Anyone from incels dot co around here?

Anyone from incels dot co around here?
I need to ask a few questions

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Why don’t you fuck back off to reddit?

fuck leddit and fuck you nigger. I need someone currently registered at incels co


what do you want normalnigger OP?

I need your wisdom.
Do you have a kik account?

im not getting on kik with you. even if you suck my cock

Why not?
I won't do anything :(

what do you want reddit fag? fucking die niggerbag. Can't stand people like you.

If you wanna show me your tits you can do it in this thread. Otherwise im not interested in talking over voice or video.

loling at this ded srs just post the questions you autist

You guys are assuming so many things though.

Fine. I was wondering about this site for a while, and wanted to know your opinion about it.
Is this the ultimate way of slut shaming?

Never heard of that site but I'm an Incel. I'll answer a couple questions if you got any.


i ain't clicking that shit lmao

Post a picture of yourself and maybe I can give advice?

Are you socially awkward? Anxiety ridden when talking to strangers?

Good trips.
Bad troll.

site is down for me

I don't want advice lol. I was just gonna answer ops question.


Alright then, fuck you faggot. Hope you die a pathetic virgin.

OP here, thanks kind user. I just want to know what do you think of exposing a girl like that.
I looked around a bit and found out she cheated on her boyfriend, but that's as far as I got.

Fine by me

This is not me tf get out.


That's odd.


>thanks kind user
thanks for the gold kind stranger. kys already reddit faggot.

How many women owe you sex because you're a nice intellectual?

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It would be interesting to see that site posted on incels/dot/com. Wonder how they would react. It’s probably just gonna start a fire tho

Just your mom

I bet you watch reddit commentary channels, die

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whats a reddit commentary chanel? you too die

This is why you’ll stay virgins forever

OP here, I’ll leave my kik anyways


Please sort out your life. No one is perfect when it comes to relationships. Girls are not these complex puzzles and you will find they can connect with you if you put those thoughts in the back of your head and they are not a prize. Grow the fuck up you are putting yourself through unneeded stress and get your ass to therapy

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What the hell is this supposed to mean?
I think you got lost on your way to reddit