Would you fuck this?

would you fuck this?

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yes but it will never happen cause im paraplegic

I'd knock her up faster than, well... Something that knocks girls up quickly.

>I'd knock her up faster than, well... Something that knocks girls up quickly.
Yes, premature ejaculation is nature's cruel trick.

>Post picture of anything with a heart beat
>"would you fuck this?"
Yes. Literally everyone here would fuck anyone if they had the chance.


>Yes. Literally everyone here would fuck anyone if they had the chance.
dubs. also bullshit i have standards. if she aint from a broken home im not getting dome from it.

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>being a cripple

Kill yourself for the good of your race.

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Hell yes

id love to shoot aids all up in that pussy and send her home to bf but lets get to the real 'would you?' and spare us the formalities.

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I wonder what the part where their necks meet smells like

love to see a cock between the neck shooting load between their tits.

Of course. Would I pay money for clothed softcore pictures and bath water? Fuck no.

Do you like herpes?


>with a heart beat
not necessarily

Who wouldn't fuck Delphine?

me, considering i have a personal challenge to die a virgin.

is this the right thread?

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not really. then again ill never fuck anything aside from my hand so theres that...

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Yes why wouldn't I? Not a fggt

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Like not being a cripple would've increased your chances lmao

Oh yeah I'd suck the corn out of her poo poo hole if she asked me too...




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>taken from her facebook last week

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Belle Delphine



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why was she arrested?

mass disease spread via bath water

girl stole her hamster, she sprayed car of other girl with honk frog

no i know that is jsut a lie

why is her instagram down?

>arrested for biological warfare against civilians
pretty bassed tbh lmao

indecent exposure

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Already passes my test.
She's cute, and has a tight little body. She could cosplay as my daughter any time.
Long as she doesn't make that stupid Assahola face.

>implying you wouldn't fuck this meat

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>implying sex is worth it if 100 guys been there first

Tbh if u don't wanna fuck belle Delphine you are a fucking virgin anyways

a hole is a hole

Fucking bitch of course I would, but that's all I'd do. Last time I dated a japanfag it didn't go too well

>last time i dated a japanfag
uh huh sure u did

literally wife material

Fuck yeah, I'd fuck

All Nature needs is reproductive function. Your pleasure is an illusion and completely immaterial.

Implying this is something unattainable.
Bitch it's 2019 they are as many webo females as they are men now. Do you even leave your basement?

oh user is in for a ride.
this is the girl who sold "gamer girl bathwater"

She sold so much the water company went out to her for leak inspection

i would face fuck her til death

This is the only correct answer.

I would. I would suck her toes, lick her asshole, cum all over her face

Probably, if she bought me a couple drinks and chatted me up first.

(And wasn't scary crazy)

She/He/It/Them looks upset, Silly girl/boy/thing

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Would they kiss when they masturbate?

>only if she begged me.


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