Is there still hope for me?

is there still hope for me?

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there you go. Do it

Should've auditioned to be an extra on The Big Bang Theory.

yes. kys and reroll

You need to bang a chick with a huge chin.

Of course, with all the shmeckles your hiding in your nose, you can buy all the pussy in the world, Shalom...

Yes start working out you got the benefit of being skinny people like skinny people more than fat people putting a little bit of muscle on will straight up boost your confidence to

You could become a superhero, birdboy.

Fuckin lol

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Sure Mr chin

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i kek’d

Chin augmentation is cheap, do that before the nose job

In order for there to "still" be hope, there had to BE some hope in the first place. You never had any. So I'm not sure I understand the question.

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yes, just dont ever show yourself in profile ever again. and push out that chin.

Maybe, with massive surgery. Don't breed though, it would be a dick move.

Yeah you are looking better than other dudes. Try to push your chin to the front more frequently and you will get used to it. Trust me it will look better. Maybe lose the glasses and get a cooler haircut thats it.

yes man, groe a bear

at least you are not a nigger

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Yeah, with surgery they can give u a chin and reduce ur nose

Maybe with a good ol time reset.

Maybe they can take out all that from your nose and put it in your chin? idk


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You could be in the duck tales movie as this guy

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new hair cut. Look up how to make your chin better using the tongue placement techniques or whatever.

Smells like summer in here lads

how the fuck you fold towels

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I am one who does not have a good face.
Here's an observation:
How is it that in this so very politically Correct
society of late, people with all sorts of disabilities and disadvantages
get so much help from local concerns to government grants and so on.

BUT: What if your ugly and cannot go outside cannot socialise?
Nothing for you buddy, nothing at all.
This here is one fellow who has lived more than 70 years and had to put up with it.

Take heart, you are not alone.

>is there still hope for me?
Yes, you're looking at probably $15,000 minimum for jaw adjustments and a nose job. After that, put on 20 pounds more body weight and you will look typical

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Its about confidence you faggot. If you care about it, others will too. If you don't giveafuck about it, learn to talk shit right back at anybody who woudl talk shit to you, and get strong physically so you can destroy people who would threaten you....

own it, don't be a bitch, don't be a fagot. be confident.

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if you correct your overbite you'll look massively better. see an orthodontist. You won't be 100%, you'd need some of the surgery's other mentioned. but you'd probably be satisfied.

jaw surgery, you have more overbite than a simpsons character