What happens after death

what happens after death

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Permanent dmt trip possibly or you go into another dimension

Rotting mostly.
A burial if lucky.

Eternal, infinite non-existence unfathomable to the living.

Shit I don't know. You wake up in the back of a wagon or you wake up somewhere in Sup Forums purgatory.

till you realize that for centuries upon centuries the people in power have been embalming us so we can't reach this "dmt after life" by chemically curing our brains

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Wake up with your family and friends standing around you. Jesus and Mary too.

Nothing. We left people that remember us certain amount of time.

>imagine being so ignorantly certain about something you can't possibly be certain of

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Same thing as before birth.

All evidence points to that being the case. "You" are basically an illusion generated by your meat brain. When it goes, you go.

the real life begins

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Hopefully you come back as a DJ

yea except there is evidence of brain activity after death soooooooooooooooooooooo, you're wrong. furthermore how can you have EvIdeNce (besides you clearly not having a clue about brain activity after death) if you are dead? not like the dead can talk to us to provide evidence one way or the other.

same thing that happens before you were born

No the user you’re replying to but do you have sauce on brain activity after death? Wouldn’t it only be for a short time as the brain shuts down? What about a shotgun blast to the face?

I’ve always been interested in the whole dmt thing but I feel like if it is true then people who get head shotted would not have an afterlife? Do they just cease to exist?

I’ve been thinking about death for a few months again so I’ve been dying to talk about it. My gf looked horrified when I brought up dying and how I think about being dead a lot so I don’t bring it up anymore lol

aw shit nibba yous could of be right

it do sound like bullcrap but i done believin it

What about cremation?

i can't do all your research for you on the topic. it's something that i thought was common knowledge. it's no doubt not for long but the fact it exists after death for any period of time proves there is more going on than we know. i've been curious about brain destruction as well but if you've read anything by rupert sheldrake you can gather your own ideas on consciousness and potential theories for what happens.
i have lots of crazy theories
see the top paragraph of this post. if you believe what rupert says, memory isn't physically stored in the brain. he can break down why far better than i could in a few posts where any one is going to say
>HuiRrR yOuR WronG BeCuz aThEiSm

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Consciousness cannot die. You live on learning more about life.

When you are clinicly dead, all the cells in your body don't instantaneously die. That brain activity continues for a while is in no way a refutation.

if i were to speak on a personal opinion only, i think death is like the caterpillar to the butterfly. our consciousness leaves the cocoon and into the next level of existence. potentially disrupted by a lifetime of consuming fluoride and then chemical curing after death.

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whatever you want to tell yourself to continue believing in your depression and anxiety riddled atheistic lifestyle, friend
>imagine using this excuse when finding life on other planets is down to bacteria alone but brain activity doesn't construe something happening after death we don't fully understand

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>what happens after death
Read Dolores Cannon for the answer
(or just watch her vids)

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Who said I was depressed or had anxiety?
>brain activity doesn't construe something happening after death we don't fully understand
It literally doesn't.

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The biggest fear of mankind isnt hell or purgatory.

Its Nothing.
Just immagine you dying and never ever again seeing something of feeling or thinking. You just vanish.


whatever retard. you're a waste of breath when it comes to debating with. go back to fapping over cuck threads like all the other atheist scum

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That's literally nothing to be afraid of.

Not an argument.

Are you not afraid of not seeing the future? No sex ever again, no gf, no delicious meal, no good laugh, no interestimg things.

neither is believing brain activity after death is insignificant you shit for brains. what part of you're too retarded to debate with don't you understand, kid?

The grey rain curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it... white shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise.

No. Why would I be?

Not an argument.

That makes no sense. The brain is more intact if it's preserved, what can a rotting or rotted brain possibly do except turn to liquid?

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I took off my showerhead and stuck the hose up my butt because I thought it'd feel good. It didn't. It made my bowels ache and I keep shitting out poo-ey water for the rest of the day. I pretty much gave myself a free enema.

>my theory makes sense if i disregard all evidence to the contrary

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>preserving something makes it better
do you think preserved food is better than fresh food or are you literally retarded?

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You haven't provided any evidence to the contrary.

I came close to popping myself in my head. This was a long ass time ago.

I'd been depressed for a long ass time, in and out of hospitals... the kind where they lock you in and make you sleeve with kevlar sheets... That was basically my entire 20's... failed suicide attempts/threats followed by treatment, incurred medical debts, long periods of recovery followed by relapse. I never "committed" to the act of self termination because I always had these fleeting thoughts like "I'll never get to hear my favorite song again" "I'll never kiss my boyfriend again" or "I'll never know what the weather is like next weekend." Like they say, I didn't want to die I was just tired of feeling how I did. There were clearly things I looked forward too in life, and things I had to live for.

Things finally started to recover for me in my early 30's. Good job, actively dating, moved into a nicer apartment. And then I was cheated on. I feel back into depression. My work performance started to suffer and I eventually stopped going in. I'd think "why work when I'm going to kill myself soon?". Finally it was made official; I lost my job. That was it. I took my last cash out of my bank account, bought a gun, went back to the apartment I had to move out of within a week and placed the thing in my mouth. Unlike pills or cutting, I knew this one would get the job done. This was "It" you know?

And I didn't have those thoughts... of the things I'd miss. I was fine, I felt like I had a real way out and nothing to worry about anymore. I don't have any god damn idea what happens after death, nobody does... but something in that moment made me realize life was worth living... because there is no desire or hope or want on the other side. There's no pain, sure. But there is nothing to hope for either.

Take life one day at a time. Learn to forgive yourself when you mess up, because you will. And don't worry about death, because it'll be there waiting for ALL of us, in the end.

Just fuck already
>im on Sup Forums for porn not this pseudo intellectual bullshit

You install gentoo.

Death scares the shit out of you, doesn't it? Don't like the idea of eternal darkness, do you?

if you die you will know

>Wake up with your family and friends standing around you.

"Fuck. You guys aren't DEAD yet."


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You missed the point, retard.
Brains don't stay fresh. Would you rather have strawberry preserves or rotten strawberries?

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Life goes on without you. You might even get remembered occasionally.

I mean, scientifically speaking. information cannot be destroyed only transferred so you could hypothetically say that all your thoughts and memories go somewhere else.
I dont think it means there is an afterlife though.

I think your own death is unfathomable. There is no blackness after death because there is no longer a mind to comprehend what such a thing is neither is there any thoughts, feeling or memories of the life you once had. You wouldn't know you were dead and you wouldn't know you have ever lived.