Will Trump face jail time if he is impeached?

Will Trump face jail time if he is impeached?

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im really the last person to ask. i don't know how that stuff works out.

The Congress has started impeachment proceedings, so he is being impeached. The Senate is the jury though and two thirds of the senators need to find him guilty for him to be convicted. At the present time that isn’t going to happen. If Trump’s approval numbers get so low that Republican senators think he’s an electoral liability then they might decide that they’re better off dropping their support for him, which is what happened to Nixon. Even if he is convicted he’s u likely to face jail time. Nixon never went to jail.

Clinton didn't, so that should tel you something

but orange man bad

Nixon was never impeached. He resigned before he could be

>The Congress has started impeachment proceedings
Technically not true. They have started an impeachment inquiry, which is pretty much a bit of a discussion and a fact check to decide whether they actually go ahead with impeachment proceedings.

I hope they get him. He's a slimeball. Doubt they will because slimeballs of all stripes have get out of jail free cards called money.

He's not even gonna be impeached though.

No, Donald Trump will never pay for any of his crimes in any way.

That was the deal.

In return, Satan gets the millions of souls that Donald steered towards Evil.

He'll likely face charges even if he isn't impeached based on the Mueller testimony.

It will never get past the Senate. Even Pelosi thinks that it's highly unlikely that they will succeed. So, asking this question is rather pointless.

That is correct, and he actually committed purgery when he lied before Congress about that cigar.

If he hadn’t resigned he would have been impeached. The process was well underway. The reason he resigned was that Republican senators made it clear to him that he did not have their support. A delegation of conservative Republicans led by Barry Goldwater went to the White House to tell him so.
It’s not too hard to imagine the same thing happening to Trump. There is no real loyalty among politicians, they’re all just interested in their own re-election and the moment that Trump becomes a liability he’s toast.

Impeachment is a political process purely about removal from office. The House of Representatives votes to impeach (which is rought analogous to an indictment) and then the case goes to the senate for a vote on "conviction". If the senate approves, the president is removed from office. At that point he's a private citizen and is subject to normal criminal courts.

Because of "separation of powers" the president isn't really subject to the courts, which means he can't be tried for anything using normal criminal courts so long as he is in office. It also protects him from certain types of inquiry. This is why, for example, various lawsuits against him can't get hold of his tax records. Once he's out of office, all those protections evaporate and he's at the mercy of every single judge and lawyer from sea to shining sea. He can (unless he's pardoned by his successor, as happened to Nixon) be tried for crimes he committed in office after he leaves office, in addition to all the crimes he committed before taking office but hasn't been tried for yet.

Considering everything, wouldn't be surprised if they drop trump for the more stable vp. He won't win re-election, but he will play nice with the party and his ''high christian moral'' support may protect the GOP come 2020...
Trump may have given the GOP super powers in 2016, but now it's just a cancer that if they are smart, they will amputate.

I don't think the liberals understand the word impeachment. It doesn't mean that Hillary is automatically president nor do the dumbocrats get control.

I for one am looking forward to trump and his team of lawyers being able to drag anyone they damn well wish before the senate during the 2020 election cycle and ask under oath all kinds of politically damming questions.

Because unlike the russia / muller tin foil hat theory where trump had to just take it on the chin he gets to fight back on an impeachment.

Trump won’t go quietly like Nixon did though, he’ll go kicking and screaming, taking everyone else down that he can. I wouldn’t be surprised if he calls on his “second amendment people” to mount an armed insurrection, similar to Oregon state senator Brian Boquist asking for “heavily armed bachelors” to come to his aid.

nah, pence will pardon him

How's the Bible Belt treating you?

Will he though? Donald already threw Pence under the bus last week when he was at the UN and I expect that highly religious Pence secretly utterly despises amoral Trump.

Stay on topic, douche

Mock me if you must, but the facts bear me out.

- The man HAS no soul, obviously he handed it to Satan long ago

- He's made of Teflon. Commits incredibly blatant crimes in public. Try not paying YOUR invoices, see what happens to you. And yet Donald walks away from them.

- Satan wouldn't give you all that plus a gold bathroom, for ONE soul. So what's Donny been doing? Taking the rednecks and assholes of the USA and making them accept CONCENTRATION CAMPS FOR CHILDREN. They're going to Hell now.

No, rich people in the USA don't pay for crimes.
...or if they do it's a simple slap on the wrist.

The liberals for the most part do understand that, they are just trying to show Republicans that he is the worst representation of what Republicans are

Yes he will! I'm very very excited to see it happen!

no and he will not be

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Impeached, removed, loses election, serves a second term... it doesn't matter. He will die in prison, or in exile in Russia.

dude, Fox is lying to you. Liberals dont want Hillary, neither did moderates. Most people that cared wanted a better choice like Sanders, or they stayed home. Hence, Trump, who had been in court for racism in real-estate, sexism in general, or bankruptcy for lots of things. It's kind of amazing the party did this, and now the pigeons are coming home to roost. Democrats know they cant win over party lines, but Giuliani admitted a crime and ethics violation on live tv (not saying Biden is innocent either), and even Republican House members know they have to do their job this time. Congress exists to check Presidential power (they are NOT a King).

That being said, there is no leading Democratic candidate for 2020, either. I could see Pence doing a functional job and getting re-elected.

> he is the worst representation of what Republicans are

The democrats should really be looking in the mirror and figuring out why this asshole got elected in the first place.
Attacking everyone who doesn't like your policies as racist, Nazi, homophobe, misgoynist, ect ... is insanity.
Instead they are doubling down on some cluster-fuck of far-left shit that's alienating even actual liberals.

Umm they think every republican is hitler. See mitt romney circa 2012


>Attacking everyone who doesn't like your policies as
Everyone I don't like is a liberal.

you fucking liberals are pathetic. just do everyone a favor and leave the fucking country, get some land and start one of your own and run it the way you leftist want. well see which ones last longer. fucking morons

Fuck off, boomer.

You're a traitor if you STILL support this orange fatass at this point.

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yea bc socialism and giving "free" stuff to everyone, having open borders and destroying the healthcare system by giving everyone "free" healthcare is def the best way to go. oh, btw, not a boomer so go suck a fat one

Someone seems triggered.. what a snowflake.

plus, i never specifically said that i support trump, but i sure as hell dont support the democrats retarded thinking and logic

>Not a boomer

Oh, so you're just retarded then? That explains it.

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Yes because then he can be indicted in NY on state crimes that Pence can't pardon him for. He's done. It's over for him.

cant be a snowflake when simply stating fact. all democratic ideals will destroy the economy, theyve wasted 4 years on a man hunt, wasted millions, instead of doing something productive.

hopefully someone murders him
I wouldn't be a happier person hearing about it, but it would be some good news for a change.

Not from the impeachment itself, but once he stops being sheltered by his position,
he's going to go down with Michael Cohen as Un-Indicted Co-conspirator #1.

hes just another hypocrit. "cares about the people" but lives in million dollar houses surround by walls. lmfao. bernie is pry the STUPIDEST choice of them all

>all democratic ideals will destroy the economy
Trade will destroy the economy?

once trump is out of office, nys will charge his ass with tax crimes. trumps tax returns will become public, and everyone will get to see how fucking broke trump is. which is why, trumps only play, is to stay in power at any cost. his own lawyer said that will be trumps play. and it will be. trump knows he can't leave the white house, the presidency is the only thing keeping him out of jail.

>Million dollar houses


Or is because he wrote a book? We know that books are the enemy of the GOP

>It doesn't mean that Hillary is automatically president
No shit, sherlock. Nobody thinks this.
This is a Fox News talking point.
Democrats know that they get Pence. You think they want Pence? No.
But Dems are willing to prosecute wrong-doing, unlike the hypocrite Repubs.

i dont like him, he has not accomplished much, he played with china and those tariffs but that just caused more problems

trump is basically a megalomaniac big mouthed buffoon spoiled rotten rich guy that always got what he wanted, anal retentive douche bag full of hot air

You're against the least corrupted politician of them all eh... moron.

socialism. aka bernie. just look at the rest of the world that tried to have socialist governments. and yes, destroy the economy. every fucking democrat wants open borders, wants to give healthcare to illegal immigrants, all while there are millions of ACTUAL u.s. citizens living on the street. you would think that actual citizens would be the first choice to care about/help, but not to the democrats. as i said, their ideals and logic are simply retarded

the 2016 POTUS election was a total disaster and shows how rotten to the core corrupted mess the US Gov turned out to be since the DNC & GOP could not come up with anything better than donald trump & killery clinton

It's This Simple: Shillary never had a clearance to handle classified documents. With the Dems pushing for iMpEaChMent, POTUS will play one of his aces and now she will go to jail, just in time for Halloween. GOODBYE THREAD

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>just look at all the world that tried to have socialist governments

Literally no one is trying to make our government a socialist one. You talk about logic yet you have none.

Trumpists come into a thread about Trump and bring Hillary with them. What an obsession.

>the presidency is the only thing keeping him out of jail
This is true.
This situation has the potential to get really ugly.

>every fucking democrat wants

That's a pretty wide brush you're painting with there, buddy, let's see....

>Open Borders
-Show me the candidate in favor of fully open borders. You can't because there isn't one, the front runners all agree that reform is necessary in order to stem illegal immigration.
-Healthcare to Illegal Immigrants - Presuming they become legal citizens under the reform, they would be entitled to the same perks as any other citizen, same as you. Sorry if that doesn't jive with you but it's not "Whites Only" in America anymore. You're making a false argument as well by whining about millions of citizens, because the Republicunts won't do anything at all, and the social programs Dems push for would obviously fucking help homeless and addicted people.

You simply hate the Left. Why make bullshit arguments that can be debunked in less than 5 minutes, when you could be honest with yourself, you're a bigoted piece of shit.

Impeach the peach

Don't waste your time on that guy.
They have no idea what socialism means, other than it's a dirty word they hear on Fox News.

You don't seem to understand, user. You said all democratic ideals will destroy the economy. Democratic ideals. Things like human rights, citizen rights, and private ownership of property. Freedom of association. The free market. The right to vote. These are democratic ideals. And you're saying all of them will destroy the economy.

They paint the left with a wide brush because everyone on the right is basically the same so it must be the case for everyone on the left lol...


ROTFL those milennial DUMB-O-CRATS! Hahah

In less than 30 years, people have forgotten the original meanings for the words "republic" and "democracy".

This is the future you live in.

Clinton got away with it
I dont honestly see the big deal. Its been threatened to death in our era to bush/obama/and now trump.
They should make the penalty a public execution and maybe they would either threaten it less or people would take it more seriously


Nah, then it goes to the senate and there is a trial

Ya it actually means pence might be able to reverse roe wade and handmaids tale the nation

this is galaxy brain think

Someone sounds overworked and still poor

He'll face a legal shitstorm as soon as the protection of his office is gone.
That's why he dreams of staying president forever.

Still waiting for him to lock himself in the bathroom the day he's supposed to leave office.

Kill yourself you terminally retarded white nigger

Mentioning handmaidens tale makes you as cringe as the Orwell retards.

if the Senate ends up convicting him, yes, he's fucked, the SDNY has a pile of shit for him as soon as he's out of office

You seem to have forgotten how Obama dragged the country out of the worst economic crisis in history

You do understand that if Pence is also found to be complicit in hiding the truth and obstructing the probe, Nancy could sit on throne?

>Fox news: the post

No and anyone who thinks otherwise is legit retarded. Even Nixon never spent a fucking second in prison.

hell will be a crowded place over the next centuries

thanks donald

>Nancy could sit on throne?
I think this is only theoretical.
In practice, Repubs would come up with some way to shuffle around Pres and VP slots to avoid it.
>impeachment starts looking realistic
>pence resigns
>Trump appoints Ivanka or Barr or some other stooge
>hail your new non-elected President

Why should he be impeached? Eurofag here who has no idea whatd going on

>Eurofag here who has no idea whatd going on
You seem to have no problem butting in though.

Giuliani is now saying he didn't do this alone.

He will be the reason Trump gets impeached.

I just want to know what he has done

Imagine Drumpf being subjected to brutal anal rape by prison negroes.

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He did a no-no. Of course, there's a whole technical ordeal that we have to go through before the facts start coming out.

But we all know he did a no-no. Even those pretending he didn't, know.

ITT: demorats dick joyriding themselves to overcome the butthurtness of practical logic performing better than being retarded.

if u fuckingn deep state LIBTARTS try to get my president inpeached there will be civil war and i will fucking SHOOT YOU! TRUMP MAGA 2020 KAG WWG1WGA

What? Stupid cunt

trump wont be impeached lole keep dreaming kid

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Must suck to not be white, I could only imagine.

Clinton got impeached for lying about getting a bj. Trump is getting impeached for using foreign aid to try and get a foreign power to interfere with our elections. Big difference.

>he gets to fight back on an impeachment.
I will pay cash to watch him testify.

I agree it's unlikely..the real x factor is Trump being kind of a dumbass who steps in it for no reason. There have been so many unforced errors in his presidency that it wouldn't surprise me if he someone passed on a deal given to him and forced the hand of the justice system to get himself locked up.

>autism confirmed
Is a nigger fucking your mother or your sister? Oh it's your school crush isn't it? Kek

lol thats the most unrealistic ridiculous scenario i could think of, there is no way he will ever spend any time behind bars

Yeah dude you are literally just dumb as hell, your only argument is "Stupid cunt", have fun with that garbage life m8

LOL fuck no, rich white people don't go to jail. IF hes found guilty of anything he will be found to have "killed himself" while under guard.

As a liberal there is a lot of truth in this.

Extremism pushes extremism.
Far left pushed people to vote for trump
Trump people also are pushing new liberals.

The truth is though, this is the most retarded cult of personality this country has ever seen, that is an absolute different universe of conspiracy and made up shit.

Its scary to see how a guy who clearly never had a clue to what he was doing was able to trick half the country into defending him at any cost while he makes shit up on a daily basis, is corrupt beyond belief and has literally broken the law blatantly, many times.

Dont ever let anyone tell you democracy cant die over night.
Now we have proof.
These people are willing to sacrifice their children for this cult

Imagine still supporting Trump lol. The republican senators will turn on him, the very future of their party is on the line. They're a fucking shameless bunch but they know when the games up.