What President was in office when you were born?

What President was in office when you were born?
>George H. W. Bush
If you're old enough, what Presidents/Presidential candidates did you vote for and why?
>Mitt Romney
>Gary Johnson
I would have voted Obama for his first term, but I was only 17 at the time. I had a change in ideology by his second campaign. I didn't hate Romney, but I really didn't like Obama's policies. I didn't care for either candidate in 2016, so I picked someone that campaigned on several things I agreed with even though he is arguably an idiot.

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Bumping with shit until thread either picks up or I realize I chose a stupid thread to make.

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>What President was in office when you were born?
>what Presidents/Presidential candidates did you vote for and why?
because fuck you that's why

What made you switch between party lines during the last election?


I actually got to meet this one when I was stationed at Carson around 2017. Pretty nice dude face to face

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Became disillusioned with the system. There was little actual difference between Obama and Bush, other than the slant of the media reporting on it. I'll vote for Charlie Sheen in 2024 if he decides to run

Thanks for the bump!

Not American but I was born in 93...i wanna say... Clinton? Or Bush Jr.

One of my buddies voted for Vermin Supreme for the same reason. He hates all politicians. I believe Harambe got around 10,000 votes as well.

>What President was in office when you were born?


>If you're old enough, what Presidents/Presidential candidates did you vote for and why?

I've never voted. I refuse to fall for the Jewish trap.

Mr. Supreme for reference.

Depending on your birthday, it could have been either.

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Carter, 1979

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Even though you haven't voted, are you registered? Local elections are what really change your day to day life as far as county taxes, roads and other local matters. I find these elections to be more entertaining and beneficial than the Presidency.

We have the Monster Raving Looney party in the UK for exactly the same reason

Truman was in. The first person I voted for president was Shirley Chisholm in 1972.

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Trump. I am a toddler. Hello.

I've a registered Libertarian.

Old Jimmy. A really soft spoken man. Kind of interesting that he beat the incumbent and then lost as the incumbent

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Shit. May 93. Who then

JFK, he was assassinated a few months later.

I love that the UL has so many parties that are actually recognized. We have many in the US, but it's rare to see anything other than red, blue, or a green party every now and then. Pic related is the green party leader. She hard to look at.

You're old as fuck. Who did you vote for most recently?

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It was bush

Usually the younger voter leans democratic. What makes you different?

I registered Republican for my first election, but that was just a formality even at the time. I used to like the Libertarian party, but they drop the ball more often than not.

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I'm bad at math, but I believe it was Bill Clinton.

Another older user. I'm surprised. Seems like his whole family was destined to die young. I wonder what the Vietnam situation would have been like had he lived.

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Which one?

>You're old as fuck. Who did you vote for most recently?

I held my nose and voted for H. Clinton for the sake of keeping many social programs stable. I admire her foreign policy experience, but I had difficulties in seeing her as a leader able to forge a consistent policy. I think that the GOP stonewall would be as bad as during Obama's administration.

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Hillary was far too pretentious for me. Her campaign was focused heavily on "I'm not Trump" which didn't really mean anything to me. Also, I was serving during the election and the Benghazi attack weighed heavily on my vote. She had the power to do something and didn't act on it. I couldn't give her my vote.

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>What President was in office when you were born?
Bill Clinton
>If you're old enough, what Presidents/Presidential candidates did you vote for and why?
I refused to vote last election because I didn't like the candidates that ran

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You could have wrote in a canidate or elected not to vote for that on the ballot. There were other major key policies to vote for at the time.

voted for clinton. didn't vote for Bush II. Obama. wrote in Sanders.
didn't want to see another bush in office. hillary is fucken nuts and i want to see an end to political dynasties. Drumpf is a fucken moron, you know why i didn't vote for hillary, that's why i wrote in Sanders...he sucked the least.

Gerald Ford

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Ronald Reagan
None of them, not American

>You could have wrote in a canidate or elected not to vote for that on the ballot. There were other major key policies to vote for at the time.
You're right, but I didn't even bother. Maybe I should've voted for Vermin Supreme instead

>Hillary was far too pretentious for me.
I agree that she was a weak candidate for several reasons you give.

I was in elementary-highschool during the second Bush era. I think I would vote for him now, but I can understand why you wouldn't. Sanders has never impressed me, but I dislike him a lot less than I disliked Hillary for sure.

One of the few Pres and VP combos. A rather short and pointless reign

What do you think of the American Presidential system prior to 2016?

Bush II was a puppet for big oil. i would not vote for him now. he serves his masters, not the american people. the problem with the 2 party system is that voters get a shitty candidate, and one slightly more or less shitty candidate. Ross Perot had it won in the early 90s until he fucked up and addressed the NAACP as 'you people'. i would've voted for him.

The one before the nigger, i barely missed Clinton, at least i lived the glory days of Greece under ΠΑΣΟΚ


Mr. Supreme is a legend.

Democrats were sure being a woman woild get her the nominatiom, but they failed to notice how weak she really was. Democrats have had a hard time picking candidates post Obama.

Honestly, I am more inclined to believe the general understanding that George W. was a man that meant well, but was a big ole dummy. Also, leaving out conspiracy theories, he did have a few major never before seen events happen early in his first term. He was going to be hated no matter what choice he made.

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as a person, he probably meant well. as a politician, he had a job to do. that was let his puppeteers make as much money as possible.

>Bill Clinton

I was born during the Ronnie years.

first guy I voted for was kerry. not because I liked him but because I hated bush and figured if we were going to have an imperialist deep state puppet it may as well have been someone from my state who spoke eloquently. Then I voted for Obama. Though I would have voted for Ron Paul had he won the GOP. I believed Obama. I haven't voted in a general since and I will never believe anyone else again. The country is trash full of LARPers and bureaucracy that is too inefficient to fix anything and too powerful to change by anything other than a collapse or civil war.

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Generally Republican, but voted for Obama the first time.

I get your point, but I think an idiot is an idiot. Theories on what he did behind closed doors are hard for me to believe when he made said such things as pic related. Either way, Cheney sure did come out on top.

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American's post WWII genuinely forgot that the government lies to them on a daily basis. The Vietnam war era reminded us and we haven't forgotten since. I take every president with a grain of salt, but I like to at least vote for someone I hope I won't be too ashamed of in the end. I would have voted Obama if I could have the first time around as well. Most of my signatures on my senior yearbook actually made offhand jokes about how much I supported him (mostly because I was the only Obama supporter in my rural school). He's the reason I chose to register Republican initially, so I was proven yo be an idiot myself. That's why I support local elections more now as you SEE the results of those by how well your town/city is managed under the elected.

Supposedly Sr cried at the inauguration because it wasn't Jeb, as he had wished, but the family fuck-up.

I heard that too. Jeb may have been a better choice, but he is just too unlikable sadly.

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He was a very likable candidate. Couldn't be stopped.

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Johnson...parents were married day after Kennedy was shot. I show up nearly 9 months later.
Voted Reagan/Reagan/Bush/Bush/Dole/Bush/Bush/McCain/Romney/Trump

Dubya was a cool guy, just not fit for a president. Same with trump except he was never cool, just a tv millionaire with a tag line, “you’re fired!” And that thanks to Russia and gullible retards. Even Clinton was and still is cool, dude got oral in the oval and sprayed his jizz all over an intern.

Holy shit you're like my dad's age!

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Carter was president
Voted Dole, skipped a couple voted McCain, Romney, couldnt make myself vote last time.
Will vote Trump 2020

Ronbo was elected the year I was born (1980).
I voted for George W. Bush twice, john McCain, Mitt Romney, and Gary Johnson.

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>If you're old enough
Get the fuck out if not.

Another older user. I'm surprised. Seems like his whole family was destined to die young. I wonder what the Vietnam situation would have been like had he lived.

probably not much different. he didnt have any more answers than LBJ or anyone else, and most of the guys prosecuting the war for JFK stayed with Johnson anyway.

Yang was President when I was born


Didn't vote however, as I'm Australian.

BOB DOLE. What a fucking Legend.

Bill was a fantastic president with charisma to match. He just got caught doing what most males in his position would probably do anyway. Infidelity should not be an impeachable act, in my opinion. But yeah, George was super nice. We thanked each other for our service and I got a picture with him, but it was a very brief meet and greet. Carson is a pretty big post.

Dole again! Hell yeah.

We seem to have a similar voting pattern.

Technically someone can be old enough now to be on here while also not old enough to have voted in the 16 election.

I guess you aren't wrong. They couldn't really predict what their minor involvement would eventually turn into.

Weird troll, but will you be voting Yang?

I didnt vote for any of them because i thought they were great. I vote for who i think will suck less. Unfortunately i think many americans feel this way. There hasnt been a candidate in my voting life that i was excites to vote for. Thats a shitty thing to say, but its the truth.

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I was born when LBJ was still in office, although he had lost the election.
I write in Nixon every 4 years. Have since I was 18. Its, in part, my small protest against the electoral college, but mainly, I havent found anyone who has run to be worth a damn. The Bush's were morons, clinton corrupt, Obama spoke of change, but rarely what he was changing.

You're not alone by a long shot. Unfortunately the system is set up to be a popularity contest mainly decided on by people that don't think beyond sound bites. People who are worthy of the job are people who are going to say what needs to be done rather than say what people want to hear. And those people have no chance to get elected.

I got to vote for bush 2 and then got fucked by that nigger for eight years until i could vote trump. Which i will be doing again.

Getting older has always seemed better than the alternative.