Loli thread III

Loli thread III
Revenge of the FBI

Part II here

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Request ?

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soft yuri stuff

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Sir yes sir !

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>lucky trips
Nice! Sensitive nipples are the best thing...

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Cool, i love hebe ! More ?

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There's one with those two in bikinis that's cute as hell. I think Fubuki is sitting on the other's lap and they're kissing. I don't have it saved but it comes up on Gelbooru pretty easily.

I love little girls between the ages of 4 and 10

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I'm more into hebe, but we're m8, my friend

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As 109, draw cute girls and hard rapes

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Yeah I noticed there has to be a hebefag because the thread is full of somewhat old girls.

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Wait I’m confused isn’t loli illegal?

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Goddamm, I hate this fucking series so much. The author and anyone who likes this garbage should be publicly executed for being scum who hate lolis

In upside down land, miscellanous assorted 3rd world countries, questionable in a couple of backwards states.

sry ! just for this time plz, hebe moments are rare and precious

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Nope, loli is perfectly legal in the US. It's just pictures and no kids are actually harmed

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No sir

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wow, it's rude

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...Maybe too much hairs

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