Which ones would u fuck and why

Which ones would u fuck and why

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All of them because I'm a desperate loser

1 and 2, the rest look pretty bad.

4 looks eager to get it

2nd from left with glasses.

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far right or far left

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Far left only

Starting from the left
1- would bang. looks like she steals her moms painkillers and is down to share them if you drive her to 7/11.
2- would bang if drunk. She looks like she’d be noisy and bad at giving head but might let you put it in her ass if you made her feel bad enough.
3- would not bang. Would probably be down to watch me bang #2 though.
4- would bang. Don’t stick ur dick in crazy but girls with five heads like that always put in maximum effort/are down for whatever. Daddy issues are strong with this one.
5- would not bang she looks like a museum tour guide.
6- would bang. She looks like an incest baby but those tots are fire

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yep, would probably write something humiliating on that massive forehead then jazz on her face

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which why and how?

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Back left, she's the hottest, have her ride me.

how about all of em?

more of the 2 ? seems nice

Number 2 looks like a fun fuck

Probably all of them because they would appreciate it and try hard.

my rank: 164253

The one on the far right. Because i am a nazi.

2 and 6, I want to nut on their glasses

3 and 8

i would fuck the one with the biggest penis

Which one ?

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far right has some titties on her


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3 and 4

2nd left, looks like she knows how to fuck

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same choice
white top

I would take 7 and yes she knows

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would gang 3 all day

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I'd rather ask if they have any younger sisters. I don't care if they'd fuck me, I wouldn't ask

3 and 4 just for those titties

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nice think she could take a gangfucking

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now that would be a fun 3some

None because fuck off B

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Not even ashamed of saying this, but i would go full fucking deprived rapist, and either beat my cock up their babymaker, or beat my fist up their face.

God damn nigga, bitches be hot.

Number 1. Clearly hot while the others are meh.

would band either mid or left, but I want the other one to watch and enjoy, they seem to be pretty close to each other

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second from the left has that dorky/nerdy look that you could likely convince her to do anything

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middle one

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I'm a rapist now.

You are

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well that was slightly less than expected.

Either way, those fine ladies got me diamond, and i'd even go as far as to tie one if not all of them up, and let a donkey go to town on their innocence.

>well that was slightly less than expected.
Sorry about that, i send the best i have

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who would you and how?

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Center for the best ass

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Right for sure, moar?

Hard to tell from here, but whichever one has the smallest tits.


don't have much
she's in the middle here

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Girl on the right looks like she'd be a fun facefuck

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She mexican or something? Nice tits on her for sure!

not at all, French

None because i'm a loser and i will die alone

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Left does anal, right gives mad head.

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because im not a desperate loser.
i have options and all these girls are far below my last 4gfs

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Definitely middle

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I will take left up on that anal

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girl on the right, love me some chubby teens

what about these sisters?

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Left and middle at the same time.

Middle looks fun. Here's more of the slut on the right

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Part of me says left but part of me says right too.

The one on the left with glasses

1,2,6 all have decent sized boobs, 4 is half decent looking, 3 & 5 I'm not seeing anything I like.

2nd from right, but only upon confirmation that her tits are as small as they appear in that photo.

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Whoever drew the one on the left doesn't understand how anatomy works.

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Which chubby nurse?

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Any of them but only up the ass

2nd from left. she looks Jewy.... yum.

>jazz on her face
Oh yeah, skibiddy be bop all over


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None of the above. You got some fugly sisters nigga

None of them but if I had to the one in the back
White girls are so unattractive

2, cute face and nice tits
1, she reminds me of a coworker

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bottom left and middle top row could work at a haunted house together