I got a mouse. Has anybody a proven way to catch it using household items like plastic bottles/canisters, etc?

I got a mouse. Has anybody a proven way to catch it using household items like plastic bottles/canisters, etc?

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Just kill it with a mouse trap or something, hopefully you're not one of those maniacs who just torture rats...

I don't have one. And I don't wanna leave the house.

A bucket of water, then put a thin plank or something for it to walk up on, put some smelly food or something on the end. When the mouse walks up on the plank for the food it will tip over and its stuck in the bucket. Empty bucket outside.

Get a cat. The cat will kill the mouse. You don't even have to go buy a cat, go find a stray, let it kill the mouse, then release it back into the streets. Or keep it. Your call

I chased a mouse around once and then jumped on it, squashing it under my big boy body. Good times.

there's that bucket mouse trap thing, you might be able to make it at home. essentially a bucket with water, and a balanced plank on top of it with food on the middle. Mousie goes for the food, tips the plank, and falls in the water. You could also not add the water if you want to keep it, mouses are cute as fuck.

Put a dab of peanut butter inside one end of an empty paper towel tube. Balance it on the edge of a counter, with and empty trash bin underneath. Overnight, the mouse should go for the peanut butter and fall in the bin. No need to kill the mouse just bring it outside

This sounds exhausting. But also effective. How do I get it to come out?

This, or use an empty tall bin or container. Has to be tall, balance the stick so it goes along and tips in.
also banana works best

Dunno, I just saw it walking around and began the chase.

OP here. Killing is an option while leaving it alive is preferred. I'd like me a little friend.

fivegallonideas.com/bucket-mouse-trap/ here u go, it should be pretty easy to make with shit you have at home.

Has anyone ever tried this? Does it work?

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OP here - okay good plan, firrst though how do I catch a stray cat?

Can of tuna.

That looks promising, woll try it tomorrow. I need to buy a fucking bucket.

Are You sure, that it is an ordinary mouse?

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Do the same as with spiders
Set your house on fire its the only way to get rid of them

Give it food. It might not want to leave after you feed it though. But at least you'll get a pet out of the ordeal and it'll kill the mouse

all these retards saying "oh you dont hvae to kill the mouse"
retard alert
torturing and subsequently eating the mouse is the best part about having an infestation of the bitches

put cheese down and wait then throw a net on him CRIKEY! I DONE CAUGHT ME A FACKIN RODENT BOOOOAAAAAHH