Guys, if you are a sissy, a cuck, a beta, a soyboy...

Guys, if you are a sissy, a cuck, a beta, a soyboy, anything associated with the LGBT (except purely straight) any religion other than Christian, under 6 foot, obese, don't work out on a daily basis, drug addict don't watch sports religiously, or purely liberal, please do the world a favor a kill yourself right now

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Sounds like a lot of shit triggers you.

Why would I kill myself?

Fuck you you fucking cunt

Because you're not a real man and you're plaguing the world

I bet my 6 year old brother can kick your ass

So I should sacrifice myself for the world that looks down on me?

I would crack little shit's head open second after he hit me, and then strangle you with your own tenticles, you fucking pussy.

>don't work out on a daily basis
>drug addict

So you're saying if you don't lose your life in a gym you are a failure?

You sound like a newfag from /fit/

Also, almost everything is a drug, you must be addicted to something... like coffee, coke, alcohol, etc. Weed isn't the only drug you know...

So yeah, join us, kill yourself.

Touching another dead man's testicles... you gay nigger.

he said tenticles

>don't watch sports religiously

If you are are so much as one of the listed things then he will kick your ass no question about it.

Now run back to your trap porn and anime and leave the important stuff to the big boys


I can't really support a jew religion

You can watch the sports without wondering what it would be like to have jj watt fuck your wife

You also gay, nigger.

Fascists get a bullet, user

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>wearing another man's jersey
>while spending your time watching him play sportsball
>most of these men are black and hate you
I don't believe there are sportsball fans who don't fantasize about their teams running a train on their wives. Or at the very least fantasize about being the sportsball player banging their wife. Either way you slice it, very cringe and gay.

Cringe and gay would be jerking off to trap henti while said football players fuck your wife and if you didn't know jj watt is white

So death to liberals?

Yeah I associate with Let’s go beat the Queers

I didn't know that because I spend exactly zero time watching other men do sports. I don't get the appeal...I guess for the soy boys they're not allowed to be Christian, white or American so they have to settle for being a sportsball team fan and get their tribalism out in an inoffensive and cucky way. Still though, pretty gay.

Why Christian specifically. I mean, anyone can be Christian if they want regardless of soy consumption.

Damn. How do you manage to work 40 a week and give all those fucks? Or do you work?