Have you ever cum in a girl’s food before? Who was it? Why’d you do it?

Have you ever cum in a girl’s food before? Who was it? Why’d you do it?

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No, but only because after cumming I completely lose interest in anything sexual. Once it happened I literally wouldn't give a single fuck if she ate it or threw it in the trash.



Yep. Wouldn't care.



lol same, dude

Totally agree. I actually feel kinda gross right after sex most of the time.

This is the only true answer.

Used to babysit my neice and would blow huge loads onto her ice cream while it was sat on the table in front of her.

Yes, I had a girlfriend eat my cum on ice cream. It was hot and I still think about it while masturbating.

lol yup. even tried before. same thing happened.

No, but my mom sold her house to a rich lesbian couple a few months ago, and last time I visited there I left a few wads of cum right on the edge of the wall where they'd seep down and harden into the floorboards beneath the carpet, permanently becoming a part of the house. So it's like they paid a few hundred grand for my cum.

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nope, but i once shot a load into a shampoo bottle of a friends gf

the thought of her massaging my cum with her hands into her hair just got me too hard

>Hey honey, come check this out. Do you see that yellowish stain on the wall? I hope it's not mold!

If they ever DNA test it, you're going straight to prison.

Not in any females food but I have tried ejaculateing on my own food a few times. Not that much different in taste.

cumming isn't against the law you fucking autist

You underestimate my foresight. I placed it strategically so that it would only be discovered if the carpet were torn up, and even so only under very close inspection.

lol thats actually kind of a good point but im sure theres some sort of law against cumming on someone elses drywall


I've cum in my niece's shampoo. And I've also used her dirty panties for masturbating. I've sniffed/licked sucked her dirty panties while masturbating and sometimes finished in the panties and one time put my semen in her shampoo bottle. I've done it with her socks and shoes too.
It would be so great to feed her my cum.

my sister, made some beef and rice with mushroom soup and came in hers, she said it was really good. came on her toothbrush multiple times too

You are the only person in this thread who doesn't agree.

I totally agree.

It was still mine at the time and it wasn't on the drywall.

also came in my roommates(female) soy milk.
came home after wards and there was a cup of it sitting by fridge, she didnt say anything but probably knew, said it tasted weird when we were drinking once

how old is she?

Your mom is still mine and isn't on the drywall.

my sister was...23? at the time, more recent than my roommate,roommate was 18 and i was 19

I did it, bought my wife’s sister a Starbucks drink one day on my way to give her a ride to work, pulled over, dropped a whole load in her drink, then got to watch her drink it on our way to her work, she didn’t hesitate ONCE of course she didn’t know but just to know my cum was inside her now, that night I fucked my wife so hard knowing in one day I’ve had my cum in her and her sister.

Well your face.

Shes 14 now(9 years younger than me). I've been jerking off with her panties for years, probably since she was like 6/7. She's so fucking hot, used to be so much hotter, she's getting old.

Fuck. gg

Fuuuuck that’s hot

god, that makes me so hard right now
any chance of getting a pic of her?

I house/dogsit for them when they go out of town. Niece is a right sloppy bitch, leaves her dirty panties all over bedroom floor. I go up there, get naked and sniff all her dirty panties and rub my dick on them(and bras now, she doesn't really need them because she doesn't have tits).
Hahaha, fuck no. She used play softball, I still jerk off to those old softball pictures, she was so fucking hot back then. All bent over in her cute little uniform. She plays something now but I haven't been going to games

did you ever cum in her panties and put them back on the floor?

So many times. The problem is you still gotta wipe it up because you have no idea how long those dirty panties are staying on the floor. One my nieces left some dirty panties when she stayed over at my house and I came in them. But I eventually had to wash it myself because nobody else goes in that goddamm room and it was gonna stay there forever

Sister and her skinny best friend / neighbor:
>Age: 14, sister was 8, best friend was 9
>Mom and Dad went to casinos, and sis had a friend sleeping over. I cooked pan seared chicken and velveta shells and cheese. Blew a big load in a plastic cup in the bathroom and mixed it with a little milk, and put it in the mac and cheese (after I had already taken my scoop)

Sister and fat best friend:
>Age 19, sister was 15, friend was 15
>Again, parents went to casinos. Cooked fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole (sisters favorite), added my cum to green bean casserole. Both ate and enjoyed

Sister by her self on countless occasions.
>Came on her tooth brush
>Came in her food
>Came in her drink once at a movie theater

Roomate and best friend:
10 years ago, roughly, my best friend (who was working out of town at the time) didn't pay the internet bill and it got shutoff. Was pissed so I pissed and came in his bottle of jameson that he kept in the freezer. Dude came home a week later and I watched him drink the remainder of that bottle (5ish shots) over the course of 10 minutes, making hilarious faces after each mouthful.

That is so fucking hot. But you should have fed your sister your cum straight from the source. She was totally young enough you could've got her to do it

night watch in an office building. women who work in an office often leave a gym bag, high heels, personal things at their desk
>sniff panties, shoes, bras
>cum in shoes
>cum on telephone mouth piece
>cum on toothbrush
>cum in water bottles and coffee cups
jizz in all the things

But what if there's a break in/rape/murder or something?