Guys I need help

Guys I need help.

My girlfriend just broke up with me because she looked at my phone while I was showering and saw some texts between me and some girls.

None of them were sexual and I did not have the intention of having sex with any of them, as I’ve already proved to her that they didn’t either.

It was my birthday and she broke up with me a night before, and I didn’t want to be alone so I just hit some people up. The following day she wanted to get together again. And this(pic) is today.

Will she come back? She keeps replying to my texts and haven’t blocked me or anything

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Send her a physical letter that just says. I wasn't really that into you.

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give it a day faggot

get back together, fuck her, then dump her.

This is her last text so far. I basically am just begging for forgiveness for texting my female friends, but she keeps replying. If she would have really wanted to end it wouldn’t she just block me everywhere? I don’t understand why she even keeps if she is done with me.

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bitches be crazy user.
I'm sure you love her but do you really want to be with someone that doesn't trust you and will go through your phone? I would break up with my GF immediately if she pulled a stunt like that

Share her nudes to a bunch of strangers on the internet.

she's not your gf, you're her pet
only an emasculated puppy boy would let any hole dictate what eh does with his dick
the male doesnt commit his dick which is worthless, he commits his providing and protecting powers
you're a pet

or just reply

You are better off just letting her go. Find yourself a girl who isn't an insecure mess.


If she has to try really hard to be trusting then maybe she's not a trusting person.

she will calm down dude dont worry girls are crazy

I mean, once a girl starts going into your phone, the trust is gone.
You shouldn't want to be with her anymore.
The fact that you were actually mentally cheating on her doesn't even matter, or is a separate issue, because she invaded your privacy.
It's over.

am I reading this right? You kissed another girl? I assume it's before your relationship with this girl started, but surely you can understand why she wouldn't want you to be close with a girl you almost got with.

Just remember OP.... The girl that always accuses you of cheating will be the first one to cheat on you. Get rid of this whore once and for all. Find a better one she sounds retarded/annoying as fuck

She was looking for any reason to break up and she made one up.

It was inevitable. Celebrate with her bestie.

It’s been 5 hours though. This is from the same convo. I’m honestly terrified of losing her, and I just want some kind of reassurance that she’ll come back. She has “broken up” and came before but never like this

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She sneaked a lok into your phone.
This says lots of things.
Like, you're careless with personal things. She skouldn't be able to do this.
You don't inspire trust. Why doesn't she trust you?
She's not a trusting person.
Your relationship was over the moment she suspected you.
WTF are you doing texting other girls? Do you text as many guys as girls?
If you want trust you must earn it. This can be inconvenient. Only you can know if it's worth it.

Yeah, before I even knew her. But me and that girl are only friends and she has written on text she only wants to be friends and nothing sexual, which I showed to her.

She saw some texts with other girls too when she checked my phone but those were only friends, but she doe not believe me or my “intention” as she says. I really just didn’t want to be alone on my birthday. I have no interest in other girls and love this one more than anyone

how long have you been dating this girl user?


She snuck on your phone and is blowing things out of proportion, and that comment about how much she values you is bullshit. Bitch ain't worth your time, user. I'm sure you're probably young. Trust me when I say you'll meet a woman who isn't this psycho. Just accept it and live life bud.

oh fuck me, it's been 5 hours guise

Seriously, sleep on it and stop chasing her. Message her tomorrow afternoon and ask her how she's feeling now. You're only risking losing her by overreacting and making yourself weak in her estimation. Just leave her to her feelings for a while and let her think instead of react.

Remind her why you're together, but when she's ready after she's processed. Also stop trying to cheat on her you lying piece of shit, we all know you're trying to bang these girls and if they offered you'd do it instantly.

Same shit happened to me. I was actually cheating though, didn't bother to delete the evidence and she hit my phone when I was in the shower too. I ended up logging into her fb and found messages between her and other dudes, that's when I thought, this shit hurts dawg lol.

Take it from someone in this exact same position. It will only get worse. No matter how hard you try. It's best you let it go and not drive you both insane. You'll just end up hating each other

Birthdays don't mean shit, don't be selfish, you always have to consider the feelings of others

Why would you want to date a girl who says "I'm shaking right now" outside of the context of sex?

Drop this psycho bitch and move on to bigger and better things.

How old are you?

Bro if she's getting that worked up over a hug she's either 13 or behaves like a 13 year old. Jessssus jealous much? Wtf bro get out and count your blessings.

You deserve it for cheating. Why not just do what you've always wanted to do and be a playboy loser?

Hugged me against my will hahahahahahahahahahHHBah Omg get rid of this cunt

Just tell your ex bitch, that the other girls where at least good at fucking and giving head. Move on with live, she's clearly a psychotic bitch with trust issues

Add me on snap, I’ll loyalty test your girlfriend

>doesn’t hug other men
>doesn’t want you to talk to other girls even if it’s not sexual

This girl is fucking looney. Congratulations friend - you just dodged a bullet. Happy Birthday by the way, I hope this is the best gift you’ve gotten.

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This is one of the conversations she saw

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Quit being a pussy nigga we don't luv these hoes TF are you thinking?

She fucked some dude . Drop that cunt

"not at the moment" was the wrong answer dumb ass

Wtf dude, and that bitch got mad because of shit like that? You should be glad you and her broke up, she's a fucking psycho

You're fucked lad

What she scroll several months back on your conversations?

Congratulations. You just saved yourself $10k in wedding costs and a $15k divorce. Go celebrate!

Srs, if she's going to be upset about bisexual female friends the relationship is fucked anyway.

This is the text she got really upset over(the fact that i implied she’s hot because she drives a jetta),which happened before I even knew her(my gf/ex). I have hung out with this girl though but only slept on her couch and literally talked. She won’t believe me and I just don’t know what to do...

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Alright i tried defending you but you're meeting up with bitches when you're in a relationship. Even if you didnt do anything you're gonna leave the little psycho girlfriends brain wandering and the only conclusion shes going to come up with is "CHEATING". You fucked up, you're dating a psycho whore you honestly dont seem like the type to be in a committed relationship anyway. Just be single and fuck everyone you meet then you wont have a girl crying on your shoulder when you get your fucking dick wet.


How old are you two? You guys behave like kids.

So, you want to get back together with a chick that invades your privacy?

Dude, you should go by a lotto ticket instead. It's your lucky day! Psycho bitch is now someone else's problem!

Give it some time. Dont say anything and wait for her to hit you back in a couple days. If shes doesnt, I would politely text/call her explaining the situation again

Hey, fuck off, shill. Stop trying to shut down 4chinz with your nigger shit, you filthy faggot. We don't tolerate your kind here, pedokike

So am I not allowed to have female friends? Most of my friends are girls anyways.

Apart from that, 1 months ago right before we go together she saw this dude, who I found out because we were watching something on her phone and he texted “wanna fuck in the woods?”. This is even after she said she loves me. Later on though she dropped him and blocked him in front of my eyes

He seems too fucking stupid to acknowledge that. Tried saying that 3-4 times now in this thread been ignored every time. Sounds like OP is a faggot ass highschooler thats scared of hurting her feelings

I'd that level of "insecurity" was triggered over "nothing" then I'm going with 57% likelihood she was ficking your best friend.

I’m 24 she’s 19

Just quit that shit already, man up you pussy. Your ex is a fucking psycho bitch, how old are? 15? Is this like your first real gf? Bitches come and go, that's just how life works man.


More... Reason.... To.....????????? ;Leave her?????????? You're literally wasting your time/emotions if you ask me. Like I said before the girl that accuses you of cheating all the time WILL be the first one to cheat on you. It's a mental game. Shes trying to take cover something shes doing bad by making you look like the dumb ass. Dont fucking let her. End that shit. Just being a realist here, sorry if I came off douchey as hell

First of all, see Secondly, from that, it looks suspicious as fuck. Can you seriously not see how, when the last time you messaged this girl, you were telling her that you didn't want to hook up "at the moment" with no additional reasoning, and then messaged her asking to meet up... makes it look like you're trying to hook up?
You might not be, but it looks suspicious as fuck unless you know the details, which your (ex) girlfriend doesn't, and only has your word to go by, which at this point she's not exactly going to trust because she thinks you've either been cheating on her or will do.
OP you're a dumbass.

If you didn't do anything to make her feel this way, just leave, cus it ain't for you boss. If you were flirty as fuck and just "technically" didn't do anything wrong, still leave, cus that's not healthy for anyone

You're dating a kid dude and you need to grow up.

Dude knows of what he speaks.

You'll ignore him tho

You need help. Mommy abandon you or something? Like to relive that trauma?

Fucking autist

Based on the context of the stuff she's typing, she's either completely insane or you're not giving us the full story.

She's fucking others behind your back and jealous you're getting attention from other women, stop being cucked by a walking talking hole, pump and dump some thots but never get attached user

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She will get over it. Or she won't and you can move on with your life and find another woman for that companionship that your species is Oh so fond of.

What's the problem here? Your ex sounds like a jealous, inconsistent, manipulative bitch. Good riddance.

seconded, from an user in similar position.

There are lots of other girls out there OP. I know you're really into this one and don't want to let go yet. But It is the right decision. Sounds like she is making it for you anyways so just accept it.

Shes guilt tripping him to cover he own cunt. Like he already said she has guys in her DM's talking about pounding her in the woods. This girl is 100% a whore in hiding.

...and I tried to push him off me y pushing pussy against his penis!

It doesn't matter if she comes back, because you shouldn't. That's not healthy, you won't be happy, this will happen again. You know it, we know it.

You'll probably take her back, because you have no spine, and can't stand to take the risk of being alone for a few months. That's your business man. Just know that when you let her come back, it's a better future and life for yourself that you're giving up on.

You dun goof'd. Soon as I got in a relationship I dropped all the girls I was speaking to. Generally speaking girls and guys can't be friends.
I expected the same of my girlfriend. That's how we keep the trust. It won't stop cheating if someone wants to go out and cheap but it at least keeps away the opportunity, temptation and possibility. Insofar that each of us stays passive and doesn't actively go seek to cheat.

So you keep girls as "friends" you either made out with or fucked or whatever?

You're girlfriend sounds like a bit of a loon the way she's handling this, but you sound like a fag. Be a man faggot - that means you don't keep women around you fooled around with if you have a serious gf.

If she isn't serious then don't worry about any of this... but if she is, you're causing your own problems.

So you were texting other girls behind her back, are you fucking retarded? I would have dumped your sorry ass too.

Honestly if hes already texting 4-5 different girls that seem alot more laid back than his cunt girlfriend he'll probably do fine if you ask me.

This. /Thread

Beta bitch.

This one of the realest threads i've seen in years. Hope OP takes the advice hes been given.

These were the first break up texts today. So all the previous pics were after this. Her saying I did not reciprocate is a total lie. I drove 2 hours one way twice a week to see her, and have paid for hotels maybe 10 times. I’ve driven in the middle of the night just to see her and comfort her

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You're kind of...what the right word...oh yeah!...a fuxking pussy.

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Here...I'll help you: 19 year old means take to a nice hotel o the beach and fuck crazy for 2 days. Then go home have a relationship with someone that can, you know, get into a bar!

Okay, why tf are you getting so fucking possessive over your now ex-girlfriend? Jesus you are acting like such a fucking creep.

when was yesterday?

Dipshit, just cut her loose and go find someone else who isn’t an over emotional, psychotic wreck of a person who flips shit over you having female friends. Take your rose tinted glasses off and you’ll see all those flags you wrote off were the brightest red flags you could possibly be seeing

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Literally yesterday

You'd be better off texting the chick with the Jetta. See if she want s to meet up for a beer

What’s so wrong with her? For real though I don’t get it

He's living life with blinders on. When he walks in on this 19 year old girl taking cock from a BBC he'll realize that everything we said was right.

Here's a fucking idea mate. She said it's over, so it's fucking over. Live with it. It sucks. You'll move on.

Post your ex/gfs nudes out of revenge of her being slightly annoying op

Let's try a different approach... if anyone thinks he SHOULD pursue the psycho 19 year old post it now...

God you literally are a flaming faggot. You have to be underage, with all this emotional drama

I was thinking because OP is annoying, but either works

Tits or GTFO, OP....

Here's the thing. Both of you are colossal pieces of shit

For user. Stop cheating you fucking Nigger. You browse Sup Forums and somehow managed to get a girl and you cheat on her? Get fucked

For the girl. The fact she said she hasnt "hugged" and male friends is absolutely retarded. Most of my friends are female and If I get a girl that tells me I cant show love to my friends then I'll immediately kick her to the curb cause thats absolutely absurd

Both of you are pieces of shit who need to be banished to Sup Forums

That's actually a technique women use. They keep back ups on hold all the time. OP is actually a woman, nay, a bitch. Congrats.

Fuck that shit, nigel

Way to many batshit crazy 19 year olds out there!

Hurrah, some more context.
Now I can actually make a semi-informed judgement.
You're clearly doing something wrong in the relationship, but this chick isn't worth it. Let's start with your mistakes.
From what she says, it sounds like you're dismissive of her problems. Even if they're minor, you should by putting effort into not outright dismissing them. You don't have to offer solutions, you just have to listen. These things bother her, and her being bothered should bother you.
She offered an open relationship - I don't know if that was for her benefit or yours. It either means that she wants to fuck other guys or she thinks you want to fuck other girls, or you're already fucking other girls and she doesn't want to feel like she lacks control.
Now for her. See above - she probably wants to bang other dudes. Which is fine, you're allowed to, and now you're broken up so it doesn't matter.
She's not emotionally equipped to handle a relationship, at least not the kind of relationship you want where your girlfriend is chill with you talking to other girls. She's not going to be either, not for several years at best.
You're not going to get what you want out of this girl and, unless you're being disingenuous with us, you won't be happy in this relationship.
That is to say - unless your endgame is controlling her, someone that does not want to be controlled, you're not going to get what you need.

Move on, dude.

Point of cultural differences here.
She hasn't hugged a male friend since she started talking to you because she draws boundaries?
Where are you from, how old are you two, and is that a normal thing for relationships there?
Because friends hugging is the norm here, not doing so because you're in a relationship is insane to me.
And the relationship was over the moment she looked through your phone, mate. Doesn't matter who did what, the trust is broken and there's pretty much no recovering from that, not if you're looking for a life-long relationship with your partner anyway.