Please help. I'm trying to learn Java from a site another user recommended but the problem is that im stupid...

Please help. I'm trying to learn Java from a site another user recommended but the problem is that im stupid. It took me 20 min to figure out how to get Java to load on my command screen.
I typed the code correctly into the notepad file and correctly and named it "" and saved it to my desktop

I went to the command screen and typed in 'javac' per instructions but its giving me the error that its not recognized.
What am I doing wrong?

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>What am I doing wrong?

Learning JAVA.

Ok so should I be learning Python or what

Are you retarded you think someone is going to answer this complicated question on here?

Download some IDE,like Eclipse or NetBeans,it's better.

there has to be at least a couple programmers floating around here
I'll look into it thanks


Why are you creating class files and shit manually get a compiler to fucking code in

It gets better. The first part of programming is a slog. I once spent 2 days on a program where I spelled "FIELD" wrong and it wouldn't work.

Please don't thread my thread i'm looking for help unless you have something to say you can see your way out

download drjava (IDE) its lightweight and free. once downloaded just copy and paste ur program and compile it. if it doesnt compile then u got some error that u need to fix. most likely thats the case so just check ur coding

Add java bin directory to system path. Google it.

Its literally the first thing they teach to get you familiar and then take you through how to properly learn what it is that you're actually doing
I can't get better though if I can't even understand the very first task given. Should I just skip it and try to move on to the next task?
It feels like if I don't understand that part im already fucked.

also if u paste ur program here i could tell u if theres any problem with it pal

Download an ide you retard. Try intellij community edition. Also you did i stall a jdk right? Like jdk 11?

also, watch some random java video toturials for beginners on youtube, stay away form pajeet tutorials

They're just files put in the right place, probably don't have it with the other java library files.

ill check it out thanks
pretty sure I did that on the first step
public class MyClass {
public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println("Hello World");

Dude. Would love to help you out if you got a contact. Do this with all my friends too.

It said something about "navigate to the directory where you saved your file" is the notepad file saved in the wrong place?

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I appreciate it

>zoomer posting personal email on Sup Forums

Ughh probably there's usually a default spot where it knows to look and library with a bunch library coded functions you can use. Download a good java text book and go through it yourself literally Google learn java pdf or look for recommendations

ive been on Sup Forums for over a decade so you can relax

Ok well I guess I have a lot of work to do before I even get past the first steps

ah yes, the first ever program we all learn. nothing wrong with it, everything is correct. definitely use what i said and compile in drjava. also try just typing java in run if you have to do it on a notepad.

No just a good text book will be better than some YouTube bull I went pretty deep learning java that way but never used it so I forgot it pretty quickly lol

Use an IDE. You can learn the code and have the program compile it for you. I wouldn't listen to purists who say you have to do it all by hand. Learning while using Eclipse left me free to explore concepts and implementations.

probably didn't set your path correctly. google how to set environment variables for your OS and then point it to the java directory.

I wish I knew what you were talking about

Download the free version of Visual Studios. It's like the universal compiler for collegiate courses

Thanks, this is too much info im going to have to copy all of this advice because its confusing.
Probably, I couldnt find it at first and typed in a new one but then I found the Java path and I was pretty sure it was the correct one.
This shit is confusing

Don't fuck with notepad and javac. That shit is Sup Forums sperg lord e-penor measuring. Think of it like this:

Knowing how to start a fire with two by rubbing some sticks together might be a useful skill to have if you're ever stranded in the wilderness or a post apocalyptic hellscape. But there is 0 reason to do it if you have matches or a lighter around. Now that you've learned its possible to write up java code in a text editor and run javac you never have to mess with it again. Get an IDE and move on with your life.

This guy knows. Stop dicking around with the command prompt and notepad. Down load Eclipse, IntellJ or MS Code.

And honestly if your just starting I would pick another language. Java is good but there is so much to it you get lost quickly. C# or python are good beginning choices. Lots of reference stuff out on the web and free classes.


Thank you and to everyone else with advice, I'm going to check it out now and leave the thread to the spammer

Intellij > eclipse > netmemes

What a gay opinion

don't listen to these college educated donkeys. use intellij. netbeans is terrible, eclipse is worse. also try youtube indians. they're really good for getting started.

better yet just learn javascript.


While I agree that Intellij is a better IDE. You do know javascript has nothing to do with java.

You are skipping fundamentals. You absolutely cannot progress in programming without understanding the underlying fundamentals of you'll fuck up.

You need to learn how to launch a Java applet first via command line. Probably in chapter 2 or 3. Reread the whole book from scratch and then go read a book to understand command line syntaxes because you're clearly a zoomer trying to skip decades worth of shit you need to know.

Also Java is a shitty language for teaching object oriented programming because of this very reason: too many prerequisites

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Did you build your PATH to java jdt?

Me again.
If you type javac on it's own into command prompt, what does it say?

He never implied it did. Javascript is easier to get a job in because its for brainlets. However this is a bad career move and you will have to work with idiots. My company finally had to have back end devs like me be the team leads of front end devs because they are all too god damn dumb to run a team