Feral Fur Discussion Thread

Feral Fur Discussion Thread

Literally only wanna chat now, really bored and really lonely

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or Equines?

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More dobermans STAT


100% canines

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How ya guys doing tonight?

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im good, i won a tv
how about yourself?

Not bad. Finished work, but there's no draw thread =/

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Doing pretty good, just chilling with my boi Kaiser. Haven't been to the ranch for a few days and kinda wanting to go tonight

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Lol, use this thread as a draw thread

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that's good, im glad to hear it
i dont really know what any of that means, but i hope you have a good time!

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Kaiser's my german shepherd boi that I love to death, and the ranch is a riding/boarding place I work at has two horses that I love, two Clydesdales one mare (Nattie) and one stallion (Clyde) love 'em, and sneaking in at night is easy peasy

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i see... well uh, good luck with that i guess

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Sorry I started this thread and now I gotta dip out. Thought I would be here longer. See ya guys

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