What do you think it's like being black?

What do you think it's like being black?

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Swimming in pussy.

It's a lot like being white, except you smell bad and get hassled by the police.

What do you think it is like being white? Or asian? Or any race?

No complaints :)

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Is that you? Fuck I'm jealous. I guess it's really true white women do prefer black dick.

Why do black men hate black women so much? I get that 80% of them are ugly and look like men but stay loyal to your monkey race, nigger

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yeah, had some girls put off it before but not enough to bother me

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2 fives don’t make a 10

Everyone wants whiter children

Fuck niggers

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This is true. Think it has something to do with skin that looks like actual shit?

Racist little dick white guys spread hateful stereotypes against black dudes because they know they can't compete. Don't let it get you down dude. As time goes on more and more white girls see through the lies and date black men.

Not gonna lie my fellow nigga, she’s ugly as fuck bruh

My white girl is hotter

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That nose looks a little sus brother

Thanks OP, it's never a bad time for a nigger gore thread!

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Fucking awesome, you don’t have to work and everyone else pays for all your shit

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Does she like getting dicked?

she's absolutely beautiful

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I dunno. Parole or probation a lot.

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