Homolust thread

Homolust thread
Boys post your butts

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I read it as holocaust thread

butts are based

Thats hot as hell more

these aren't mine but I'll post them anyway

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Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me


Lets see some cocks

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Looking good, user


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Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me


fuck off

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nice butts!


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very shapely

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Me :3

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Reporting in

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Looking for a slut, give me your kik

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More buttholes

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Any of you guys have pics of your cheeks spread wide?


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this made my day

Are you Middle Eastern?

Dumpin my slutt ass if Interested

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I'd like to see those cheeks jiggle

rate me

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Do you exercise it?

I know I'm pale :|

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I like pale guys though

I wanna jiggle on a dick

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I'm glad :)

dude your fucking asshole is huge. wtf you probably havent had an acutal turd in ages

North African? Black?

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spread those cheeks?

Would breed furiously / 10

anything of that booty in motion?

Naughty Sup Forumsoyz ;)

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is that lube?

are all gayys assholes expanded like this?

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you can't quite see the hole there

can you pull them apart?

It's crazy, it's like dicks go in there all the time.

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straight guys have buttholes too you know

Mine was sarcasm, and if you spend a lot of time getting fucked, it's not going to be completely the same after a while.

That being said, I'd breed the life out of this

My cum will make you even more pale

nice pink hole

you have to put really large things in there to change it a lot

I don't think it's above expectations that they either have huge dildos or know a hung top.


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Do another without socks? Pic would be perfect

no, im a natural lazy fatass

it'd have to be a very large dildo or a fist maybe. A penis probably wouldn't do it.

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Your butthole doesn't stay expanded for long no matter what you put into it.

I dunno man, there's some big dicks and ever bigger dildos out there.

I'd love to see more of

are you normal weight? Are you just blessed with a naturally big booty?


i can do this.. my sissy ass always has a small gape ;)

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same ass ^^ i feel the love

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Is that when the hole itself spreads open? What does that look like?

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I am kinda a size queen...my Lil hole ;)

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love the hair

perfect little pink hole

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love other size queens lol

Who doesnt like to drop their cake on a big cock?

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Good question.

I'd like that job. Imagine getting paid to look at 18-year-old boys' buttholes.

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Love BBC

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From what I've seen, most black guys are average, but maybe your experience is different

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what does it say on the ball sack?

I need more experience ;) I want a daddy to take care of me..Maybe even dress up a lil more 4 daddy haha

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I've gotta go now but you really should know you have a beautiful rear aspect.

No1 else too play with? ;C

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