Have you ever had sex with a pregnant woman?

Have you ever had sex with a pregnant woman?

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Yes. You haven't lived till you've nailed a pregnant girl. Especially when they are lactating.

Yeah they're was some pros and cons

Wife/gf? How was it better?

yes, and it was the bomb

I am hesitant to believe this. I just don't get it.



What were they?

As someone who has had a massive preggo belly fetish for a while I think it's just something you really have to be into. My wife was shocked by how much I was into her body while she was pregnant.

i've never had sex, with woman or otherwise

She was horny as fuck and was totally into it
Didn't have too worry about getting her pregnant so she let me cum in her

Kept see the baby move while fucking
Was hard to do certain positions that I wanted to do because afraid might hurt the baby

I was shocked by how horny my wife got while pregnant. Helps that I was practically worshipping her bump all the time. For me the pro was the smell. She got really gassy

Yes. Many times. Both with and without the child being mine.

With the mother of my child, she was already really sexual so it didn't seem any different in amount of sex rather the intensity changed in a great way. The farther along she got, the more limited the positions were, but I went condomless and came inside everytime so thay was a plus. The best time was when the doctor told her to either exercise or have sex to help her begin the labor process. We met on a gravel road and fucked uncomfortably in the car like rabbits for a good chunk of time. It worked because my kiddo was born 12 hours later. Good times.

Did she enjoy having her belly rubbed? Mine wanted doggystyle so I could cup her belly in my hands.

YES. It was the year after we graduated highschool too. Long story short she was a childhood acquaintance and got herself knocked up by some retard who didn't pull out (she was really dumb). Anyway she was easily one of the hottest chicks I've ever seen. She was short, blonde, and her body proportions just kept her looking like a highschool freshman. I fucked the shit out of her on many occasions long before she got pregnant, but her body just had a whole new feel to it then. I couldn't get enough of those plumper tits and that thicker ass.

>I couldn't get enough of those plumper tits and that thicker ass.
Oh fuck me how I miss that. My wife jumped two cup sizes and was always complaining how fat and disgusting she looked despite me having a semi-permanent chub in her presence.


Yea, your mom. I came on the fetus and you were born.

She never asked me specifically to do it, but I occasionally did on my own. She never stopped me, so I imagine she was at least warm to the feeling. I didn't have a pregnancy fetish before hand, but I did after. Although, when she started producing milk, I couldn't make myself enjoy the taste, didn't stop me because I'm a fuckin' man and tits are tits, but I wish it tasted good to me.

Oh shit I should have written Con lol damn I need more sleep.

>I didn't have a pregnancy fetish before hand, but I did after.
lol same. When we were talking about a third kid one of the pros was more preggo sex. I'm not much of a fan of the milk either but it did remove some pressure on her so I did what I could to help.

Multiple, I usually date em from their 2 month to their 7 month use them as cum Dumpsters and then dump them.

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That is one thicc ass. Belly pics?

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My gal and I didn't work out, but she ended up getting pregnant 2 more times and we fooled around both times. I got the general impression that the person she was seeing (her now husband and yes he knows. It's been years and we all got over it) wasn't into her pregnancy. All shitty younger me's moral decisions aside, those were also some incredibly amazing sexual experiences. She did crazy shit she otherwise would have said no to.

>have you ever had any sex

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She's mighty ugly there, my dude.

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Little bit

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Idid. Ate her pussy, spit out little finger nails. Fucked her, felt like my dick getting sucked!!!

Are those dreads???

Well this was more stupid than it was funny.

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