So Sup Forums, Sup Forums, and Sup Forums are collectively losing their minds over this

So Sup Forums, Sup Forums, and Sup Forums are collectively losing their minds over this.

What is the worst Sup Forums live casting you've ever witnessed?

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Here's Faye, Spike, Julia, Vicious, Jet

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Literally who?

Radical Ed

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Add it to the list...

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Why did you even bother asking that question. We all know you just wanted to talk about Cowboy Bebop (not Sup Forums) or race changes (not Sup Forums).

Ed's a boy?


As long as her hair is dyed I don't see a problem to this.

Is that a boy

>Ed is an ambiguous brown child with big red anime hair
>Actor is an ambiguous brown child with big reddish hair
Who did they think they were gonna cast?

>that Faye


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What's the issue, there?

I thought Ed was a teenager. That girl is like 7.

la muttura...

Holy based

With something like Cowboy Bebop where the anime and movie have held up so well over time, I really don't give a shit if it's good or not since I can easily ignore it either way.
At this point it's easier to just accept everything you love will eventually get a live-action adaption or lower quality reboot. In the end they're just stories that only affect you as much as you let them

go back to your board

Fuck off, we have enough Sup Forums crossboarder trash already.

>netflix adaptation
lmao who cares

>So Sup Forums, Sup Forums, and Sup Forums are collectively losing their minds over this.
Because they're idiots.

>Turn em black

Every. Single. Time.

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Gingercide is based

Anyone who posts on Sup Forums should instantly have their IP blocked from posting on every other board. I can barely discuss anything on this goddamn site anymore without those spergs derailing a thread over trivial bullshit.

This character was already brown, tho. Why can mad?

White girl with a tan isn't a black person.

Yeah, I really dont see the problem here.

Have the kid dye their hair extra red and we’re set.

I hate it when SJWs alter the source material cause it doesn’t fit their narrative, but this isn’t that. If this casting bothers you then you really must just hte seeing nonwhites on tv cause I don’t see what the big deal is.

Actually Im surprised theyre not making a big deal about Jet being black.

I keep seeing this shilled on Sup Forums is there any real source on this?

>complain about something they shouldnt care about
>thing comes out
>they watch it anyway to complain some more
>completely forget its a thing a month later like the monkeys they have been conditioned to be
Ive seen enough of the battle angel general on Sup Forums to know it wont be long before they break and accept this re-sculptured garbage.

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If you're a normal person, and as such, don't understand why CHUDs are so upset about raceblind casting, also known as giving the job to the best actor that auditions, watch this video:

>So Sup Forums
From what little I saw there, most people just thought she was too young (and I agree).

Funny how that chart was made like a month ago and it's already 3 or 4 racebends out of date.

Her original design was black. This is just going back to her roots.

She's from the year 2071
you'd be lucky if you could find any pure races in her at all by that point


>Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV

Heimdall ia a ginger?

>Character is literally not white.
>"Just make her white!".

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>Posting Wally, James and Iris twice
>DCAU Shayera instead of the Egyptian Chay-Ara

As far as live action adaptations go, the casting could be way, WAY worse. Hell, I'm on the border of being impressed.

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I don't get why anybody is upset. Ed only had one episode about her past.

Also I watched the show in a whole binge, Ed's ending where she leaves is just fucking depressing. Like that's it, that's how Ed's story ends? The fuck

Okay I get it but, Ed is actually brown in canon. As long as they keep her hair red (make her wear a wig or dye it) it seems like a pretty spot-on cast

>So Sup Forums, Sup Forums, and Sup Forums are collectively losing their minds over this.
Go back to any one of those boards instead of sitting up this one with a Trojan horse off topic thread, you drama mongering fucktard.
Anyone who cares about Sup Forums's well being needs to report the OP.

we have been doing the jet blacked joke since the death note live action

The guy playing Spike needs to grow his hair out for a few months, and then he'll be perfect. Really get some volume going.

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Ed was a non character, she didn't really have an arc. She was there to provide random humor and convenient tech-based solutions to conflicts, like Gir in Invader Zim.

They literally swept her out of the series right before it ended because they didn't want her to get in the way of the finale. She's the least essential member of the cast.

I mean, I don't see the problem.Seems okay casting for Françoise Appledelhi.

He's been working on it, even at the space he has now it just needs an on set stylist to make it sing.

Step 1: empty entire can of mousse into hair
Step 2: shake vigorously
Step 3: ready to kick ass

Because Ginger is an Anagram of Nigger. There's a fat Jew laughing that Black people havent' caught on to this game yet.

Yeah, but he needs that kind of styling grade mouse you can only buy with a cosmetology license so it lasts through a stunt heavy shooting day.

Trash casting. Not watching.

How old is she again?

Ed and Ein leaving is sad but it’s the sweet kind of sad. Good friends went separate ways, that’s all.

>A live-action Cowboy Bebop


Ed is a terrible character and ruined the series

I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time they tried to adapt Bebop into live action.

>There's a fat Jew laughing that Black people havent' caught on to this game yet.

They'll have to learn how to spell, first.

Ed is 13

Do black people even give a fuck about the redhead race-castings?


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>Ed is a terrible character and ruined the series

Ed only worked, and just barely, because it was a cartoon and she was a cute little loli. An actual 10-year-old trying to act zany and spastic and random like Ed is going to be annoying as fuck and not at all cute or endearing.

>Live action adaptation
I mean I have no reason to see it so I won't, but I don't understand the fuss.

>Sup Forums, Sup Forums, and Sup Forums
Why did you say Sup Forums three times?

Why won't people learn that live action adaption of cartoons and anime don't work because real life humans are objectively hideous when compared to 2d humans.

She should be a lanky latina tween with dyed hair but that was never gonna happen.
The real issue is can you imagine how annoying this character is gonna be when written by Americans?

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No. They give a fuck about Black people getting the job though, so their attention is on it, even if it isnt from the same perspective.

To be fair, I always thought of Jet as black anyway

I hope they don't touch Lupin the 3rd...fuck Hollywood. The 2014 movie didn't count.

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I really need to see a fight from Cowboy Bebop replicated before I totally sign on for a live adaptation. That's it, really. Just get the guy they got for Spike in costume, and choreograph a random fist fight from the show, and that'll sink or sell the series.

>Ed is a terrible character and ruined the series
Mushroom Samba and the chess episode were great fuck you.

Is Jet not black?

Considering that WATANABE (Cowboy Beebop creator) loves to add lot of diversity in his shows.... Yep, ed was black. Master Watanabe strikes again

One example I take issue with in this is that 80s April looked more like a brunette than a redhead. The image we get of April having red hair is more due to 2000s / 2010s TMNT being gingers.

Plus the original April in the black and white comic was Hispanic with curly hair, and the live-action one in 1990 or whenever had curly hair like that even though she was made more caucasian.

That's not to say I agree with making a black April, but in fairness with how they turned comics Baxter from black>white in the 1980s series (looking at you, 90s Spider-Man!) I guess the series comes out neutral.

As for little mermaid, while it's true in respect to Disney, we should note that in the earlier-produced anime adaptations of the story the Little Mermaid (albeit she was named Princess Marina not Princess Ariel) was blonde and not a ginger.

this thread literally could not be less Sup Forums

No, we don't care.

How is this the worst when they are having a brown person play a brown character?

Why is it always REDHEAD turned to BLACK, though? SPECIFICALLY that combination?

And yes, I've heard the anagram for "ginger" joke, I'm being serious. This happens way too frequently and way too specifically for this to be a coincidence. I get why Hollywood racebends white characters into minorities, but wtf is up with redheads always always ALWAYS getting turned into blacks and never like Asians or Mexicans or something?

Why dyed hair? Why not get an actual brown skinned person with red hair, like that girl? Furthermore, what is up with this board's obsession with "Latinos", considering that there are Latinos that look EXACTLY like that girl, as well as literally every other race in existence? Just say you don't like her being half black, user.

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>Spike Spiegel is Asian
>Jet is Black

Because the irish aren't exotic enough anymore and are considered white.

Red heads used to be the minority members of casts.

So why did scar jo get the role for a trans person then and not a trans person? Stop defending chuds you baby

Holy fuck that gap, you think toast ever gets caught in there?

>this thread literally could not be less Sup Forums
Irrefutably correct.
Everyone, report this thread as much as possible for being off topic.

GINGERCIDE I’m not even a redhead and I feel bad

Furthermore, what is up with this board's obsession with "Latinos"
This site is mostly hispanic and they are mostly here to stir the pot.

the worst thing about this is that they still seem to think that a live action anime remake is a good thing

She didn't get the role tho. She was taken off the movie, and she got pissed off and said she "has the right to play anything I want, man, woman, child or tree."

>It's off top

Fuck off, Sup Forums doesn't love this anime. Sup Forums loves this anime a lot more than anything. You fucking zoomer.

Most Sup Forums threads I was in said it was the best casting of the 4 though.

We have a really bad Sup Forums infection, and there's not really much we can do about it.

Mods are fucking Gods

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>Be ginger
>Get recast as a nigger