WHY do some min wagies take their jobs seriously?

WHY do some min wagies take their jobs seriously?
>cashier at McDonald's caught me filling my water cup with soda
>fucking demands I pour it out
>threatens to get manager

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how about you stop being a bum and buy the fucking soda

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Kids aren't allowed on this board little fella

You my friend, must be black.

Cuz your a nigger stealing. Get a job so you can buy soda

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Are you really that much of a fucking jew? End yourself

kys faggot zoomer

are you fucking serious? everyone does that shit. I fill the water cup with something that isn't water most of the time

What do niggers not understand about taking your job seriously?

Because they will get in trouble because of your shit. How about stop being an entitled little asshole and pay instead of stealing?

You must also be black. Lots of niggers in this thread.

let's not pretend this petty bullshit is actually "stealing" faggot

Are you serious?
If he just stands there watching you stealing from the company he works for and his boss comes around the corner he's fucked. It does not matter at all if you just take a cup of soda or a thousand dollars, it's purely about the principle.
And you're a fucking nigger who has obviously never worked a day in your life. Useless leech.

Imagine being such a fag you can't pay for the dollar menu. What a poor little niggerjew

i'm white. I just don't give a shit. why would you?

What's stealing is the insane markup for sugar water

Because he’s working a shit ass cuck job just to get by and he’ll be god damned if some free loading faggot is going to try to get one over on him.
Asserting his authority over you in this situation is probably the only highlight of his day.

why would they charge for soda in the first place, it's not some precious fucking nectar of the gods, it's SODA. it's not even good for you.

I started out in my industry mowing lawns.

It was a shit job that I did with respect for the job and for myself.

Fifteen years later in in the same industry and making six figures.


Because I took myself and my job seriously, even when it was a shit job, and took pride in my work.

Don't be a nigger. You can go places.

>Asserting his authority over you in this situation is probably the only highlight of his day

which is why he needs to end his life

You're a fucking nigger.
Do you have to pay for soda? Yes you do.
Did you pay? No. Did you take soda anyway? Yes.
That is stealing you literal monkey. The only point in time when people like you were useful was when slavery was legal.

>it's not even good for you.
Why would they charge for hamburgers in the first place, it's not some precious fucking food of the gods, it's HAMBURGERS. it's not even good for you.

Maybe they're trolling, maybe it's pic related (especially these days)

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well yeah exactly. all food should be free because it's fucking FOOD, it's a necessity for survival for god's sake

One dollar for any size? You're trash.

it's easy to discover that, just imagine being him, and pay attention, im not talking about you being on his position, but by being another person, with another culture or whatevar makes people different, now by being a guy who takes his job seriously, letting people do what you did would be against the firm policy and a transgression his beliefs.

>Do you have to pay for soda? Yes you do

no you really don't. just ask for a cup and then fill it with soda. 99 times out of 100 they don't give a shit.

Hillary voter confirmed.

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Any of it. All of it. That exact thing.

AOC Gretta cock smoker detected

What are you, 12, you dumb cunt?
Stop niggering.

I never will understand the disdain for low skill labor when they do jobs that have to be filled

>>>>>>>jiggaboo detected

what kind of stupid asshole thinks people should have to PAY for something like food and water? that is absolutely fucking ridiculous and unacceptable, for obvious reasons

anyone dumb enough to pay for mcdonalds deserves what they get.

Yes you do.
If you can't afford it, drink water instead of being a nigger.

>when they do jobs that have to be filled

no they really don't need to be filled. technology could do the same jobs, and probably better.

Thieving cunt. Bring back the birch for tea leaves.

>I never will understand the disdain for low skill labor
It depends on who's doing it and why.
>high school kid with a summer job
checks out
>immigrant with the only job he can qualify for
sucks to be him, but he's trying to make a better life
>20s age video game player who grew up with no life skills outside of Xbox
what a piece of shit

lol whatever dude, your bullshit arbitrary morality won't stop from getting a free cup and filling it with soda to my heart's content

That's not true and you know it. Technology isn't to the point that it can replace most low skill jobs completely.

Fuck McDonalds.

>Technology isn't to the point that it can replace most low skill jobs completely

oh for fuck's sake. yes it goddamn is. they just haven't brought forth that kind of technology yet. they already have it. it's coming soon.

yall will dox a guy who ruined a poll but tell someone not to steal soda

>caught stealing soda
>company loses
>company loses

Fucking dumb. He should have demanded that you pay for it rather than waste it.

>trying to steal from shitty ass fast food

fucking disgusting, they should have called the cops and get you arrested

lol I would've loved to see that little bitch try to make me pay for soda, I would've filled up the cup and thrown it in his face for being such a faggot

Fine, i'll piss in your sink instead of the toilet when i come over.

Literally this.

If it's coming soon it doesn't exist yet for the purposes of replacing them. They don't make tech that is cheap and efficient enough to replace minimum wage workers.

If you let the small things slide, what else are you going to let slide?

Because it's part of their job you retard. If they don't do their job, they get fired. If they're working at a fast food place, chances are they need their job.
Stop being a fat fuck and drink your water you smelly cunt.

Yes that figures. Niggers gonna nig.

Fucking nigger

You know you can still be white and be a nigger right?

>literally OP

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Literally this right here.

Sure you would.
Pussy ass nigger.

Sums it up

"it's just soda bro why are you being a bitch"

I also do this.

>They don't make tech that is cheap and efficient enough to replace minimum wage workers

lol holy shit you are fucking retarded. not only do they make that kind of tech, it's not even hard to make. they just haven't mandated it yet. you make it sound like minimum wage workers are some kind of indispensable source of labor LOL

Oh you sweet child. You're serious. Jesus. We're fucked if you are representative of the coming generation.

you get what you pay for. Want a good employee that has your back? You actually try to have his. Pay fair, give him vacations and days off, give him help with insurance and dont be a fucking dick. Treat your employees well, they WILL have your back. Something unexpected happens, they will help you cover for the problem. Treat them like disposable toilet paper, and they wont give a shit either. What the old fuckers say is very true. "What goes around, comes around."

keep crying

its like a dollar for a fuckin soda go outside and scrape some change together u fuggin' bum.

Ok. Let's say this is now law. How would you go about this? Who would make the food, where would they get it from. Who would regulate it? And most importantly, how do these people get compensated for their time.

Interesting responses. I'm white and would've taken the calmer approach of calling corporate and having that little former McDonalds worker standing outside my local Walmart with a "Homeless help me" sign.

Fine fuckface, when you're starving to death and come to me for some food, I won't let you have it because you can't pay for it LOL

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Cause you are lazy nigger

I'm white and minimum wage workers deserve all the scorn they get. They are bottom-feeders of society and are there to serve me. I am the only one talking down to them as it's my money paying their salary.

Get a real job.

what was funny about that post? he literally just changed two words from my post and made a post. wow man that sure is funny.

Why do people care so much about living?

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Because they take pride in their job and you're a degenerate

How the turn tables turn. Maybe you have your answer now if have a modicum of self refection skill.

I can't tell if some people in this thread are trolling or straight up retarded. This is Sup Forums after all.

because you're stealing. you must be a nigger

they did it to show they have power over you, and to make you mad and post a pathetic thread on Sup Forums about it like a whiny little bitch.

There is no pride in working that job. You don't get a medal/promotion to CEO because you stopped on individual from filling a water cup with soda.

*no response*

I don't give a shit about living, I just don't want to suffer

I was masturbating in public and some cucks wanted to call the police on me. What the fuck, i'm just petting the snake dude everyone does it.

That's even assuming said task will even part of the service

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Because it just reiterated how dumb your post was.

not even remotely the same thing and you know it asshole

>trolling or straight up retarded
pic related - Why Not Both meme i'm too lazy to look up

I how many lawns you be mowing to make six figures? Sheeiiitt negro.

What do you mean, i was just petting the snake.
The fuck do you care?

niggas goin nig

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Pet the snake in your own home, no one else wants to see you stroking your scales.

keep being an annoying asshole, that sure is a good look

Everyone's money pays someone's salary and almost every job is serving someone in one way or another.

I feel sorry for people that work minimum wage to support their family at 40, I'd just fucking kill myself

those people are just gluttons for punishment, they don't deserve your sympathy

>McFucking kill yourself

Better to work minimum wage than a welfare nigger.