Bröther plez giv oats

bröther plez giv oats

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no oats for the oatless bruther

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oats give us meaning. do not despair brother. for the oats have always been plenty. but the oatless will perish under the sun.

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brother pass me some of dem oats. watchu lookin at white boi?

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this thread is pretty autistic, but it's not p*rn, so I guess ill bump it


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Nowadays all you see here is cuck, should not share, trap, ylyl cut head off edition. It's pretty sad, actually.

amen, brother

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these are OUR oats.

Happy little öats

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oh hell na brother fuck of wit dat phoney ass no oats havin foreign language speaking stupid ass fuckery

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dumb nigger

ah hell na you aint yo punk ass aint callin me no nigger thats fo got daium sho. I will bitecho ass ya heard me

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this may or may not be an actual pig btw

you keep on yappin that ugly ass pink mouth and you gon gets it. ya heard me. you gon gets it. pussy ass pigglet muffler

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I'm coming to your pigpen tonight.

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is wife hungry?

Sorry brother, I've already begun eating the oats.

That's a sheep you mong

Let dead memes lay to rest brother for we can no longer dwell in the past and we require to live our lives through the future brother.

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Dead meme > Retarded porn on /b

This will happen to everyone who puts that racist shit on ma pigpens lawn.

Im launching a missile up your ass tonight.

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