How risky is it to bring a few grams of cocaine on a plane?

how risky is it to bring a few grams of cocaine on a plane?

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TSA is literally a joke, just security theater, so not very.

The risk outweighs the reward.

Where's the destination?

TSA is a joke, but if it’s a major airport there’s most certainly dogs. The airport over here the security line walks you right up to and past drug dogs. If you’re actually considering being an idiot make sure it’s under a gram, drug crime in airports becomes federal instantly and all the charges increase.


Also forgot but honestly a small bag inside a condom and then up your ass would probably do it

back in 2007 I went on a plane from Boston to New Orleans with 3 bags of heroin in my pocket. I had a needle in my asscrack too. If there were dogs I would've been fucked. 18 and hooked is a bad mix. Thank God I don't do drugs or drink anymore. I got away with so much, but sober life is awesome.

You good

>Bring dog biscuits in your pocket.
>Claim dog smells them.
>Offer to dog for being a good boy

Depends on where you're going, you could try swallowing it, although that comes with a whole host of risks if its bursts open inside you.
I'd recommend either mailing it to yourself or just searching for a connect where you're going over taking it with you.

You could probably just put a little baggy in your mouth and no one would notice. Or between your ass cheeks

If the airport has body x-ray machines, and most US airports do, it's not worth the risk as it will pick it up. If you are 100% certain they only have metal detectors you're probably fine, just wear clothes without buttons. The dogs aren't actively sniffing passengers and are only looking when given commands.

Also, cocaine is for niggers

Some dogs are trained to know the difference. Not all though.

I grew up doing this instead

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Getting caught at the airport will fuck up your life plus dogs are somewhat common I wouldn't risk it

Yeah, but just give them the treats anyway. The dumbass will probably think you're a dog lover and let you go. This also raises a question, if you bribe a drug dog with raw meat is that bribing an officer, and if the dog takes the meat is that an officer accepting bribes?

dogs are not officers they are property

>I have never travelled anywhere not on a bus

It's totally safe, user.
Go for it.

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Reward vs Risk.

Remember, body scanner or "sir you've been randomly selected for extra screening"= your life over for a fuckin gram, you can get almost anywhere.

Anyone telling you otherwise in a major 1st world nation airport in 2019 is a liar at best or just tweens on Sup Forums acting like they've been there/done that.

>hur b8 m8
Yeah, try touching a police dog sometime.

In america dogs are officers if you kill one you can get the death penalty if you are in the right state

This guy knows his shit

steveo said he always snuck his drugs on with his cash in his wallet since they dont want to touch your money, so just powder some dollars