I fucked a female horse today

I fucked a female horse today

> be me
> straight (mostly) but horny so download Grindr
> see a guy with a horse on there 9 miles away
> have watched horse porn occasionally with girls and male horses
> fuck it, kind of want to suck a horse cock myself

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no you fucking faggot


kill yourself faggot

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lol for what?

for being faggot

> Ask if he is into horse play
> yes, I have two mares with nice warm pussies
> Hmm, was thinking male horses but this could be interesting
> will prob never get the chance again, fuck it, wya?
> get address and drive over
> go into barn and take off pants
> has a couple crates to stand on behind horse
> pretty nervous, don't want to get kicked in the head and die or something

do you really need an excuse

>literally no one cares
>i'll let every one know what a faggot i am anyway

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Don't listen to this nigger, OP. Keep going.

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>dOnT LiSteN To LiTeRaLlY eVerY OnE heRe

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Go on, OP

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nobody fucking asked to continue your more-than -likely made up story

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> so i stand up there spit on my hand and start getting myself hard
> he gives me some ginger powder
> says lick your finger get it it wet and put ginger in the pussy
> makes their pussies spasm
> okay do it
> horse pussy starts winking or spasming whatever you want to call it
> stick my dick
> holy shit this feels fucking amazing!
> I mean like really fucking good holy shit
> I've fucked a lot of girls before and this is like some of the best pussy I've ever felt
> feels just like a girl but with that winking pussy shit is sooo fucking good
> blow a load in the horse
> guy eats my cream pie out of the horse pussy
> think to myself, damn I am fucked up. . . i ust fucked a horse oh well
> guy says come back any time
probably won't go back but no mad i tried it

Stay mad.

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>blow a load in the horse

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i don't think you understand the word, faggot. no one is mad. just like you can hate faggots with out being PhObIc. kill yourself faggot lover.

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This is the worst greentext I've ever read. Learn how to fake a better life and write better


Let me guess; the horse owner's name was Jeremy.

possibly the most awfully written and fake greentext i ever read

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I mean idc if you believe me. It is pretty unbelievable I suppose. But I did fuck a horse. Like how did I get here in life? Like I fucked a horse man. Life is strange huh?

aight if it's real post proof

I didn't take any pictures man, I don't want that shit getting out, you fucking crazy?

i was more thinking screenshots of the convo you had on grindr you dunce

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