She's a badass superhero Sup Forums

she's a badass superhero Sup Forums

I'm surprised she's not more popular on here. I'd rather support her than a bunch of corrupt governments and politicians, oil and gas companies, or shitheads like steve milloy and myron ebell.

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more greta

why are there so many different photos of her?

she definitely has more images of her face taken than the average female 16 year old

Bad bait. Try again later.

I'm even more surprised Andrew Young is not hanging, and debating on Sup Forums

I didn’t even know what global warming was until she started this incredible movement. She’s so inspiring and intelligent for someone her age. Hopefully she gets put in history books so she can get the credit she deserves for her research and detailed plans to clean up the earth.

>I'd rather support her
>than a bunch of corrupt governments and politicians
You don't get to speak at the UN by opposing corrupt politicians.

The white men are the problems. If they weren't here, the Earth would be free of pollution.

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She's a plant

She is popular on Sup Forums. Greta is a brave and fierce Viking warrior princess.

>I'm surprised she's not more popular on here.
50 daily threads

that's all she does

she doesn't have political bias because she's so young, she pisses on liberals and conservatives alike because she's right, everything's fucked and why can't people see that

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the ultimate queen Sup Forums

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Must Watch Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a Fraud

TLDR Version:
She is being exploited and taken advantage of. She has aspergers, selective autism and obsessive compulsive disorders.

Greta's rise to fame was not organic promoted by a host of globalist elites from day 1 and they met with her mother scouted her 3-4 months before promoting her and did not happen across her protest they were told a week before.

Artificial Massive media Attention, the elites person of choice at the moment because it serves an agenda timestamp She pretty is much scripted .. when something off script happens her image evaporates

34 minutes in you she it not the 1st time they used a girl to sell climate change back in 1992 they did the same thing

they have been screaming doom in 10 years since the 1930’s
and have been wrong over and over and over again.

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Based OP ist doing gods work again

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imaging being this dumb
life must be awfully hard for you

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That shit has been debunked for weeks now

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she looks weird actually her face looks very weird. shes like giving no shit about looks, only about saving the environment. and that is the difference, because politicians do care about looks, for example D. Trump, etc. Shes an angel thank god she was sent to us, real politicians should look ugly and only do politics

I get where she is coming from but every time she speaks or even looks at me I have an urge to reach through the screen and punch her in the nose.

Soros pawn. Also pedophastry. Fuck off, shlomo.

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>six years of fighting and losing hard
>72 years winning
You really chose your matching role model

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She offers no solutions and she doesn't shill for nuclear. She is as disingenuous as the people she criticizes and is probably just a tool for the people getting rich off of trading climate emission credit.

>muh evil companies

I don't normally concern myself with the autistic ramblings of 16 year old Swedish girls

Maybe she should be protesting the ever-more common rape of her fellow schoolgirls

By supporting her, you literally support everything you don’t want to. Good job, you’re a cuck

Which organisation will profit from evolving the endless growth on limited ressource meme?
Whatch what youre really defending here

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I might respect her if she just cut to the chase and tell us all how many straight white men need to die to fix the planet.

Construction work and investors. People will need new houses which are waaaay more environmentally friendly. More new houses will be built, old houses rebuilt. Solar power, wind power, all these manufacturers will win big time.

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Its about the rules of the game

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Right lol? I watched her right after waking up and hitting some dab around 1pm and I agree with her completely.

>those companies are evil because they provide services i pay for but i do not want to go without them

Ok true but the really big players now arent in those things except investors which dont give a fuck about anything but profit. In the long term it makes countries way more independent from arabs and i dont believe anyone in power now wants new structures so they shill and shit on every propaganda front against her

Such a fucking gimmick. If anyone older than 20 was saying exactly what she was literally no one would care lmao. She doesn't bring any new arguments to the table she just repeats what everyone else says but since she's 16 people actually pay attention. Hard to take her seriously.

Shes a monkey spewing out whatever her parents tell her to say. She will start dating a black refuge, and they will find her head kicked in under a bridge.

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If she wasn't ugly Sup Forums would love her.

We call her "lil Spud" she likes it.

>the sky is falling
>the world is ending
>unless we act RIGHT NOW
>but not China or India
>we don't want to hurt their economies
>so they're cool
I'm honestly surprised that people are actually this stupid, and I'm no spring chicken

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>>yOu sToLe mY fUtUrE wItH yOuR eMpTy pRoMiSeS
As she will ironically live to an age of 80 most likely. Nice to know lefty shills look towards a fuckin sperg to lead them. Fools.

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Who pays you more to start these shit threads? MediaMatters or ShareBlue? Asking because this lazy lefty fuck friend of mine needs to get a job or he's out of mom's basement.


Wait, last time I checked the globalists were for extensive corporations and unregulated pollution. You're telling me the globalists ultimate plan is to use a 16 year old girl from sweden with aspergers to convince the world to stop polluting? If thats the case you fuckers are actually straight up retarded basement dwellers for not having toppled this world government yet

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She's on the Soros payroll, so

Google carbon tax

Show me where she says that China and India are free from any critique regarding pollution

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>convince the world

>google carbon tax

Alright, I googled Carbon tax, now what? Is this supposed to be a big woah moment where all the dots connect and the plan is revealed where Soros creates a massive jewish golem out of bio-friendly compost and makes us all slave for shekels until we die?

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she looks like beans from even Stevens

that's actually already happening

triggered fuckers

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Watch out

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why would u support a lunatic child?

Because it’s the time of day where the broken clock is right

How about her sister's photodump? sister beata is only 14 years old and looks so different!

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Shit bait

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You sound like such a faggot

Damn, they're ugly. What fucking tribe are they from? They forgot to clean the gene pool.

Just turn back time and eliminate fossil fuels and over population. Pretty simple really, I’d do it myself but my hot pockets are almost ready

Why, because breitbart said so? Because Drumpf doesn't like her? What stupid reason do you have besides the fact that you're in fact the manipulated child in this scenario?

Everything leftys do, is subversion. Environmentalism, is just a way to tax the 99% out of their homes and vehicles, so they can live in high-rise 'stack 'n pack' apartments and ride the bus. Anytime you here the word 'sustainable' that's Agenda 21 and the newer Agenda 2030. Both are (((EU/UN))) policies. Open 'migration' (borders) also goes hand in hand.

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Shes an autistic jew with foetal alcohol syndrome

>global elites
Fuck off conspiracy fag

Sounds like South Africa again

baked bean teeth

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