I'd love to snap the necks and break the ribs of every woman, man and child on earth

i'd love to snap the necks and break the ribs of every woman, man and child on earth

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OK, Mr Panzram.

but instead you'll just sit on your fat ass posting on message boards for the rest of your pathetic life

Watch that edge boi u might cut yourself

What the actual fuck is that pic from ?

Hey, fuck off, shill. Stop trying to shut down 4chinz with your nigger shit, you filthy faggot. We don't tolerate your kind here, pedokike

But you can't even do 100 push ups so shut up.

start with yourself...

i've enjoyed these triggered replies


You say that as drool dribbles down your non-existant chin, coating your neckbeard that reeks of sweat, spit, and disappointment. Take a shower you soy infested waste of human life

I've enjoyed my trips of truth.

I'd like to bath with you OP, to hold you and tell you everything will be ok.

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Mans is probably built like a fucking samsung smart fridge and could probably just sit on people and reach the same results.

But you won't because you are a powerless pussy

Wow cool dude


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I'm scared. Are you the hacker known as Sup Forums?

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shut the fuck up

what about sodomy? you gonna do any raping or just wrekkin?

same but maybe not like that.

just everyone but me become frozen and permanently motionless

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Got room for me in that hot tub? I just want to watch.

Come at me bro

sounds kinda gay tbh

Bring it bitches

sounds cozy
you can come too, i'll bring bubbles


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>le edgemeeester 40billion

OMG WTF 666 WE GOT A WOMEN IN THE VOICECHAT (I didnt paid her wtf999) :<
discord gg\7StXNr
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