Inbred Redneck Trailer Trash Cracker Hate Thread

Inbred Redneck Trailer Trash Cracker Hate Thread

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That looks comfy

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fucking your sister/cousin is comfy?

They're not even Americans.

ask your mom.

Hahaha wtf euro air rifle trash is this shit!??

I'd still fuck that bitch before a nigger.

this is kinda comfy

What country does such a dumb photoshoot. It has to European or Canadian.
>air guns

In niggerspeak, you simply declared you're a heterosexual male.

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>Inbred Redneck Trailer Trash Cracker

Funny - since 2016 that photo sums up what the world thinks of the whole USA.

>Hate Thread
Begone nigger

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You and your D&D group don't constitute the whole world

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shes hot

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Not bad minus the trashy tats and dixie flag.

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Yeah, that's how it goes.

You try to discuss an actual topic, then a Trumpard attacks your personal character- which is not relevant.

I went to this high school. Anderson County High School. Clinton, TN. Graduated years and years earlier though.

God bless America never stop fighting for our rights to do what we want

Trips don't lie. It sucks though, most Americans aren't inbreds lacking a cerebral cortex.


I'm a lefty retard

>posting clips of fights he didn't participate in where it's either constantly cherry picked white guys or black guys winning
This time it's white guys. Tiresome threads, really.
Glad others noticed how odd that was. If a good ol' boy were to pick a long gun to pose on camera with, it'd be one of the following:
>deer rifle
>AR (or SKS)
Checked. I've shown respect and recieved it when I've been out of the US, and personally don't think average people don't stereotype other nations/people as much as we think.

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God damn son you got burned

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no homo bruh

Haha nice bait nigger. Americans are nearly as inbred as niggers and Muslims, don’t you remember that movie Precious? And those whites still have more culture than u

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Clampers don't care what you think, you're just a target to them. The evolutionary remnants of modern white people aren't the pudgy, book-reading snobs you'd expect, that's the Victorian age being over-represented in our art and literature. The evolutionary remnants of modern white people were and are axe-wielding psychopaths who wildly vacillate between hedonism and unquestioning service to cruel gods that's demands are tantamount to a lifetime of military service, though the vestige's military format looks something more like a smattering of angry raiding parties.

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>See my new chan-board imageboard. (daily updated) Hope you like it.

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you just know some soiboi found that stamp on the twenties he got from cashing his welfare check, got so triggered that he couldn't apply for a job, then spent a month hunting for a different bill with the same stamp

Word of advice pick a picture that atleast lolis believable the stock on the rifle both of they boots his jacket it all screams staged

you gotta do what you gotta do
when you didn't bring a rope with you

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That trash photoshop tho

That's fucking hilarious considering left leaning journalists will literally dig up 8 year old jokes on Twitter to slander someone raising money for charity or that the lefts entire strategy is calling the other side racist like that's fucking irony lmao

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>that projection

Well whites are superior, they must have a nigger problem in their town and have the right to express it

lame false flag

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Ar15 or sks no the others however yes ar15 is seen more as a prissy gun that shoots a weak ass cartridge it's basically the opposite of what white trash likes and sks is "commie garbage" idk where you got that assumption but in my experience just no lmao though I will say there are some that love the sks and ak though never met white trash that loves an ar15 they always claim its unreliable and a pussy rifle when in reality it can be more reliable than an ak and yea the 223/556 is a glorified varmint cartridge

That is awful photo shopping the trump shit is is flat as is the guys "make america fun again" the most passable thing is the swatzika and it if you actually look at it instead of glancing over is painfully fake aswell like how desperate do you have to be to repost a picture that is such an obvious photoshop

Other angle

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no u

Actually the is have you ever seen a BLM or antifa peaceful protest? People get beaten to death and hospitalized for being white

I'm confused Shaun king is white like I'm Irish and we have the same skin tone

Found the "Inbred Redneck Trailer Trash Cracker"

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Nice larp, trumpfag

Try again, loser.

No we didn’t. We had a war to kick nip ass and then when we were done with that we curb stomped Europe so the commies wouldn’t take over. The only ones who make a big deal about nazis are jews who have to bring up muh holocaust every day. As a nation we literally had little to nothing to do with that but for some reason people have to guilt trip us for something that happened on the other side of the globe between two groups of people who weren’t even our own citizens.

Honestly they look like they're living healthier then most suburban or urban cucks tbh

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Go back to school redneck. You clearly missed a couple of classes.

>niggers are inbred, I saw a movie
Mart status:

>but for some reason people have to guilt trip us
They do?

That looks like some kind of custom olympic biathlon target rifle.

God I hate white people like that aka ones who voted for the orange traitor.

Ya. Why should Americans give a shit about the holocaust? Why not the Armenian genocide? Why not the Rawandan genocide? There are so many why do we have to ship our kids to museums specifically for the holocaust and try to guilt them for something that they never had any part of?

beyond fake. neither looks like a redneck I know i am one. op go suck a nigger cock and fuck off.

you mean Rebel flag fag


Rednecks don't drink Bacardi. Try again.

also the flag that makes snowflakes melt

Mmm it's a Tash Dixie flag my guy.

No fucking shit. All we're doing is posting trashy people, calm the fuck down, Sup Forums.

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Fake picture but

Redneck might be "low class" but he's also the type to split his last beer with you. But more importantly, most rednecks are who they are. You piss of a redneck he'll let you know. Rednecks don't pretend to be your pal and then knife you in the back. If a redneck intends to knife you he'll at least look you in the eyes.

This picture is from the Netherlands. The yellow sign in the top right corner is in Dutch

lol, go away

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Her tat is in English...

I've always wondered about incest downs south, but not in the way the popular narrative would suggest. With the urban ghetto and rural "delta-ish" regions of the country being largely closed off from a socio-economic viewpoint, combined with the prevalence of single motherhood and illegitimacy in the black community, how many blacks are accidentally fucking their half siblings (and certainly their more distant relatives) without knowing it?

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south paw, geezo

You havn't seen my sister have you?

boy kept standing up, might not have been a good idea, but he kept getting up

nice 2011 meme

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I get what you mean. A lot of the old rumors from Vietnam era on the AR platform. Also threw in .45 on accident on the list, forgot I'd said long gun. I've seen a lot of bubba types with SKS rifles and after market stocks/magazines. Especially when they were dirt cheap, which between that and ammo costs I think was part of it.

>bud light

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What's your beer of choice?

Dear world, Dear Bananas, how about fucking join our childporn discord ?\invite\FVSTHH3

bud heavy

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Dear world, Dear Bananas, how about fucking join our childporn discord ?\invite\FVSTHH3

Dear world, Dear Bananas, how about fucking join our childporn discord ?\invite\FVSTHH3

Dear world, Dear Bananas, how about fucking join our childporn discord ?\invite\FVSTHH3