Opinions on weed?

Opinions on weed?

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gets you high

Shouldn't be illegal.

dat letuce nigger

tis green

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goodshit.jpg i'm 2 dabs deep right now and i'm as alt-right and racist as ever, fuck hippies but getting high is fun!

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it will fuck up your mental health and motivation if you smoke it regularly before you turn 20

It smells nice

>shouldn’t be illegal
Better with friends

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not a fan. smell is annoying but better than tobacco. high people are kind of annoying but at least you don't have to interact with them. 4/20 would legalize.

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You can be seconds away from making a good life changing decision but the second you’re high you change your mind bc it’s too “uncomfortable” or makes you say.. “ woah, that’s too crazy” or “Na man, I’m just chill”
Hate it bc of this. I love productivity and life doesn’t seem to have purpose without it I guess

most people who are categorically against it have never tried it, and a lot of people that are vocally for it are the 'dude weed lmao' types that never put effort into anything

all in all, it's nice when you're high. it's an enjorable 'wavelength' to be on, just like being sober during an intense movie, or playing a close game online, or gently cuddling with a dog, or having an interesting discussion

someone who gets blazed everyday is definitely not someone who has his life together. getting really high can be fun and interesting, but you're definitely not getting any work done, so people who do it all of the time never get anything done.

I used to smoke a lot, don't like the effects anymore. Most of the people I've known who are into it have been losers, although I've known some very successful people who were regular marijuana users as well. I believe it is psychologically addictive, like pretty much everything else, so when people say it's not addictive I just laugh. It shouldn't be illegal, but I don't really have a strong opinion on it other than that.

Absolutely addictive, even if not chemically. Like porn & pizza.

Anyone have a link to the post on how to pull from san pedro cactus? Not from Sup Forums iirc but I know it's been capped here

Used to like it a lot, pretty over it now. Need good, clean sativas otherwise I just feel like a complete moron. Clear headed light buzzy kinda high is where it's at, and only sometimes

Agree with porn, pizza I'm not so sure

It gave me psychosis from using it heavily. My weak brain couldn't handle it for long.

Smoke it everday, helps with my depression and makes me less of a little bitch

wish i could smoke and keep my job, oh well i'll slowly decline into alcoholism

Grabbing my legal card for 200 cash.
Smoke everyday.
That might be why I'm as fucked up as y'all.

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