Draw thread

Draw thread
Strange things Edition

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iris.paheal.net/_images/4ddd02928954c56985268a0aac292462/1993352 - Amy_Anderson Supernoobs.png

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ridiculous reqs:

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Requesting Penny Peterson giving Sherman a blowjob.

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For the dude on the last thread who drew the glass pressing request, here have some titties

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Requesting the Image of the Link With Alice (girl of the italian Cartoon Atchoo!)

Image: iris.paheal.net/_images/4ddd02928954c56985268a0aac292462/1993352 - Amy_Anderson Supernoobs.png

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Requesting a comic of this girl, completely nude, getting swalowed whole and alive by a giant toad
>She strips down naked
>Grabbed by it's long sticky tongue
>Pulled into its mouth head-first; her lower body still outside the toad
>Toad gulps once pulling her deeper inside; hooves still outside, the rest of her inside the mouth
>Toad gulps again; lower body is in the mouth, upper body is in the stomach
>View of her entirely in its stomach
>From the outside, you can't even tell she was eaten
>Digested alive
>Remains disposed of
The idea originally popped in my head after playing some Fallout 76 and getting attacked by a radtoad.

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>Tfw you actually dream about your request
>Tfw she wanted to eaten alive in my dreams
>Tfw she was more enthusiastic about it than me

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Hey, fuck off, shill. Stop trying to shut down 4chinz with your nigger shit, you filthy faggot. We don't tolerate your kind here, pedokike


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Requesting Jill really needing to pee please.

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Requesting Luna in a minicomic where she is sexually harassed as in the reference.

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Requesting these 3 girls from Fairly Odd Parents being fucked on the beach.

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Shit thread.

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Yeah, because you showed up

I have nothing to do, I already got my delivery

who diss?

Lucky. I either missed my delivery since I fell asleep or i still gotta wait

>not even cibo

isnt that p much every thread

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>Shit thread.

Requesting this female Kewlett giving a footjob please.

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it was never cibo
just some fag using his image

Holy shit that’s comfy

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draw something cute and lewd

cool background work. I just suck at drawing rooms

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Would you kindly do my request?


i never said it was

Requesting this cultist girl getting her breasts squeezed
Trips of truth

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Didn't draw that, just had it lying around

It's all those AOL kids ruining internet

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Requesting her frozen solid with icicles hanging off her arms/tits/chin and nose, and a canister of liquid nitrogen next to her

Also will post more of her nudes if completed

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>Didn't draw that, just had it lying around
oh, my apologies user.

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best waifu lilly!

at least it would've been an image with more titties

lies make people cry user
pwease dont lie any more twank u

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Would you kindly do my request?


Draw Bread gg/TkWqWg

Her head on an asshole fleshlight

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>I tried.
it comes with time. it's fun stuff.

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I swear to fucking god stop.


Would you kindly do my request?

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fuck off faggot

Mods do your job and ban this spammer

>user breaks wind.

show old man butt

mods = gods

Requesting a conjoinment of this two OCs like in the reference. Both would be annoyed but horny about the situation; they have both penis and vagina.

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Now if only they ban Fernando next.

Draw her stepping on cock, blocky or normal you choose

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>best waifu lilly!
you sweet summer child
how much for an hour?

got the pic on the left by itself?

If you're a drawfriend just so you know the pose doesn't have to be the exact same.

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what is she from?

Is the artist that did 'Wolf Girl Gets Rekt' here?

Would love to see this also

Requesting Bob Ross high on LSD hiding behind a happy little shrub that you won't tell anyone about holding onto a sniper's rifle and the brush he used to bring that happy little shrub into existence.

Taking requests

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I don't know, just found the pic online

Requesting a bloody axe.

Would you kindly do my request?


Footjob drawing?

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Femridley leglocking a shota

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Requesting Yoda doing hot knives with two lightsabers.

who dat?

is...is that you yv?
its a simple request but could you redraw her with her other eye?

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Draw something, with HUGE BOOBS, it could be that triangle or something dumb like a cactus

what's with you niggas and feet

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/r/ these two fuckin

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Thank you.

>what's with you niggas and feet
Oh I'm sorry YV if that makes you uncomfortable.

just out of wonder, why leave and then come back?

Lol doesn’t have to be feet, would love to see her nude if you like her. Don’t have many pics

fuck off spamfag



yv, can you draw dis guy in an proper pose?

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Glad you liked it.
Well ya'll don't really have suitable feet references I mean one of them's just a chick in a hoody
I'm just bored dude
You mean the alien or the chick in the hoody
who is who
What do you mean?

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>Well ya'll don't really have suitable feet references I mean one of them's just a chick in a hoody
I was talking about my request YV.

a pose where he isn't dabbing. Like just standing upright


You can lewd her having sex I would be fine with that.

Thank you yv!

I’m the hoodie girl pic guy. Like I said if you could nude her it would bee great too man. She’s really small