Is there any point in living?

Is there any point in living?

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the picture you posted

A lot of people fall into the trap of using nihilism to justify laziness, don't fall into that trap user, you can't expect life's purpose to be served to you on a silver platter, some people do, but not everyone, and for those that don't they just have to give their life purpose, even if it's something as simple as just enjoying the short time you have here, so try to enjoy life, even if it feels overbaring at times.

no, but it's over before you know it

This, but just because nihilism is used that way doesnt mean that's how it should be used/can't be a positive thing.

I'm a nihilist. Life is overall meaningless. That's just how it is. But why by a faggot about it? Make life whatever you want it to be, because the WORST thing that can possibly happen is you die... which was always gonna happen anyways.

tl;dr live slow die whenever, don't be a depressed faggot about everything

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I think the best thing to happen is dying. There are a lot of things to make you wish you were dead. In your case it's life itself or is it?

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Nope. There’s literally no point in anything. You assign meaning to things, hence you control whether or not there is a point and whether or not it’s worth it.

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Same to an extent, I've been fairly nihilstic myself but I've never really let it shake my core values or my reason to live, and that being that I simply enjoy living and enjoy the company of those I care for and love, but I've always viewed it better than being assigned some sort of arbitrary meaning via religion or some other dumb shit, I would rather be nihilistic and free to live my life how I please, instead of being bound to worship some diety I can't even be sure exists or something.


In the grand scheme of things no. But I enjoy my life because I've worked very hard for it. So even though I know it will all be dust in the wind eventually it doesn't stop me from having fun. Also I'm really excited to see what happens in my lifetime world wise, even though with the way things are going it may not be a positive! Sorry if you're feeling upset right now OP, good luck with everything.

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Do heroin

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You don't have a choice anyway...

Having fun and being happy. Maximize the happiness lower the sadness.

Probably the worst advice you can give to sad depressed people and shit.

"if ur sad just be happy lol"

You asked me for the meaning of life. If you're depressed your goal is to stop being depressed by seeking help and therefore increase your happiness in the long run. I never said just be happy lolxD.

What's your qualification talking on the matter?

Being alive. What the fuck are you talking about? I'm schizoaffective and even I realize I need to be happy. Being in a hole feels like shit, I don't want to feel like shit.
Seriously what stupid question is that, what is YOUR qualification on talking about meaning of life?

Not OP, also that advice isn't worth shit because you have no means as to how he can achieve happiness, and any advice you can give won't be worth much either because it's a subjective issue.

Don't give up chunkey monkey

It's not. Happiness is subjective and he should pursue it as long as he doesn't harm others.
It depends on morality.

I am god, hello :)

We really have become a base society.

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I don't have an issue with actually trying to pursue happiness so I don't necessarily disagree but within this context, that type of advice is never really helpful, even if you don't mean it a certain way it's very easy to, especially for somebody in that sort of state of mind, easy to misinterpret it as "just be happy"

There was no advice, the question was: ''What is the point in living?'' The answer was maximize your happiness. It proposes that the person asking the question is of sound mind.
My advice was seeking help, from a psychologist or of there's a bigger issue at hand psychiatrist. It's not the best, and both are in infancy. But it's the best chance you have to have a happy life. And my qualification is being someone that actually is mentally ill, and taking therapy.

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Fair enough, I'll stop complaining about it then, also I wasn't the one talking about your "qualification" or whatever on the subject, everyone here is just as qualified as eachother presumably, unless there's like an actual therapist or psychologist in the thread rn

No prob Sup Forumsro.

But why would you trust therapist and psychologist?

From experience many can be bad. But that doesn't mean you should give up. Might sound egotistical but it's your well being that should be first in the end, you have to want to be happy. I've had bad experiences but sooner or later you can find people that care, it same as any other person in life.
It's not perfect as I said. But don't be afraid to ditch a psychologist if you dislike them, in the end it's a buisness and your word should be law, making sure you communicate is also vital, taking theraphy can be obnoxious as your body needs time to adjust, making first weeks hell.

Communicate as in. If the therapy is not working out for you or has bad side effects you should tell them right away. I'm talking from a perspective of a mentally ill person. If you only need counseling it makes it a bit easier. But basically same rules apply, if you find them bad, ditch them.

Sure, but in the end you accept an opinon about yourself from someone else. And if you select your shrink you select the opinon you want, kinda a..