Still Your President

Still Your President

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still a crook.

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Moving imagery Your President

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Not for long.

Why does the alternative have to be a liberal? Why can't we elect a centrist?

>still a crook.

Shit libs should be extremely careful how you try to overturn 2016.

Epecially shit libs of wog descent.


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Not mine.

GOP Should be careful about how you fuck your sister, the fate of the party rest in you knocking her up.

lol, would suck to be American I guess

seem a bit cranky today user, did you forget to take your truvada?

Not for long.

oh no I am doing fine, but if the snowflake is feeling bad, i can cool it. I get that you republicans are super thinned skinned, like your god.

Thank God

You must be new here.

Damn right brother, until 2024

2028 at least

No, no he is not.

infinite dubs of truth

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Nah, at worst he's a conman or like a sleazy car salesman. If you want a crook go look at Hillary. Bitch more crooked than a snake.

>still your pedo

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lock her up....
no evidence.
lock Muller up
no evidence.
Lock Obama up
no evidence.
Lock TRUMP UP...
B-BUT NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE... after buried alive in evidence.

Maga gives you dubs power brother.

Cry harder commie

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evidence... remember i will judge your god king with the same amount of evidence as you require to prove hillary corrupt

Clearly fake. Biden has better taste than that

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you won against the special needs girl. you proud you barely won against the worst candidate in a half century.

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Ok retard

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I wonder what it feels like to be from liked/tolerated to despised in only 2.5 years

Why is it that most people who rabidly support him use fake social media accounts? They're ashamed, that's why.

I'd say it's on par with being a closet homo, or sucking off traps in secret.

If people found out you did it, they'd look at you different.

the republicans will let Trump do anything because they want to use him as a vessel to push their agenda, no matter how much of a madman or how many laws he breaks.

they will put up with all of this to bash gays, give themselves a tax break, make more money for their arms dealer buddies b starting more wars, and push far right christian agendas

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what a tired old argument. ever try something new?

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No he ain't

still a faggot

Tho ith

Then who is the president of the United States?

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Joe Swanson

Lmao you lost the popular vote by over 3,000,000

Don’t lump him in with us.

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The United States is now officially done. It's over guys, we had a good run. Time to withdraw into our own borders and fight it out among ourselves. Let the world embrace their Russian or Chinese saviors, who will repress them and reeducate them, and let their please for salvation from us fall on our deaf ears. For we, my fellow Americans, will be to busy trying to impeach each and every President, for they are of the opposition, and are a threat to our precious way of life!

who could be behind his post...

don't forget to fill up the FSB server with diesel Ivan

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Not American retard.

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Still believes the US is a democracy.
Still has no clue US is a republic.
Being this dumb.

well normally the person who gets 3,000,000 more votes is the winner. except our system was rigged behind our back years ago. should have fixed it in 2000.

if we had, we wouldn't have 2 unnecessary wars and still be running a balanced budget.

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fuck you and fuck your wars

Still Putins Bitch

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Evidently it was for Clinton

> 2 unnecessary wars

That continued under 8 years of Obama.

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True statement.

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Feels good.

Asking foreign governments to dig up dirt on a political opponent is

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810781304# bring it you fucking cult losers...

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What's wrong with two friends having a chat on the tele?

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so she's corrupt because we took out gadaffi? the far right has to weave these elaborate conspiracy theories about Hillary, or democrats in general yet we actually have real checks, transcripts, recordings etc. Pull your head out of your ass Trump is a traitor

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So how do the anti-Trump folks feel about him living rent free in their heads?


Nah, a real president would be... ya know... presidential; working for the United States. This twisted twit is Putin puppet.

Hell he won only because the Russians had their finger on the scale.

So legitimately, he ain't my president, he's an usurper.

Just FYI almost nobody actually likes or supports Trump. Think about that for a second; Liberals have gone so completely batshit insane that normal people would rather see a massive pile of shit in office than a Liberal.
That election was yours to lose. So is the next one. All you have to do is put a halfway decent person on the ballot.

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Haha you mad

I love trump but these are legitimately funny.

> thinks a metric ton of evidence showing Trump to casually engage in illegality is "butthurt"

Such a level of autism is truly tragic, I'm sorry for the burden your family must endure.

Exactly! And yet the Left keeps fucking that up. And because of this whole impeachment nonsense, they're risking the House.

It's awful

I really hope you're trolling, otherwise you're a fucking retard.

KKK was started by the dems.

Slavery was ended by Republicans.

Just look up the electoral college. I assume anyone who thinks the system is "rigged" because of it does not understand it's purpose.

I see it the complete opposite, the republican party will do anything to keep trump because of their agenda. they're sleeping with the devil. What did they say before he won the primary? "never trump". the second he did they all fell in line like little soldiers. The Far right media has made so many people crazy that the'll vote for anybody who just feeds them what they wanna hear. they are willing to ignore a stupid criminal con-man so they can push their one hot button issue. so trump courted all the racists, bigots, conspiracy nuts while pushing tax cuts and anti-abortion and immigration. and you got all these somewhat sensible dupes that jumped on board because "I don't like how trump behaves but I don't like [X issue]"

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I came buckets to this.
Kill me...

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>When a heavily photoshopped image still makes him look offcolored and fat

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Why are you talking about Obama?

And the left wing media is no better. With all the fearmongering from climate change, defending Antifa, and pushing Russiagate for almost 3 years. Look, I understand right wing media can be biased as hell, but everyone calls that out.

Damn, and that trump supporter just sits there and watches?

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Wrong - he never was
and never will be.

Name one centrist.

They're all insane though.

I trust CNN, too!

They won't.

It’s fine if you don’t think he should be impeached for whatever reason.

It’s fine if you are a conservative republican. Everyone has their own views.

It’s fine if you didn’t vote for Hillary. She was a PoS candidate.

But if you actually support Trump in anyway other then satirically then you are, with out a doubt, retarded

>my butt still hurts when I try to be reasonable

My problem is, there are decent candidates, but they're either being suppressed because it feels like they're pushing for Warren or Biden.