I’m getting bored of no trolling recently, so Sup Forums what should we do?

I’m getting bored of no trolling recently, so Sup Forums what should we do?

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Neutralize the JIDF and Soros' business


Let's troll OP's shitty thread. Fuck you OP.


Fuck off

isn't there some libtard doing some libtard shit out there at this exact moment

I am so fucking confused

Sup Forums is dead
porn has ruined it
you can't even come up with a good troll
i'm just gonna hang myself now

numbers say this guy needs a hug

Yeah but bant told me to come here :(

I heard OP likes to go out to dinner and NOT pay. You didn't hear it from me.

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its been just porn for a while now sadly

lets get this guy srsly

We should get pedophelia officially recognized as a sexuality.


I dunno. Pick some person/brand/organization and let's fuck with them

I don't really care who

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Offer fetus meat
(because it's not a real baby)

looks good
lets call him a fag in comments

Fuck up KickVic and ISWV on Twitter.
Derail everything.
Destroy everyone.

thread them: youtube.com/watch?v=god7hAPv8f0

Fill up your bookmarks toolbar with weird shit, and post a screenshot to reddit asking for basic technical support

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let's get this sleeping war machine fired up again boys

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Lmao that sounds sweet, like fill your bookmarks with hitler shit and why niggers and females are subhuman and watch reddit fucking go ape shit over it.

Make the laughing crying emoji somehow racist so liberals cry about it

>posting on R*dd*t
Get out now.

If Sup Forums spams Sup Forums with something, Sup Forums will raid Sup Forums.
After we poke the beehive we sit back and watch the fireworks



there was a thread the other day about trying to make the raisin brand sun a hate symbol

poke a beehive and let the bees attack another beehive

Hey,lets become the new, old Sup Forums


Spam a tiddy streamer til she goes offline?

does that imply creating accounts or paying for logging in?

Creating free accounts on twitch?

the problem is Sup Forums is so shit now the 99% of people with high enough IQs to create some sort of fun troll aren't here anymore. whatever happens ITT is going to be highly autistic and cringe

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Spam porn at a random school's Twitter (if one exists)
One of them is bound to have a Twitter feed for itself?

creating accounts with temp mail

Demand that the US army acknowledge us as the 5th branch of the military
Land, Air, Sea, Space and Internet

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>giving your e-mail
I pass

>temp mail

Tumblr is ass, lets see some high quality autism again

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ah fellow oldfag. very based. I'm still here though. here's what we do:

>everybody join libtard fb group
>make a discord
>get enough anons in that we out number libtards
>start advocating violence and racism
>fb group gets shut town
>take that plebs

We used to do shit like all the time.

You can create temporary disposable email accounts
Google it man

I like it

How do we even make such demand? Flooding their e-mail? It's the military.

lol. Just got one

leave the army alone

JFC that's a lot of edits. How hard can it be to talk into a camera without awkward pauses every 2 seconds?

Show me your triforce, oldfag. If you are who you say you are, that is.

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this is based, they hate commies just as much as we do. We gotta find an user whos dad is part of the brass.

We should, Area 51 already happened

So. What?

The police then.

If we all call our local senators theyd either get tired of the calls or give in. If enough people take part then they might actually take it seriously

I like this:
Sup Forumstards will spam the porn threads

VSCO is this new app that white girls use, flood the feeds with plastic straws porn etc. we can give them a good ole Sup Forums welcome into the world

question is, where did all these big brain edgelords go
it's a desert out there

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Petition is easier. Does change.org actually do anything?

I've been here a long time user, seen many things

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theres a real shitty discord I know that'll have a shit fit if you talk about Avon shampoo in there. They're also really stupid, and tried to find out where I lived but they fucked it up really bad.

>plastic straws porn

I like it

Plastic straws and porn my bad

> I was wondering if you'd be interested in supporting making the internet the 5th branch of the military?
> What?
> We got the space force coming, I feel there should be a force dedicated to combating the internet, so can I count on your vote?

Jail, grew up, or different chans and imageboards

yah that's based. let's do it

Mojang has an internet poll for the name of their new pig mob. Wanna get it named nigger or hitler or something?

I'm in, that will at least piss off the pornfags


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I'd call it "The cyberspace branch" or something normie like that
Those camofags need it to sound all gangster

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Pls do

I just saw their layout and model, pretty clean. Seems like corrupting a baby.

We tried that yesterday with pigger but we failed

What if we made certain annoying abbreviations "racist"
LMFAO now stands for "Lynching My Faggots And Orphans" or something along those lines

It's on my old machine nigger. don't feel like walking to the garage

THIS. LET'S DO THIS FIRST. My idea of Sup Forums is good, but this better.
Post links?

Post link.

It's either this or VSCO thing.

I agree with the guy who said VSCO, everyone make an account and flood that shit with AIDS

Also we’ll need a discord or something to organise it

they went deeper... away from this attention grabbing hive



I can work on a Discord for the VSCO, I came up with it

yeah,but they never actually raided it though,the basement dwelling neckbeard who created the event pussied out and just make it some stupid festival or something

Alright I'll make a shared account on VSCO, then we'll go to town.

Let's do the Mojang thing first. it'll take less time, probably.

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but where though?

link pls

Raiders need a discreet War room to plan. Eyes everywhere on this site

keep us updated that was a good idea

We need someone to make a discord.

Mojang link when??

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Mojang link. Or we go straight for VSCO.

Nothing in the discord yet. But here's a link if people are crying for one

discord: mEm2QD

I think we make the vsco discord now, get a decent number of people in it, go after Mojang first and then once we have enough people in the discord we go after vsco

I think i found it: