Is my back game good enough for 5'11" 140lb weeb...

Is my back game good enough for 5'11" 140lb weeb? I'm thinking that I should bench more since I can deadlift 305 but only bench 115.

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You only bench 115? Are you gay or something?

Swap your grip left to right for half your sets or your back will develop funny. Source: I spent years ripping heavy deads without switching my grip up and ended up with asymmetrical traps and lats.

You can only deadlift that because of your long ass monkey arms. I bet you have like a 6" ROM. Differences in leverages make a huge difference in initial strength levels, more than I think people typically give credit to.

I love big man titties as much as the next guy but they don't help my activities much.

Same. You can clearly see it in his back muscles, too. These days I go lighter with a snatch grip because I'm an old permainjured pussy.

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Also thanks I don't do that.


Scrawny in general. String bean arms. Noodle legs. What are you even doing? Do you only focus on one lift and half ass the other exercises? Or just skip them all together? Either work out correctly or not at all.

Bench of 115 at 140 is okay if you've been training that exercise for less than 6mo. At 6mo you should be around 125 and after 1-2 years you should be in the 170s range to reach the mean for you weight and training level. Of all makes who weight as much as you are in the 17th percentile.

Now, your deads are impressive for your weight. Putting you in the 69th percentile or where you should be after 1-2 years of training.

Just fine OP. To be honest just keep at it and improve in your own mind at this point. You are doing great

5'11" 140lbs

Mate I'm 5'9" and 183lbs


I average 17mph on my mountain bike which makes my quads pretty nice actually

Wait, are you trying to brag manlet? I'm 6' and 220lbs. Haven't even used gear yet, waiting a little longer, maybe a couple years. I'm 31 so test will keep dropping.


king of the manlets

I'm 6'4" 265

get on my level

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Sorry cyber chad, didn't need to offend, believe me, I want to be 300lbs at 25% body fat, but I'm below poverty line and only have school gym

Give up. You lift weights and have nothing to show for it

Nah the rich bitches see my sweaty back at my tourist trap service job. Also I couldn't live with myself if I'm underweight and high body fat.

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They don’t see your arms, shoulders or calves?

Kenny K.O.? I do wish I was taller and more jacked. But at least I'm not 5'9"
Nigga, you were the one bashing the other dude. I just pointed out you're talking about the other dudes size but you don't have much going on.

I think a strong back is more usful than arms and calfs, I really do need to do something about my shoulders though, not that either are bad to develop

Also excuse my retard with spelling and making excuses for everything being tiny and undeveloped, I want more mass and don't have much to play with, also no means of effective calorie surplus

Well, you're retarded then. Bodybuilding is building your body, for show. No looks at your back, and bitches don't care. Get arms, and build calves so you don't look like a lightbulb.

Aight bro listen, lemme go retard mode here, I'm happy looking like a goofy fag got if I can deadlift big boi weights. I am confident in living exclusively on hentai and getting no pussy. I have 65 days on MAL and half more on and that's only gonna go up.

My contradictions on this thread are kek worthy. Oh well.

You have low BFP.


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