What are some racist names to call white people?

What are some racist names to call white people?

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There are none
We are your masters nigger

There aren't any that bother us. Because we aren't mongoloids.


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I got called a custard cream on a bus once

You may refer to us as 'sir' you nigger.


being called white is enough of an insult.

Nothing, you can't be racist to whites.

I've been called a "cracker" before. I kind of like it. Makes it sound like I'm the master of the crack of the whip.

Nah, there really aren't any. White people aren't offended by dumb titles that may be considered racist. Probably the world as we know it is built by white people, so we've shown we are superior in every way.


Hmm. I honestly cannot think of a single one that would bother me. It's not the name, but the context. Niggers don't do context very well.

Only people with an inferiority complex are so easily offended by simple words.

Your first mini paragraph is where cracker comes from. Slaves called us that because of the sound a whip makes when dolling out punishment.

racist names don't exist because minorities don't use words but would rather instead commit murder, rape and other physical assaults against us.

This. I've never been bothered by being called cracker or honkey or any other name that a less fortunate person has called me. I was called a hill jack by a black dude I worked with. And I think it bothered him more that it didnt bother me.

I was once called 'Honkey'
Cried for hours

a pooter scooter

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Honkey and woodpile come to mind but that shit sounds dumb as fuck saying it, they embrace that shit in jail.

For some reason it seems that everyone is seeing whites as powerful / great. So everything you call them becomes a synonym for something great/powerful over time.
Same for people that everyone knows are worthless. Every word you find for them will become an insult over time.

even more reason to believe we are the superior race

Τhαt ιs fυcking Βrilliant

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Wow look at all these inbred, cousin fucking, jealous, culture leeches with no individuality thinking that they are superior in any way to anyone. Its quite hilarious

I wouldn't go that far, you're the easiest group to pick on. I've only met a few whites that I fuck with on a homie level.


All these triggered little babies, I'll help you out

Redneck, honkey, hick, Cletus, Nazi, cracker, gringo, trailer trash, inbreeder, white trash, cousin fucker, bootlicker, cumskin, pasty boy

You forgot baby dick and cuck

White boy, cuck, burger, school shooter

That’s a relatively small list compared to the names reserved for shitskins though.

Equinsu ocha!

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It's an incomplete list, I'm just trying to remember them all

Master, lord, sir, your grace, his excellency, etc.

White boy got triggered lmao

sage sage



Trump supporters.

Actually the 'cracker' was the slave who would do the whipping to the others.

hahaha heil hitler dubs wasted on you nigger maximumkek.exe.mp3
does your primal brain even comprehend the meaning of the term "to trigger"?


“The Engineers of humanity”

Why the fuck do you think I fucking said it? You fucking stupid cracker white boi pastey-ass.

Not one of those offends us. Ive called myself a gringo, redneck etc. We just dont care.
The niggers always use white boy and cracka ass cracka around here

I mean how do you get offended when you're being called names by a black person.

The sight of a black person is quite offensive

none of these words hold any umphf, its like they're hollow

white men still run the world and niggers like u are still their slaves

If a black person called me dad it might bother me. Good thing they usually dont know their fathers.


These only apply to white americans lmao. In what universe do those offend say a Russian.

In what way do they offend anyone? They can call me whatever but it wouldn't hurt my feelings.

modern world creator.

Indiana Jones

Bunch of Caitlan Jenners posting in here

White nigger

The amount of triggered babies in this thread really speaks for itself. Just the question itself was enough to offend all of you fragile flowers. You little crackers can dish it but you really can't really can't take it

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