Celeb thread - rhabarberbarbara edition

celeb thread - rhabarberbarbara edition

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how we make that 100%?

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Fuck off


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Fave Arya pic

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>Barbara Palvin ty op

Is it really you?!

sadly, yes

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Out of all those kinds of people
You got a face with a view

Not sure, just keep the popsluts rolling I guess

Hey bridebro

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I'm sure shakira can definitely help bring it up

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No u more

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hi buddy! did you have a powerful monday?

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no u

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gib both

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It's possible

Pretty unpowerful actually. Could I borrow some energy?

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I don't want to talk about it.
I hope you are safe and sheltered user.

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What is Leng?

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Got a disc user?

hard to watch her move like that and not imagine penetrating her

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I imagine that was the intent

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please do, i can always borrow more from ana, plus i worked out today so my power level is high ! take my energy!

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not a clue

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for sure, that ass could work wonders riding on a dick
liking rita or should I move to another sloot?

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It looks like she wants the d

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you're a treasure, thanks buddy
nice digits btw

who else you got?

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the dubs make me even more powerful :I

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not fake enough

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I really really really really need to have sex with her

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i am absolutely desperate to impregnate her

i could die after

quite a few popsloots
beyond rita, shakira, and marina I got...
Bebe, Beyonce, charli, dua, gaga, kali, katy, mariah carrey, nicki, Riri, aguilera, Jlo,and some others

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just postin in this thread to let you know i had a dream where i was jj's bf. all i did was touch her ass in the dream, but the thought of us being together was more than enough to get me hard. and sad... :(

Need strong sperms

i will eat my wheaties or whatever, she won't stand a chance

how u gonna manage that

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Seriously though don't ruin her body with babies

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just the one, she'll be okay. i'll help her get back in shape

By moving my hips in a strong and fast rhythm

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sorry, maisie is gonna have my kid

wild strategy

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Hnng Rita

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too young

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Do I got a chance?

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Not really a fan but she looks pretty fucking amazing here

doubt it im afraid

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Souds like a good dream

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cos ur posting here

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I got a secret weapon

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I do like a lot of those but I gotta run sry, suddenly got very sleepy very quickly. If you wanna drop that disc, perhaps another time.

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>*unzips ass flap*

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I got a secret weapon

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all good
I'm not on all that much and really only talk to like 2 anons but its

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What’s wrong BD?

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he's just been at it all day

oh, hey you :3

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Added. See you round :)

What it boils down to is, I post celebs, I see someone posting a celeb I like, I ask for more, I don't get a response, meanwhile a person who isn't posting any pictures asks for more of a celeb and he's more likely to get a reply than I am. This happens so often that I've basically resorted to spamming dicks and going "MMMM" as a parody, emulating an exaggerated version of what happens in these threads.


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Well I hope this makes him feel better:

Well they laid me off, overpaid me by 10 hours of double time and told me I’m welcome back tomorrow. Physically I’ve been sweaty and dizzy all day. I’m on my way to the hall to re sign the books and have foreman training tonight. (:

Just checked the job calls and probably will take the same call tomorrow.

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>See Emma.
>Ask for more.
>See Elle.
>Ask for more.
>See JJ.
>Ask for more.
Whelp guess I'm spamming dicks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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hmmmmm I wonder what reason people could possibly have to ignore you? you're so lovely and not cancerous at all!

I've legit never once seen you ask for more of a particular celeb

Dear world, Dear Bananas, how about fucking join our childporn discord ?

Anyone got any Aly Michala?

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That doesn't sound like you were laid off to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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babsanon, i see you and i validate you

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Well I have to get laid off, go to the hall and resign, then take the call and do the paperwork again. All because I called In sick for four days and no doctors note.

I hope the next fappening leaks have full on sex videos of her.

i got this...

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Rebel Wilson size when?

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I basically never do it now because it's a waste of filling out a captcha. It's ridiculous.

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