>Doesn't smoke cigarettes

Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both?

>b-but it kills you

And? Was life a contest about who lives the longest?

>it's addicting!!!

It's not, as long as you're not under-aged and you can smoke in moderation

>it's....IT'S EXPENSIVE!!!

Who forces you to buy a pack every day, fucking peat-gavel

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>posts 0 actual benefits

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I guess that's /thread?

Yeah, I'm going to pass and not stink.

Protip: if you smoke and think that you don't stink, you're wrong. You reek, and everybody you encounter hates being around you because of it.

You forgot the biggest reason: smoking sucks. It's literally all downside.

>smokes cigarettes
Ok poor/trailer park trash
>not smart enough to not think it’s not ok
Again unintelligent trailer trash
I live in a neighborhood 500,000-750,000 homes no one smokes here they are smarter than that.
Smoking is a regressive tax like gambling for the poor. Sorry about your situation kys now eliminate yourself from the gene pool

>I smoke 2019
Ok you confirmed you are poor, unintelligent, uneducated, and undisciplined. Well enjoy your shit life

Oh so we have a nigger on Sup Forums ok

>thinks this is a cool pic

Hi Elmer Fudd.

Here come the insecure fags telling anons how much better they are. You're not fooling anyone

I don't understand what this weird ass picture of Dana white has to do with this post

I smoke black and milds out of a bong. Cigarettes are too expensive combined with my weed spending. 1 black and mild has half a packs worth of nicotine in it.

Yeah because you know what all of your neighbors do and don't do. I don't know if you've ever been outside of a hospital, but doctors and nurses smoke like crazy.

You are so sad and poor neck yourself plz

Here comes the trailer trash. You have tattoos right? Think you are cool right?

Not better nigger smarter. Go buy a lotto ticket.

Now you are on page 9. Kys for being Trailer trash. Kys for being dumb. You just need to be gassed understand?

Seething about pasta. at least you bumped it retard

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Through a bong lmao enjoy your lung AIDS

this is some of the oldest pasta around

its nostalgic

Autism this strong....