I can't wait for her to run for president

I can't wait for her to run for president

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I want my dick in her ass.

yeah,the gender card was already run with hillary.try something new

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the irony is,republicans still respect the bush family more then they do the trump family

she's hella cute with her mouth closed

I wonder how many cuntservatives would like to hate fuck her while scolding her about her scary socialism

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This B8 is very stale and boring

Donkey bitch is the perfect accelerationist candidate.

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>be at least thirty-five years old
>Born: October 13, 1989 (age 29 years)

You'd have to wait 6 years even if that was a realistic proposition.

>Under Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment, no person who swore an oath to support the Constitution, and later rebelled against the United States, can become president.
>an oath to support the Constitution
>an oath to support the Constitution
>an oath to support the Constitution

Most mainstream democrats are not qualified to run for president because it can be argued under the 14th amendment that their lack of respect for their constitution, as mandated by current party stances, disqualifies them from the presidency because they are technically rebels. At the very least saying you want to violate the constitution's mandates directly as part of a campaign for office should be disqualifying, so Buttigeg's "hell yes" to defying the 2nd amendment definitely counts as violation of the 14th amendment.

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>putting together a serious response to this shit

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news flash...you just did, you butthurt nigger

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she gonna run for the border

>implying the time invested is at all serious

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I love her big Latina tits

I study them and their responses. They think we can't see them, but to us they glow. Why do they glow? Why isn't their plan working? There's something to be learned here though I admit I don't yet know what it is.

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Are you having a seizure?

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ya I got bugs in my brain

Dem titties

i cant wait for OP to stop sucking cock and be a super mega tera fag

I can't wait until she starts doing pron

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