbs
3. He's different. He said he loves me and will be here for me and our child.

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No one fucking cares. Women don't just like black men anymore than all guys love asian women. Your just friggin retarded, go masturbate on xvideos instead of clogging up the boards

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1. da black guys has weapoon and shieet
2. she is a retard
3. because she needs the money and black dudes are used to get charged twice the money

It starts off as a rebellious thing against daddy
and then they get knocked up
and then they get disowned
and then they are a single mom and come back around their parents begging to come home
some parents let her come home
some dont

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1. Differing personalities
2. Attraction
3. This post is retarded and I wish saging worked

Bet ya can't guess what happens next

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Wait for it...

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Why post this shit? Is it to troll a really specific subset of people?

I don't understand your motivations.

Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me

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fuck you and your coal-burner fantasies. you like nigger cock so much, go suck one yourself.


Ding! The bell went off

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Asians are gross

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Because it's taboo. The low IQ mandingo stereotypes that are used against them actually serve to create a market for them.

Thank god. I thought I was the only white guy in the world that hates fucking stinking slopes

i really don't know, op

Downs syndrome
Head trauma

Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me later

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searching for genetic diversity is part of their reproductive drive.

Pic related. gf pays for rock cause nobody works in Baltimore now

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first she hits the glass cock then she hits the nigger cock, right?

Gotta hit them glass dildos

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Alton satanic,cool

what white woman would bother dating a white sissy faggot who can't stop bending over for bbc.. pic is me..

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The long dark road she marches is lonely, but she is brave and fearless

kek, na she's just a hobag

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oh great. now ive got to go over to /gif// and jerk it since wife isn't off work yet. thanks a fuckin lot

do some pushups and save that shit. blow it all over her stupid little face when she gets home.

Katie st. Ives, the perfect female body

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It astonished me black dudes brag about big dicks as if it matters. Like they are aware their worth is solely based in dick size. If they didn't have that nobody would want them. Kek