So I'm visiting a place with a strong LGBT presence and I decided to use grindr to try to meet cute traps

So I'm visiting a place with a strong LGBT presence and I decided to use grindr to try to meet cute traps.

Indeed, there are a lot of beautiful tans, but almost everyone comes up with a stupid excuse to joing a "safe" site to prove that I'm not a rapist or abuser or some shit like that.

"Once I wanted to meet this person but suddenly 3 other people arrived and beat me up horribly, I was traumatized that's why I need you to join this safe site that you have to put your credit card information, but it's still free, just to see if you won't beat me up".

Is this what this site has become? Not even Tinder is that obviously phishing for scams.

What do you think? Any way that those sites are legit?

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Kill yourself

those joining a safe site thing is a scam they are just bots

It's a scam you stupid faggot. Why would you ever give your credit card information to a random site? Think with your brain and not your dick.

No u.

I don't think they're bots.. they answer actual questions, I think they're just men passing for trans baiting for money.

Stupid if you give your credit card details out on a site like that.

It's spam bots bro. They've gotten quite good, even on tinder. It makes you question if it's actually a real person, which is their entire purpose.

I haven't you dildos. I was just asking if this was this place has become. It sucks.

Ahh, a man of sophisticated taste I see. What's better than a girl? A girl with a benis, of course! Just remember to say homo after you're done

No homo*

just don't, and work on that degenerate side of yours. You aren't that deep yet.

What? Watcha talking about foo'

Yeah, I have a steady trap on the side back home. I creampie her and she creampies me :) it's delicious.

Had a couple of those too, just tell them you reported them for scamming and they'll block you instantly

I reported all of them but they're still there. All of them literally joined grindr less than 2 days ago and those sites are also new.

Its a scam, and there are legit real she-males / he-shes / it. You just gotta look.

So you’re gay?

You mean You creampie him and he creampies you.

Just say the following:
>Prove you are not a bot, type "[insert message here]" if you are real.
Even sophisticated bots fuck this up.

No dudes, it's a woman, but has a dick ;) not gay.

You wouldn't know anyway, you insecure faggots.

Am a passable trap. My grindr experience is being bombarded by fat disgusting old men within seconds of my profile picture being approved to the point Im ignoring 100 messages or deleting the app. Theres a reason most of the traps/trans accounts are fake. Its not a workable app.

Nothing to be insecure about if its stating facts here. Its cool you got a guy you verse with.

Get over yourself fag. Your only looking for traps because no woman would touch you.

How old are you? Also where would you recommend finding other passable traps?

Fact is, that trans women ARE women, so I'm not versing with a man, I'm versing with a woman ;) but it's cool that you're insecure enough with your sexuality to not accept that, might as well go suck a dick by a hairy bear dude, instead of a curvy thicc girl with a feminine penis.

Lol, it's harder to get a trap than a girl, friendo.

I hate that there are not good enough filters, especially for what you're looking for and location. I also get bombarded by old fat men. I'm a pretty guy but there's no filter to only be visible by trans women.

I'm 23, I post on twitter and discord a lot so that introduces you to the 'community'

I find most 'traps/femboys' arent really interested in masculine hairy men and only want someone similar to them. Your best option by far is a discord group and posting in the meetups there if youre not a trap yourself. Otherwise you'll just be drown out in a sea of chasers. Its easier to fuck a woman than a good trap.

Trans women aren't and will never be real women but they can potentially be better than them if they're clean and legitimately feminine looking.

Enjoy the aids!

It's always fun to play with the extra toy.

Nah, it's not that hard to be careful, literally with any other type of hoe. But hey, at least I'm not a nigger, nigger.

Kill yourself at the earliest convenience

>I find most 'traps/femboys' arent really interested in masculine hairy men and only want someone similar to them
Damn that's a shame, I'm not old (closer to your age actually) but I'm a hairy bastard. I've heard a lot of traps like bbc, is that legit? Anyways thanks for answering my questions.

yeah there's a big market for bbc. Mostly with the white traps

Thats a lie. There'll be some edge cases where thats true but its certainly rare. Most traps are white/asian and only tend to want white/asian though asian less so.

Not sure how new you are to the fag community, but 'bears' arent really a thing. Nobody likes that shit.

most white guys want white guys for sure, but there's a disproportional amount into bbc I'd say

They're bots bro, been trained by 1000s of interactions.

Ask more than one question at a time, it'll only answer one.

just find the local gay bars and mingle and when it feels right go for it

Who the fuck are you talking to

Not true, all of the traps I've been with loved me for my masculinity and deep voice, and hairy arms, legs, etc.

Yeah.. so obvious because they are extremely hot too, almost models.

I don't like that ambient. Gay men are really intense and depraved.