Tribs you've saved. Anyone have more of pic related

Tribs you've saved. Anyone have more of pic related

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Kik darkzahn for gf swap and tribute swap

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Please post more MONSTERS

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Not my girl but oml that cock

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Nice to see my trib posted!

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More of this girl? God damn

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Here s this

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Reverse image search comes up as 'sausage'. Kek

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Anyone saving any of these?

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Best cuck caption right there.
And technically it is a sausage kek

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If anyone is doing tribs kik johndough987 i have nudes for ppl who trib my girl

looking for someone to tribute my girl. jacksrevenge7 on kik

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Shes cute af. Wonder is she looks that good irl

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gg/QFKGEE go joinnn

Anymore gifs?

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Who got more of this slut?

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Bump. Requesting more BBC for girls pls

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Not him but yeah

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>See my new chan-board imageboard. (daily updated) Hope you like it.

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boomitsmaia nice

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love this one of my ex gf

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She's great

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What do you guys do with these "tributes"? Send them to the girl in question to freak them out?

We send them to your mother.

Did that strike a nerve? I'm genuinely curious.

Some do that. Other jerk off to them.

So like a virtual cuckold?

how do you convert mp4 to webm?I found out that diesel did a cum tribute on a discord and want to share with you all cause I know I been asking for a cum tribute video from him for a while and finally he did just one

Tl;dr diesel did a cum tribute video I wanna turn it into a webm

Jerk off?

You spraypaint your cock gold?

In some ways. I think it's a bit more complicated than that.
It's hot to see that a girl you like turns on other guys, too. Especially relevant if it's your partner/ex.
Then there's the fact that it's humiliating to the girl. Makes her seem more attainable I guess.
And some dudes are bi or gay, like seeing cocks.
Tweak the settings so it's under 2mb and you're great.

Interesting. Thanks for expanding on the subject. I guess the only thing that would ever interest me would be to send like a hundred cock tributes of the same girl (different cocks, maybe different photos too) and see the look of horror on her face. I wouldn't want to do it to my GF and at the same time it wouldn't be very fun to do it to a stranger. Maybe like a close friend or colleague but then I would also have to do it anonymously.